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Where did your pokemon journey begin?

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I had the pleasure of starting from Pallet Town in Kanto. The original Pallet Town, mind you, not the fancy GBA Pallet. In the real world, I started my journey in the back of my mom's van on my way to get a haircut.


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i started back in kanto, before it even was called kanto in the games. from red to blue to yellow. then to silver then gold. stayed in the regions of johto and kanto after the hype died down. acquired firered and started the journey anew. from firered came emerald. i went back and forth between the two and then came upon the region of fiorre and held onto that manaphy egg for quite a while. before i heard about the egg, a guy at gamestop mentioned how ranger would be able to connect to the 'new' games, which lead to my interest in them. after my journey of fiorre was over, i travelled the region of sinnoh. pearl then diamond, then to almia for another egg, riolu, and darkrai, and then back to sinnoh to traverse the reverse world (or something like that, i don't remember what its actually anymore). all this lead me back to johto and kanto, to relive old adventures and start new ones.
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Me? I myself started in Kanto, Pallet Town. I've been through all of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn but have yet to explore Orre. My very first pokemon was my trusty Pikachu, Chuukin, though since then I have made friends with others and rarely see Chuu. I'm currently wandering around Kanto again, trying to figure out where the hell everything is. It's been so long.


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jhoto in johto


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Hmm, I believe my journey started in Littleroot of Hoenn, but if it didn't then it started at the Desert Stand in Orre. Obviously, I suffer from memory loss as I don't remember where I came from :p


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In 1998, I started my Pokemon journey in Pallet Town, Kanto. Now, I have travelled in four regions - Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.


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Like many others here, I started out in Pallet Town in 1998, with my Charmander. Since then, I've traveled through Hoenn and Sinnoh, although I have yet to explore Orre (because I don't have a gamecube emulator) and Johto. I'll be exploring Johto in the spring! :)

IRL, I started on my cousins' GBC, before my aunt (their mom) got me one for my own. Despite them having a month's head start on me, and the fact that they chose Squirtle and Bulbasaur as opposed to my little fire lizard, I still beat the game before them. :D


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I, like most people started in Kanto with my trusty partner Squirtle.
One day I heard of a place called Hoenn and decided to journey there, then to Johto and Sinnoh, I also went to Orre and Fiorre. I went back to Hoenn recently to tame the beast known as Rayquaza and am currently settled in Sinnoh. I will also be going back to Johto in the near future.


I started back in Littleroot Town . . . traveled through all 4 regions . . . blah, blah!


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Funny story, actually. Before I moved to Hoenn and became a trainer, a little incident occured in which I was transformed into a Treecko and sent into another world to stop a meteor from striking it.

Anyway, I then traveled through Hoenn. Then Kanto, though I grew unsatisfied of my voyage and quit. I went back to Hoenn, where I had more fun times. I then went to Sinnoh, where I spent a great while. However, I soon went back to Hoenn. I took a short trip to Johto after that, and I continued to be in Hoenn. I've been through that region many times now...Anyway, I then went to Sinnoh for a quarter of a year, continued in Hoenn, traveled back through Sinnoh, and now I'm crisscrossing between Hoenn and Sinnoh.

I also have gone through Orre and been teleported into the past and transformed into a Squirtle, but that's not relevant.

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I started in Pallet Town, Kanto, in 1997. I went to Johto in 2000, Hoenn in '03, Orre in '04, Back to Kanto in late '04, back to Hoenn in mid '05, back to Orre in late '05 early '06, I got transformed into a Bulbasaur and went to the Pokemon world to stop a meteor in '06, became a Pokemon Ranger of Fiore in '06, went to Sinnoh in late '06, went to Almia in '07 as a ranger, went to the Pokemon world again as a Turtwig to prevent Time from stopping, went back to Sinnoh in '08, then went back to the Pokemon world again to prevent Time from stopping AGAIN, this time as a Riolu, and currently, I'm headed to Johto, and I'm going to arrive in Spring of 2010.


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On the night before my tenth birthday, I got transformed into a Mudkip and helped save the Pokemon world from destruction. Once I turned human again, I took journey into Kanto to stop Team Rocket once. I then entered Hoenn to stop Team Magma and Team Aqua snd saved Johto from Team Rocket once again. I then returned to my homeland to battle the Battle Frontier. I journeyed to Fiore, Orre and Alima too. I then went to Sinnoh
to save the world from Team Galactic. I returned to the Pokemon World as a Munchlax to save time from stoping. I then helped my friend Pikachu defeat the evil Darkrai. I bid goodbye and returned to being a human. I'm at home now, and planing to go to Johto again to battle the Battle Frontier there.
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Not long ago, I found myself in Orre with one of my best friends and first Pokemon ever, Eevee, whom I took with me to Kanto with some other Pokemon and made a family of Eeveelutions. As I fell deeper in my Eevee craze, I woke up one day as an Eevee myself and helped a Pikachu with the same name as my childhood friend to save their world from a meteor. Soon I left them with good memories in their minds and moved onto Sinnoh where my Eevee family grew ever larger as I visited Poketopia for awhile but not for long. Recently, I've made an Eevee farm and have visited the Battle Royale where I controlled toys of my Eevee family in a large melee. Currently I am preparing for my journey to Johto and back to Kanto the Spring of 2010.
in the world of pokemon i turned 10 in pallet town in 99', i was like 12 in the real world, i continued onto johto and then retired as the champ after i defeated my former self on top of mt silver, i then continued my journey 8 years l8er in sinnoh, took a brief vaca to hoenn, but resided in sinnoh as i have been since, i plan on moving back to johto in the spring, we'll see wht happens
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