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Where Do You Buy Your Pokemon Merchandise?

What Stores?

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Well-Known Member
Well for me I only buy the games, so I will go with Best Buy.


WobbWobbWobb Wobrudo
Gamestop.Just Gamestop.


Walmart. There's one close by, it has everything, and it's sometimes cheaper than other unnamed places. Sometimes.


Maiden of the forest
There isn't anything else nearby, so when I get games it's at GameStop.

I did order a copy of Crystal through Amazon not too long ago, though, as I lost mine. My friend also gave me quite a few games.


Well-Known Member
Ah yes, I didn't think about online shops. And Walmart surely does seem to be the most popular one so far, along with Gamestop.


Armored Legend
I buy them at most the stores in the poll. I just go to a store and buy, lol.

There's also Nintendo World in NYC; there's tons of stuff there. I wish there were more of those stores around the world. :p

Edit: But I go to Toy R Us more frequently to look at the figurines and TCG, etc. that it has, so I voted for that.
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The only Pokemon products I ever buy are the games, which I usually get at Toys R Us or GameStop, depends if I have gift cards :p

Marbi Z

You really shouldn't make polls like this public. Anyway I get mine at Target and Amazon.


Well-Known Member
You really shouldn't make polls like this public. Anyway I get mine at Target and Amazon.

Oh, I didn't know people would get embarassed on the internet.
And who actually looks at the votes and judges people off of that on a pokemon forum?

I don't really see a problem... A poll is a poll.
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