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Where did your pokemon journey begin?

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I'm from pallet town and stated with charmander been to all four regions currently in sinnoh and can't wait to go back to johto.


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I started my journey some 10 years ago in Pallet Town, now I've visited all regions including Fiore and Almia. The only places I haven't been to are some of the Event islands, and Orre.


I started my adventure in the land of Hoenn. I have been to all 4 regions and demolished their gym leaders and their Elites, not to mention their champions. I have also toppled the battle towers of Hoenn and Sinnoh.


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It began in littleroot, then to kanto, the ranger regoins, and now shinnoh

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Well, the first Pokemon game I borrowed was Blue, my cousin sent it too me through the mail; he was at Celedon City Kanto, I played the game for like two hours and gave up on beating Erika :p Then I got Sapphire then Pearl and after Pearl I was all like; forget this! Sadly by the time I had gotten out of Pokemon I was still a memeber here 0_o Then I started likin' the Anime characters and got into making crap up with them, thats why I'm still here C:


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I started from Pallet Town, Kanto. I had traveled through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and some parts of the regions in both the Pokemon Rangers game.


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Started in Kanto, got a Charizard, visited all other regions including Orre, became the champion in each one, and retired back in '73. :p


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The only games I've ever completed were Emerald, Pearl and Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team and Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Time. I've played Red, Blue, Yellow and Crystal, but all of them on effed-up game cartridges. Hence I consider myself to have only seriously begun in the Hoenn region, 2 years ago.


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I started in Pallet Town, a long time ago. Since then I played Gold, Ruby, Colosseum, Leaf Green, and now Platinum ;492-s;

Chikorita was and still is my favorite starter. Gold OWNED man!

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From New Bark Town, I hail. Not including games that I had borrowed prior.
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In 2006, when I was 11 years old, I started having interest in Pokemon, suddenly, I found myself in the Pokemon world as a Cyndaquil! After saving the Pokemon world, I went back as a human and decided to move to a small town called Littleroot Town in Hoenn, where I met my Torchic and defeated Team Magma and Aqua and the Elite4 with my Blaziken and Rayquaza. After that, I travelled to Kanto and bought a house in Pallet Town. I also defeated the Elite4 of Kanto rpoving my power. Later, I was transferred back to a Pokemon, but this time, as a Chimchar, to save the Pokemon world again. After that, I went to Almia and worked as a Pokemon ranger to protect the Pokemon there from Team Dim Sun! After being the best ranger there, I ravelled to Sinnoh and bought another house there. Of course, I defeated the Elite4 in Sinnoh as well! ^_^ Currently, I am preparing myself to travel to Johto for the first time! :D


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I started in Littleroot Town and have only been in Hoenn, but I have become champion there, raised many Pokemon and am currently shooting for glory at the Battle Frontier. I intend to travel to Johto soon.
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