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Where did your pokemon journey begin?

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Curtis: We are from Pallet town.
Cyril: I started with squirtle
Curtis: I started with bulbasuar while Angel started with Pikachu.


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I'm from Mahogany town, in Jotho.
So I like so much ice-type-pokemon.
Obviously, I travel in all the pokemon country


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The name's Kris, and I started from New Bark Town~ But I've been to many places and also started there too.


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I stared in Pallet Town.

I visited Prof.Oak on my 13th Birthday(who cares what age?) to get my first Pokemon. I choose Bulbasaur and we had some amazing times together. We beat all the Gym Leaders, The Elite Four and travelled through all the regions.

I conquered each gym and elite four in every region. I currently live in Sinnoh's Resort Area. I own the nig Villa across from the ribbon society.


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I started my Pokemon Journey in Pallet Town with my trusty Pikachu.

I have travelled to every region up to date :)
I'm from pallet where I got my bulba, Leaf. I've been all around (at least twice) I've beaten every leauge and Right now I'm planning to head back to Johto.
I've been a ranger.. and for some reason... a pikachu


I had begun in sweet, cosy Littleroot Town and has been to Kanto and Sinnoh.

Current residence in Sinnoh.

Planning to venture in a new reigon: Johto.


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I began in littleroot town in hoenn, since then I have been almost everywhere
I moved into LittleRoot and choose Mudkip (Muddy) as my starter (Sapphire).
We travelled far and wide through Hoenn before moving over to the Battle Frontier (Emerald), with a new Treecko by my side (Gecko)
I left Muddy in Hoenn to go to Kanto (Yellow) and got me a new Pikachu who took such a liking to me he followed me around. I re-travelled Kanto (Leafgreen) and when I could i brought Muddy back to travel with me. Then I left him in Kanto to start a Johto journey (Silver). I then discovered the lovely Sinnoh (Diamond) and travelled it's nooks and crannys with my Turtwig (Snappy). I discovered the Battle Frontier there (Platinum) and so brought Muddy and Gecko back to help me there. I hope to re visit Johto in the near future (SoulSilver).

I also fell into a dungeon at one point and became a Treecko (Blue Rescue Team). Wait, this happened twice (Explorers of Time)! I also played Tetris with Pokémon (Link). Oh! And raced with my Pikachu (Dash)!

There's too much else to say...
Ah the memories...


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I began in Pallet Town, but my real home is Littleroot. I'm travelling across Sinnoh, and soon going to Johto, and returning to Kanto.


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Although I got my first pokemon in Littleroot I'm from Lilycove. I've been to every region, trained hundreds of pokemon, and accumulated more then a 1000 play hours.

surfer treecko

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Pallet Town, with my awesome charmander.

That first day lead me to Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and even being turned into a Torchic. Twice!


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My pokemon journey started when I went to get a charmander from Professor Oak.
Since then I have been to many regions beating gym leaders and conquering battle towers.

Currently I am residing in the resort area of sinnoh region


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I started with my pikachu in pokemon yellow. Good times.


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neme's toru from new bark close friends with red seen it all


Feh, I'm from Olivine probably. Or Floaroma.

If you want a real answer, I'm from New Bark, where I chose a Chikorita.

Or I'm from the Town of the Wynauts. You'll never know for sure!! Ah ha ha ha. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!
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