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Where does your username come from?


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So here it is---What does your username come from? Does it have something to do with some sort of media, you thought it was just funny, or does it have some deeply personal meaning you won't share? Or something completely different?

Mine is just something I named a Rayquaza in Sapphire version. I thought it sounded cool.

Answer and discuss.


Well, back when PokemonCrater7 was fun and good, I was known as Pokemazter3, as 0, 1, and 2 were already taken. Upon joining SPPF, I somehow managed to add the 001. Now, I am Pokemazter3001.


My former username, Chariking, was based on a fake evolution of Charizard i made back in the first grade. Ironically, i named its signature move 'Dragon Claws". About 2 years later in R/S/E, that became a real attack!

When i saw many people using attacks as their username(like Dragon_Dance for eg.), i thought Overheat would be pretty cool.


Gallade Lover
I hatched a Gallade, it had max IV's in speed and was hasty nature.

Speedygallade was born (Several months later anyways)

Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
Mine is inspired by the part in the 12th pokemon movie when Arceus is encased in the silver water, consumed by the pain of his betrayal.


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I evolved a Gastly into Haunter and trained him for a while to help me win Stadium. After I had him for a while, my friend helped me evolve him into a Gengar, and I used him to help beat the final tournament of Stadium. And then I just think things sound cool when you add 'revenge' at the end.


Mine's actually a random name in a story I was writing a few years ago, and because my usual forum name was taken, (Scorpio) I figured I'd use this one and yeah, that's the whole reason.


The Red Mage
Red Mage was my favorite character in 8-Bit Theater, and 23 is my favorite number (it's from the number of flavors in Dr Pepper).

Red Mage has been my online persona since summer of '06, because I fancy myself a jack of all trades, and my favorite color is red.
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Well Lucario is a beast battler and Aaron/Riley look like knights, not to mention the aura they share. I decided on Auraknight.
But Auraknight was taken, as was Aurawarrior so I added 8 to commemorate Movie 8:Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.


Eye in the Sky
I just finished the book "The Voyage of the Dawn Trader" when I was joining serebii so I made my username out of it.

Duck Fella

Little Ninja
I like ducks and I'm a member of the male race :3