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Where do you get...


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Yeah, Where do you get the TM Dragon Claw? I wanna get it for my Shelgon, cause I don't wanna train it up to level 70 or so before I can learn it...

If someone could tell me, I'd be grateful,


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TMs are randomly found in dungeons. If you see a blue disc on the ground get it. It could be Dragon Claw but the chance of getting that one is pretty small. So it all depends on luck.


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Dragon Claw has about 3% chance to appear in Wyvern Hill on floors 1-3 and on floor 29.
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or you could go get a bagon. train it to level 49. it learns dragon claw. Evolve it after learning it. grow the shelgon one more level. then evolve it to salamence.

but that's if you wanna start over.

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Check the Purple Kecleon Stall everyday.
TMs randomly appear in it, so you might find a TM Dragon Claw there.