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Where did your pokemon journey begin?

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Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Originally from Littleroot town when I was young where I met my partner Minun, I moved to Pallet Town in Kanto and later began my journey with Minun throughout Kanto, my first pokemon I got on my journey was Bulbasaur, since then I have travelled throught Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and currently Sinnoh, my current team is Minun, Turtwig, Cyndaquil, Swarmpert, Toxicroak and Gible.


Grass Pokemon Expert
I am originally from Pallet Town in the Kanto region. However, those days seem like so long ago. I am currently traveling in Sinnoh on a brand new adventure.


i have a wacked sis
I started in pallet. Now I'm in sinnoh beat it basically.
Going back to johto soon though.


True Love Never Dies
hmmm well i started from pallet town but when hg and ss come out my new home land is gonna be johto and hometows gonna be new bark town ;)


Always Searching~
Newbark town. Me and Cyndaquil started there. At first, Me, my Typhlosion and my Graveler trained heavily. With just those two, I managed to defeat the Elite Four (Then again, Graveler was level 100 by then, and Typhlosion was in his 70s.

We then explored Pallet Town, then Hoenn, and now Sinnoh. I'm feeling homesick, I should head back sometime, see how Johto has changed...

Foo Fighter

Nostalgia is my pal
Pallet town to the ends of Johto. After that a break in the the

pit of nothingness and no existence

before going through Sinnoh. Hopefully returning to Johto soon. Ragecandybars, anyone?


Smooth as a Brock
Technically Viridian City, I ran around playing my brother's games, but my own journey started out in Pallet town, with Pikachu following me around.


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Back in New Bark Town, Johto. There was this kid there, with deep red hair... he ended up stealing a Pokemon right after I got my first partner, Totodile. I've caught many Pokemon since then, traveling to Kanto, then Hoenn, then through a time machine to Kanto, then warped back to the present and traveled to Sinnoh...

On my way back to Johto with my Monferno.



True Love Never Dies
i know i said where i started but i wouldnt mind starting in hoenn.
but johto or kanto is for me.
forget the freaking sinnoh region.


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Well, I started out in good ol' Pallet Town at a young age. I found my journey too difficult and returned home. After a few years had passed, I decided I was finally ready for my Pokémon journey and began what I hadn't finished.
After conquering the Kanto region, I headed for the Sinnoh region.


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I'm from Pallet Town, and traveled to Johto and Hoenn, before returning to Kanto again. After Kanto for the second time, I travelled to Sinnoh.


Holier Than Thou
I started out in the good ol' Pallet Town of Pokemon Red, with my trusty Bulbasaur, VICTOR. ^__^

My very first experience ever with pokemon was briefly playing my firend's Blue version, back in the days when the original Zip the Beanie Baby cat was still being sold in Hallmark. Yup, I'm old school. =P


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started in pallet town, blue version- but my brother did most of the game since i was about 4 when i got it, couldnt understand. i got gold but it was apparently hacked- had best pokemons ever, 9 mews, shinies, nuff said. So i pretty much started the journey in ruby- when i finally understood how pokemon works and was a new cartridge. Don't know how i was so good at the beginning of ruby if i barley ever played another one though..


New Member
First pokemon journey....?

real life pokemon journey. my sister (jodi) and a friend of mine (jason) are also coming along. (some other friends might come too, but we plan on dividing into smaller groups as to not scare the pokemon away.)

we are starting our journey with a pokemon hunting trip around our town. TO get prepared and to practice.

We have not got PC boxes, but we do have some poke balls, enough so we can have six pokemon each.

The problem is- we have no started pokemon and no pokemon professor in our town. so I'm looking for suggestions of easy to catch pokemon that can hold their own in battle?

area: I live in australia, near sydney but still out in the bush a bit. it's been swaping between very warm and raining all week.


Well-Known Member
I started in Littleroot Town, after moving from another unknown town. From there, I met a mentor, Professor Birch, who gave me my Torchic. From there I adventured through Hoenn, stopping an evil team called Magma from expanding the landmass with a legendary Groudon. After beating the Elite 4 of Hoenn, and becoming champion, I hung around in Hoenn for a bit. Then, I couldn't stand fame, and left my Pokémon in Birch's care. I travelled to Pallet, Kanto and adventured there, having a quieter adventure. Then to Twinleaf, Sinnoh, where I had another adventure, heavily laden with history and peril. After becoming the champion of three regions, I'm settling in Sinnoh. Recently I've heard of New Bark in Johto. Sounds like a nice place....


Magically Delicious!
I started my journey in Pallet Town; became the league champion in the Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions; liberated brainwashed pokemon in the Orre region; and quelled wild pokemon uprisings in Almia and Fiorre


Power Is Beautiful
I'm a Kanto girl, grew up in a tiny village outside Pallet Town. Started on my journey at 14, having gotten my Squirtle pal Black-Out from the local proffesor.

Since that day, I've traveled across four regions, caught and bred hundreds of pokemon, and made quite the name for myself in my own inner circles.


I'm feisty Watch Out
I found out about pokemon when I bought some cards out of curiousity. It then grew into love when I borrowed my friend yellow game. (It's still my fav) My first real start though was when I bought my diamond game. I now have diamond and mystery dungeon. I soooo want platinum. Good times, good times. :)


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My Pokemon Adventure started early september, 1998. I was twelve years old. It really got rolling may of 1999, when I started playing Pokemon Blue. My first one was a Bulbasaur I named Mo. Together with it I played through Blue & Yellow, then moved on to Silver, (my sister had red, gold and crystal and he used a sandshrew more often than not).

During my college years I didnt have time to play, but I picked up a copy of Emerald when I bought Diamond. I have passed on both emerald and diamond to my younger siblings, and now play Platinum.

Sometimes I get some flack for being 23 and still playing "young" games, but I grew up with the series. It's something fun and kinda carefree, that brings back good memories. The best parts of the day, through the drama that is middle-school and high-school was being able to come home and see a new adventure.
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