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Where does your username come from?


Know it,Respect it..
K3v1n, like Kevin ahha


A friend of mine, bound to be the next big comedian, constantly changes his answering machine message on his cellphone. Many years ago, before I joined, his message was something along the lines of pokemon being gangster and beating the crap outta someone who was like "Pikawho?". I am easily amused so that line cracked me up. It was fresh in my mind so when it came to deciding a username, that was the obvious choice. =/

Primal Crusader V

Watch some MANime
I combined Falco (Starfox) and Lucario (Pokemon obviously) and came up with Falcario. I also added the year I was born in=97



Panda Power
i combined my 2 favorite pokemons names

Pikachu = Pika
Bulbasaur = saur
Pika + saur = pikasaur

though some people like to think saur means Dinosaur.


My name came from Kricketune; it's only on here though. My other nickname is "Byte". I got that nickname when one of my friends called me that, because I allways "had a byte of information."
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Shiny Glameow

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Mine's kinda obvious isn't it?
Shiny Glameow,as in the purple "shiny" version of Glameow.
On other forums the sometimes use "Conrad_Achenleck" from Hanna is not a boy's name or TicTocTibenoch (same reason as before)


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My real name is Tom, and Pom is slang for English (which I am), plus it rhymes, so TomthePom was born... i forgot to put the capital letters though. :/

Trick Room Octillery

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Mine comes from how I use Trick Room and other gimmicks to make unexpected sweepers.


Got my screen name from a little game called Counter-Strike.
Pokedex is for my addiction to my pokemon diamond(Over 400 minutes playing pokemon) and 101 is the number that i use all the time