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Where did your pokemon journey begin?

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ElectricType Trainer
Every trainer had to begin somewhere. I am from LittleRoot town and i have traveled across all the pokemon regions, each one brought new memories for me to cherish. Where did you begin and how far has your journey taken you?


Shiny get!
Kanto. Pallet Town, to be exact.

Since then I've gone around the world and back again. Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh, Orre, I've seen it all.


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I am from Cerulean City :) and I do love water Pokemon.

While we were on vacation when I was 5 years old, my dad's friend thought it would be nice to lend me and my brother his gameboy color and one of the games was Pokemon Red. Well he was already on Cerulean City and somehow I played, enjoyed, and beat the game. I was only 5, but I was very smart and I could read BEFORE I went to kindergarten :eek: But now I'm the complete opposite. I'm stupid (like the Quagsire in HookShot's sig) and I hate reading. I just enjoyed myself, like it was part of my life.

HookShot I love your sig, it's funny!

Anyways, I didn't know or care about Pallet Town, and today, I still don't care about Pallet Town. It's small and boring and it has almost nothing to do unlike Cerulean City.

cool celebi

Time Travel Legend
Began in Littleroot town: Hoenn


Donw with CIPHET!
The year was 2004.

The region was Orre.

The in-game name was Kyle.

The out-of-game name was W.T.

The quote was, "Why the **** haven't they made a sequel yet?"


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I been to all of them but I started in Kanto: Pallet town,sweet memories...

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Strength & Strategy
I started my journey in Pallet Town, Kanto. Since that fateful day I have visited and defeated the Gym Leaders and E4 of Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.


Swing the bat
back in 1997, I started in Kanto. I come from Pallet Town and have visited the entire world... except for faraway island... nor birth island T_T


Stabby McStabface
I started in Kanto too ^^
Yay for Kantonese~


Stabby McStabface
I started in Kanto too ^^
Yay for Kantonese~


formerly R. New
I'm from New Bark Town. I've travelled to all the regions, and spent some time in Orre, Fiore and Almia. I like to spend my spare time in Pokétopia. Also I got turned into a Pokémon. Twice. Which was weird.
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Tsun in the streets
Started in new bark town since then ive destroyed 32 gym leaders, 16 e4, 4 champions. 5 evil Teams, 3 1/2 rivals(may/bredon), 2 shadow pkmn leaders.87 mysterys dungons,1000+trainers, 3 pairs of running shoes, 8 bike tires. 2000+ratacate,500+pokeballs, 62 ranger partners,700+repels, challenge 2 gym leader castles, and took a trip to poketopia, and 1 puzzle legue. all before Dinner.^^
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Shadow Lucario

Lone Vanguard
I hail from Pallet Town, Kanto. Starting with my Charmander, we conquered the Kanto Gym Leaders, E4, Champion, and Team Rocket with help from our other Pokemon friends. Deciding Kanto wasn't enough I traveled through Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orre, and the Pokemon World where humans don't exist, twice.


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My name is ash,..and my partner was pika- ok not really but our start was similar..

I started in Pallet town in 1999, though I have delt with pokemon before.. ( I helped trained my friend's pokemon) I did not become an official trainer until then.
I awoken late and by the time I got to Oak's lab all he had left was apikachu...so pikachu and I went on our grand journey (yellow version)

We've traveled far and wide, through kanto region, three times! (leafgreen and gold)
then to Johto, to hoenn,..I've traveled to the Orre region as well as other regions such as Almia and the Fiore regions. I've even once had a dream where I woke up and was a pokemon!

Currently I'm travelling in sinnoh,.. and have outdone myself in the battle frontier compared to the battle frontier in Hoenn... I'm proud of myself for doing more this time,..but... I have a calling as I have heard and seen new advertisements for opening of the battle frontier and pokethleon in Johto... so I'm headed there myself.. and I look forward to being their..I've not been to johto in a long time..


Dah Weenster Baby!
Pallet Town all the way, ventured far and wide blah blah visited every where blah blah...always begin with the fire type starter...blah blah...and ummm...yay!


Super Effective!
Like most trainers, I started out in lovely old Pallet Town. However, I adopted Ecruteak as my home. (It's much prettier, you know!) I've travelled the four main regions, but perhaps I should get the heck over to the other ones some day. I have a ranch with some pokemon, but it's super boring there, and I've also been a Cubone and Pikachu for some reason too. Cool beans, bro!
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