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Where do you spend most of your time?


Metallic Wonder
I spend most of my time in the Relic Castle. I like that place, and it is good for training too


Coolio Julio
Nimbasa City. Has the stadiums for training and the battle subway. I go to the Elite Four pretty often too
Nimbasa City, Day Care and just outside the league for egg hatching (i have a silly superstition that means I always have to hatch my eggs at the pokemon league or in a place where a legendary was - luck thing :p). Also elite four, and cynthia when i can be bothered.


Pokemon Collector
I have just been breeding lately


Supreme Overlord
I usually hang out at the Route 3 (speed EVs), the Celestial Tower (Sp.Attk EVs), Route 1 (Attk EVs), and sometimes Victory Road, the Elite Four, and everything between Black City and the town just south of the Giant Chasm (where Kyurem is).

Shadow Lucario

Lone Vanguard
Around Undella Town. It has stronger Pokemon for training.


Well-Known Member
Since I beat the game and got done with storyline, I mostly hang out in Black City in Black and The Beach Resort in White. ;D This T needs his ocean.


Metagross Master
Day Care to hatch pokemon.
Elite four/Audino training.
Nimbasa City


Well-Known Member
Route 3 for breeding, Nimbasa city for the battle subway and route 15 for training.


Well-Known Member
Congrats on the shiny cottonee. Most of my time is spent on route 3 or skyarrow bridge while trying to hatch eggs. Otherwise, I'm in Nimbasa City earning points in the battle subway or going to Unity Tower in Castelia City.
Now, as I try to update my trainer card, I spend a lot of my time either on the Single and Double Subways or in the Pokemon Musical collecting props.


Marsh Trainer
Nimbasa City for the Battle Subway, Pokemon Musicals, and Stadiums. Maybe Route 3, since I do an awful lot of breeding down there.


Day Care center and White forest for breeding purposes, Sport Domes for Dex filling purposes and Pokéleague for main teams leveling purposes.