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Where do you rank OR/AS as a main series Pokemon game?

Where do you rank ORAS compared to the rest of main series?

  • I think ORAS is the best main series Pokemon game sofar. Number one.

    Votes: 24 16.1%
  • It is the second best Pokemon game sofar. Runner up.

    Votes: 16 10.7%
  • It's not the best, but it is one of the best. Top 3

    Votes: 35 23.5%
  • It is somwhere in the middle.

    Votes: 55 36.9%
  • It is one of the weakest games sofar.

    Votes: 19 12.8%

  • Total voters
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Johto Champion
I'm surprised by the overall positivity in the poll results!

I actually rank it as my favorite, overtaking HG/SS because of the far superior graphics and the attention to the post-game and the story in general. Sapphire was one of my first games and one on which I've probably spent some of the most time, so re-living that experience really hit hard with the nostalgia factor. The enhancements to the game were much appreciated, but the little notes of Gen 3 - like the GBA graphics in some elements, the opening cut scene, and the Hoenn music - were brilliant elements that really drew me in. I realized that these were my favorite games when I reached the bridge on Route 120 on my second night with the game; it was around midnight so the reflection of the sky was clearly visible, and it just clicked.

I don't mind the lack of customization, because that's a newer feature that isn't necessary to my enjoyment of the games when I grew up with uncustomized trainers. I was disappointed by the lack of the Battle Frontier because that was one of my favorite elements of the third generation, but given the massive improvements to the story via the Delta Episode, I feel that such disappointment was offset appropriately. I also actually wish there was more water, so would feel a little more like the original Hoenn experience!

There's a lot of Gen 5 love in here I see, but I have to be honest - I hated B/W and only recently came to truly appreciate B2/W2. The story wasn't quite as in-depth as that generation, but it was still above average for the series and there was so much more.
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I would have it 5th behind RB, GS, BW, and X&Y.

Edit: Although I've never played BW2, Emerald, or Platinum, so keep that in mind.
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Well-Known Member
I personally enjoyed ORAS a lot.. but well, if we compare to other series i would pick "It's not the best, but it is one of the best. Top 3".. My Top 3 would be something like this :

1. Pokemon B/W
2. Pokemon Platinum/HGSS
3. Pokemon ORAS/XY


*hugs Absol*
I liked it a lot, even though I never really bothered with it after finishing the story content. I'd say it's pretty high on the list, but definitely not at the top.


Meme Historian
It's in the middle. My top 3 are X, Emerald, and platinum. Not necessarily in that order. Personally, I prefer the original RS to the remakes.


shy shipper
Maybe in top 5?
1. Heartgold not only post game that was from GSC also can catch ho-oh and Lugia. Dislike that you can't buy coins & HAVE to play voltorb switch, & dislike Lyras design & hate that she replaced Kris/crystal, but I guess VS was more fun than the stupid gambling game from original. Like the mini game that you can do by the bug catching contest place. And I believe here there are gym rematches and the like. And G/C was one of my fav games too. Plus it was a cute addition for Pokemon to be able to follow you, & pokewalker thing was pretty cool.
2. Black & White 2 loved the rival Hugh & story for both. Loved the characters cheren & Bianca & the music with the games. Seasons was a good addition. And hilda is my favorite design wise so far.
3. X trainer constamisezation was cool, but wish there were more hairstyles to choose from than 1 style from long, medium, & short. And it was a pretty difficult game IF YOU SHUT OFF EXP SHARE like holy moly do gym leaders spike up in levels quickly. Honestly don't care for mega evolution, but liked the characters designs for the protagonist, liked how close your new friends seemed with you, and had a pretty good story line. And fairy times where long overdo (they can get rid of dark types. What really was needed in gen 2 was bug moves that where more offensive & more hard hitting & ghost types that weren't poison types). Wish there was more to do aftergame, but the looker side quest was pretty cool. And super training was pretty fun.
4. Omaga ruby was fun but I don't understand why the gave you the exp share as I turned it off & with 5 pkmn was still able to keep up lvl wise with gym leaders/elite four. Plus I hate dewford cave was changed. The made you have to grab a BIKE to ceatch Pokemon like aron. So for no reason I have to wait to ceatch pkmn I could of gotten in previous games right when I arrived at dewford, but now I have to wait till two towns later to get. They couldn't mix in later cave Pokemon there from the originals in the entrance way where makuhita(sp?) is? But I do like the redesign of both protagonists & am fine with the redesign for the rest. Love how they added more with Wally &a other playable character rival. If the same problem is in X, then this can be included in there, but it was tedious getting items from there. Like stuff like a dawn stone you have to do all this stuff till you get to the right game. Like I said super training was fun, but rather not have to do all that stuff just to grab 1 item.
5. Fire red it was a great remake. The only problem was it has to be remade when they didn't really have attack, special attack, defense, & special defense sorted out properly which really hurt it IMO, though it's still a great game. Like the sevee(sp?) islands & more batting TR.


