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Where should I go from here?

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by Grethiwha, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Grethiwha

    Grethiwha Farfetch'd Fan

    Basically, right now I have the ExTRR James theme deck -2 electric energy +1 Multi Energy &1 Poochyena (ExHolon Phantoms). This is therefore a Modified HL-On deck I assume... I could make a better deck, but it would be unlimited, cause I have a lot of the older cards.

    Anywho, I was wondering

    a) If my deck right now is any good.
    b) What deck/booster packs I should get next that would help the most.
    c) Whether I should even bother, seeing as how it's expensive and I have nobody to play with except my brother.

    Edit: I got a few more cards and will now post my entire deck...

    Farfetch’d (ExEmerald) x1
    Swellow (ExRubySapphire) x1
    Taillow (ExDeltaSpecies) x1
    Koffing (ExRubySapphire) x1
    Magnemite (ExTeamRocketReturns) x3
    Dratini (ExTeamRocketReturns) x4
    Dark Weezing (ExTeamRocketReturns) x1
    Rocket’s Meowth (ExTeamRocketReturns) x1
    Wooper (ExTeamRocketReturns) x3
    Marill (ExTeamRocketReturns) x3
    Azumarill (ExTeamRocketReturns) x1
    Dark Dragonair (ExTeamRocketReturns) x2
    Koffing (ExTeamRocketReturns) x2
    Quagsire (ExTeamRocketReturns) x1
    Dark Dragonite (ExTeamRocketReturns) x1
    Dark Magneton (ExTeamRocketReturns) x1

    Rocket’s Poke Ball (ExTeamRocketReturns) x1
    Energy Search (ExTeamRocketReturns) x2
    Pokemon Retriever (ExTeamRocketReturns) x2
    Potion (ExTeamRocketReturns) x2
    Rocket’s Mission (ExTeamRocketReturns) x2
    Professor Birch (ExRubySapphire) x1

    Water (ExTeamRocketReturns) x13
    Grass (ExTeamRocketReturns) x4
    Electric (ExTeamRocketReturns) x5
    Multi Energy (Ex HolonPhantoms) x1
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2006
  2. okothnuva

    okothnuva or something

    Before anything else, take out at least 6 energy.
  3. eevee10


    great i rate 10/10
  4. Cipher 2008

    Cipher 2008 Well-Known Member

    Not worth 10/10. No. FOr a start, it's inconsistent - too many x1 quantities and not enough x3s and x4s.

    It's HL-on. yes. But that finishes in under ten days. So you've got about a week of it being legal before you have to take out...*counts up*...35 cards out. Of those card in that deck, only 25 will be legal from 1 September this year, which is the cut-off date for tourneys and leagues using HL-on.

    Oh, and 23 Energy? Take out at least seven. And chuck some of the Pokémon too, a decent deck should have at least, say, seventeen Trainer cards.

    10/10? No. For a few days, 7/10, then illegal in the current format as of 1 September.
  5. Grethiwha

    Grethiwha Farfetch'd Fan


    Okay, I'm having a little bit of difficulty figuring out what the legal format is/what it will be... 1 week from now... Could someone post the legal sets for me?

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