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Where did your pokemon journey begin?

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It all began when I got a gameboy + pokemon blue for my birthday, about 12 years ago or something..

Now that I think about it, it's a very very very long time ago..
No other game has kept up with pokemon.

Still going to buy Heart Gold though. and get all sentimental when I set foot in Johto once more.


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My journey also began in Pallet Town in 1999. From there I traveled through Kanto and Sinnoh (I had a long break...). Now I can´t wait to explore Johto, since I missed it when it first was available in Gold & Silver.


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My journey began in 2007, in Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh. I've conquered the Sinnoh League twice, and now I'm still trying to beat the Battle Frontier. I went to the Poketopia Theme Park and conquered it's League, and currently preparing for my journey to Johto.
My Pokemon journey began in the Johto region.

Haha...I was around 7. I hadn't played the games before, but I asked my cousin if I could borrow his Gold. He didn't mind. I was confused by a lot of it...I didn't know how to heal! But by the time I gave him it back, his Pidgey 'Fly slave' was a powerful Pidgeot ;-)

Since then I've bought or played every game, I think. Currently in the Johto region again, haha! Heartgold rocks.

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My journey began in pallet town in the good old 90's. IN blue ,red, and yellow versions


I began my long, fateful journey in Pallet Town. Version Blue, with my first and original pokemon, Squirtle. Then from there I went to Johto with my famed starter Chikorita. From there I took a break and didn't start in on Hoenn until after the rush of trainers had already been there and concequred. There, I chose Mudkip.

I took another long, long break, and I finally, I ended up Sinnoh. Purely by accident, as my little brother started his fateful journey there. I was...more or less retired, but he was always challenging me, so I started out on my journey (Turtwig). I went back to Kanto for a while, just to visit home and finally move to Sinnoh, where I currently reside. I have since moved to Twinleaf town with my little brother. However, I do plan on going back to Johto in the next few months. It's been so long.


it was in mossdeep when steven gave me my first 2 pokemon(trapinch and beldum)
i now reside in lilycove and hearthome for the contests
ive been to the grand festival twice
i also am working on the battle frontier
my friends,scott,dawn and may


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It was during the recreation, we (/me and my friend) both brouth our Game Boys(vintage) and he introduced me Pokémon Blue, I've been hooked since then.
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Sinnoh, Twinleaf town.

I have gone on many adventures and have some cool Pokemon. I am currentley at the Sinnoh Battle Frontier.
I started my journey in Pallet town, 2004, a day after my tenth Birthday with my little Bulbasaur.
I've traveled through Kanto and Hoenn, visited Johto for a while, then became transformed into an Eevee...
I'm now in Sinnoh, thinking about heading towards Johto for a proper travel next year. :"D


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I started out in Pallet Town with my Squirtle in Pokemon Red and never looked back except when I had to go through there to get to Cinnabar Island. After Kanto Celebi took me 8 years into the future to the Johto region and I selected Totodile as my companion, then I eventually destroyed the Champion of both Johto and Kanto and defeated my future self on Mt. Silver. I was then returned to the past to the Hoenn region, where I discovered a Mudkip and defeated a Poochyena. I rushed through the region collecting badges and defeated the Champion. Then I visited the Battle Frontier and beat the Frontier Brains. I'm currently in the future again in the Sinnoh region with my Empoleon, in the Battle Frontier looking for a boat back to Johto for this Spring.


My journey began in Pallet Town in 1999 and since then I've seen all of Kanto, traveled to Johto seeking new challenges, returned to Kanto again for a rematch with all of the old Gym Leaders there I met before, conquered the regional Leagues of Hoenn and Sinnoh, and now I am eagerly awaiting a trip to Johto again. :)


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My journey began on Pallet Town 1999, in the region of Kanto, after beating a bunch of bad guys naming themselves Team Rocket, managed conquering its respective league, thus finally beating my childhood rival. I traveled to the region of Johto afterwards looking for new adventures, traveled back to Kanto to revive memories, then traveled to the region of Hoenn looking forward to meet new friends and Pokemon. Then I went to Sinnoh for a fresh start, intended to travel back to Johto, but it seems a Japanese convention that will last until Spring 2009 is taking place.


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I first started in New Bark Town, but I've been everywhere.
I remember I started my journey with a cyndaquil.
It's been so long ago, I couldn't even tell you the year.
Maybe around when I was... eight? Eight to ten sounds about right.
Loooooved it.
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