Pokémon Master
I think that when people realize that Soaring and DexNav, etc are ORAS exclusive features, they are gonna start appreciating ORAS even more.


Informed Casual
I think that when people realize that Soaring and DexNav, etc are ORAS exclusive features, they are gonna start appreciating ORAS even more.

I definitely expected to soar with Charizard in Sun and Moon and was very disappointed that it did not come back. I'll definitely look back on these games fondly because of touches like that.

Also, I love the concept of Mauville City in this game :)


Pokémon Master
I definitely expected to soar with Charizard in Sun and Moon and was very disappointed that it did not come back. I'll definitely look back on these games fondly because of touches like that.

Also, I love the concept of Mauville City in this game :)

Exactly. This is what I am talking about. Seeing one of the most epic Regions (Hoenn) from above is fantastic. Pokemon popping up from the grass in DexNav, is so cool and addicting! And being able to design our own (Super Secret) Gym and being the Gym Leader, is one of the best features ever! Yes, I am glad those are staying ORAS exclusive, as that makes ORAS one of the best games in the series, imo...

PD: And yes, Mauville´s new design is nice.


Demon Child
I personally think they are great games. Definitely not my favorite games, BW2 still hold that title, but they were great games and I honestly enjoyed playing them.

I would rank them as:

1. Black & White 2
2. Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
3. Sun & Moon
4. Platinum
5. X & Y


Sinnoh Champion
After playing them again I can say they are good games just not my favorites. They would probably fall towards the bottom of my top 10 but i dont hate them.

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
As a main series game, I think its absolutely one of the best due to its innovations, presentation, and the way that it tells its story. Top 5 at least.


New Member
I like everything about the gameplay and I love super training (I know it was introduced before ORAS but now that it has been eliminated in gen 7... it makes me appreciate ORAS more).

My favorite will always Black/White - I loved the story. For me, Id rank ORAS in the middle of the pack.


Well-Known Member
Depends on your experience with the Pokemon franchise itself. Generation 3 pretty much summed up my childhood. Growing up with FRLG and RSE, of course I would love ORAS, which I do. But I do have to say that games like DPPt and BW were really fun games too. I would say, in my opinion, that BW is better than ORAS


Johto Champion
Well, I suppose just as an update, ORAS have dropped to second in my ranking with the release of Sun and Moon, which were really everything I could have asked for in a Pokemon game. However, I'll also note that Sun and Moon have made me appreciate the sixth generation in general even more, in many ways, knowing what they were able to do with the first releases on the 3DS and how they began the process of rebuilding the franchise in a way that was less of a reboot, like Black and White, and more a shift in direction that captures the original spirit of the franchise.

1) Sun & Moon
2) Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
3) HeartGold & SoulSilver
4) X & Y
5) Black 2 & White 2 (tie)
5) Platinum (tie)
7) FireRed & LeafGreen

Please note that the above list doesn't include anything that has since been remade, as I'd probably overrate the nostalgia I feel for the Gen 2 and Gen 3 games and as the remakes are specifically created to improve upon the formula of their original versions. It also doesn't include Diamond or Pearl because those are the only two for which an enhanced third version is the most recent related entry in the series; they'd rank alongside Platinum, Black 2, and White 2.

However the franchise expands from here, ORAS will be some of my favorite games of all time for a very long while still, and I'm glad to have experienced my favorite region in a new and improved way!
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Pokémon Master
1. BW2
2. ORAS/ Emerald/ HGSS

So, a triple tie for the second best game.
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Well-Known Member
Taking AS by itself, I really enjoyed it. Hoenn looks beautiful in 3D, the Delta episode was great fun, and lots of the new features like Soaring, (with Mirage Islands), Super Training and the revamped Secret Bases kept me playing long after the main game was done and dusted. The online Battle Competitions helped with this too. With Super Training and a few Blissey bases it was possible for me to put some actually competitive teams together for the first time.

Where does it rank compared to other main series games? Well, comparing games across literally decades is very difficult. Changes in technology, nostalgia, etc all muddle things up to make an objective assessment pretty much impossible.

Looking at playtime alone, it comes in 3rd behind Pearl and Silver. Still keen on completing the National Dex, so that may well change in the coming month. Not sure if that's the best way of telling how much I enjoyed the game, but any game you can pour over 150 hours into must be up there as one of the best :)


Pokémon Master
By gameplay time, I guess my favourite would be Pokemon X, because it is where I have spent most hours sofar. But it´s not my favourite... most of those hours were spent breeding in the postgame, in preparation for ORAS, which is probably my favourite game.
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Emerald has been my favourite for the longest time, so I'm pretty happy with ORAS. It shares my number one spot with Emerald.
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