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Where did your pokemon journey begin?

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newmoon island

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I started in littleroot town and will have been to every region in the spring.


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I began my journey in Pallet Town in Kanto. Then I traveled to Johto, Hoenn, and Orre before returning to Kanto. I've yet to see Sinnoh.


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I started my adventure in Viridian city, where I traveled to Pallet town to get my first pokemon, a Charmander.

I actually started writing a fan fic based on my journey, but never finished it.


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My journey started in the Sinnoh region, with my Turtwig, Twiggy. I had a play time of 999:59 in 3 years of playing, I had traded Twiggy (Torterra) for something I can't remember, I think it was a shiny, idk. My most favorite 2 trades both involved shinxes. Level 14 Male Shinx for Level 70 UT Giratina and Level 17 Female Shinx for a Level 100 Male Shiny Charizard, Holding a Life Orb, named Niko. When I traveled to the Unova region I had the Pokemon I cared about (my shinies) from Sinnoh transferred. Then one day I get a message saying, The save data could not be accessed. Please turn the Power off and reinsert the Game Card. So, to that I lost A box and a half of shinies, the ability to get a thundurus for my Third Unova journey (White 2), and my sanity.

mew 2000

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i started with fire red so i began in pallet town got charmander, thats about it i don't remember much except where charmelon evolved into charzard oh but then i got emerald ( still have it) then pearl and platnum then i got gold played through johto and finally years later ( december 2012 xD) i got back into pokemon with black 2
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my adventure started in this place called aspertia city,where i chose the grass snake snivy...


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Ah, Pokémon Blue... I don't recall the year but it was over a decade ago. Me and Squirtle, setting out from Pallet Town... I didn't have a clue what I was doing! Things certainly have changed.


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I began my Journey in New Bark Town, Crystal Version and my starter was Chikorita, I have all 40 badges, Now heading for Kalos


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Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh, on December 1st, 2012. Picked Chimchar as my starter. I've been all over Sinnoh (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum) and Unova (Black 2), and even a short visit to Kanto (stuck about halfway through LeafGreen).


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I started Emerald when I was VERY young, and I can't remember anything. My REAL Pokémon Journey was in Sinnoh, day 1 of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl's Release.


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I started in Nuvema Town, Unova with Oshawott. I've been to every region (Kanto as an addition to Johto), beaten all of the Gym Leaders except for Hoenn's, and have about 460 Pokemon logged into my PokeDex.


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