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Which Ash do you think is the better character?

Discussion in 'Animé Polls' started by mehmeh1, Aug 8, 2018.



  1. Kanto Ash

  2. OI Ash

    0 vote(s)
  3. Johto Ash

  4. Hoenn/BF Ash

  5. Sinnoh Ash

  6. Unova/DA Ash

  7. Kalos Ash

  8. Alola Ash

  1. Genaller

    Genaller May 16th 2016 - October 12th 2019

    As a trainer I’d have him between AG and DP Ash. I also initially had him between AG and DP Ash as a battler though with his poor performance against Nanu I moved him down to around pre-BF AG Ash lvl. In terms of maturity it gets a bit more complicated. I think SM Ash has a better temper than DP Ash though DP Ash has more humility since DP Ash would’ve never had the cocky reaction SM Ash did when he was given a sincere compliment by Misty. In addition SM Ash has shown to be petty at times (e.g. his reasons for wanting to catch Litten in early SM) and also there’s that whole “cheating” incident. Honestly I’d put SM Ash at around or a bit below BF Ash lvl in terms of maturity. In hot-headedness I’d put him between DP and XY Ash.
  2. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    In fairness Misty had spent the whole episode besides that before and after being cocky to him without much provocation, including humiliating him in front of everyone over his 'pity badges'. I think that was just to show the chemistry was still between them and they could both still dish out a bit of attitude.

    I like Ash doesn't seem so overly formal around his human companions anymore in SM, something that was slowly starting to become a problem as series went on and he started to feel less attached to them. By XY it didn't feel like he made much of an effort to bond with his human friends at all. SM still kinda relates to that, in that he does TRY sometimes, but is obviously kinda awkward about it when things get a bit too personal (eg. some of his interactions with Lillie in the AF arc). Still though a lot of them feel like his real friends and at times become his primary focus.
  3. Aquafinna

    Aquafinna Active Member

    Well the episode was a call back to OS. OS Ash was extremely cocky and arrogant. Sometimes different people bring out different characteristics and personality traits. In this case Misty brung out Ash’s arrogant side (which she did majority of OS). Not to mention as @DatsRight said she did spend earlier that episode teasing him about pity badges.
  4. PokemonBattleFanatic-

    PokemonBattleFanatic- Standby for Battle!

    When I see or think of Sinnoh Ash the first thing that comes to mind is strategy.
  5. Genaller

    Genaller May 16th 2016 - October 12th 2019

    The thing is that cockiness was an aspect that Ash worked on getting rid of in AG and is practically non-existent in DP and XY. I could imagine AG Ash acting like that but there’s no way DP and especially XY Ash would, so it does sort of break my suspension of disbelief that SM is in the same continuity as OS, AG, DP and XY. Also I’ve never bought into the “Ash is the ultimate passive character” view that people like Datsright and VolTacklingPika advocate.
  6. MockingJ

    MockingJ Banned

    DP Ash because he was a good tactician back then while still having room for improvement. ITT, he wasn't a Mary Sue like in XY.
    Kuzehiko and Pokegirl Fan~ like this.
  7. keepitsimple

    keepitsimple Admiral Centiskorch

    why do you think Ash was a mary sue in XY
  8. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 You can make a change

    i wouldn't call XY ash a sue, he had his failures and had to learn a few things, he was however (IMO) overly praised and robotic (not emotionless, just bland), though SM went a bit to overboard with him being emotive
  9. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    I'd call him a Purity Sue because of how he acted in XY. He's apparently so pure of heart and strong in will that "anyone that wasn't Ash would have taken a day to recover". Seriously, I'm still mad over that crossdressing episode.
    Kuzehiko and Pokegirl Fan~ like this.
  10. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ There's no tina

    He definitely wasn't needed to steal the spotlight from Serena for the millionth time in the series.
  11. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    Meh, so he stole a Team Rocket beatdown from her. Big whoop. The plot had already been discarded.

    The twerps altogether felt kinda vanilla in XY, like they couldn't hold many stories on their own. Ash was fine so long as he was given focus on a big battle over his actual character, otherwise he was just an exposition spouter, but Serena they struggled to have complete any plot without another character butting in, and by XYZ Bonnie was just rotting everyone's teeth with 'Puniii, Puniiii...'. Ironically the one character that was kinda fun in his own right slowly got demoted, though at least got his own special first thing after the series. Otherwise nearly every episode started getting called off for Team Rocket at their very easiest and blandest or some of the lamest COTD plots. That was the height of the twerps' involvement.

    I could argue just as big a problem was the increase in rigid formula, they just didn't like making the twerps do anything out of their comfort zone. Ash was allowed to let his mindset just become 'battle, battle, battle' and was the underdog only seldomly, for Serena they collected a bunch of spurious chekhov's skills she'd shown and made a competition about them which again she was seldom challenged or forced to change things up in, the rest was mostly about beating up Team Rocket who were either pathetically easy or just unlucky, and if the plot was about to make the twerps do something too different and risk becoming a smidgen versatile as protagonists, they would butt in and make it about beating them again. I mean how many times can you seem that multi faceted a character if the plot makes you do the same unintuitive thing each and every episode?
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  12. Krackochu

    Krackochu Well-Known Member

    Overall eh this is hard I honestly think the perfect version of ash would have tons of competitiveness from os tons of his energeticness from sun and moon and tons of his confidence from xyz so basically 2019 Ash which isn't on the list
  13. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 You can make a change

    well, he's not on the list because this poll was made on 2018 (and I still want to see more of 2019 Ash to deecide how I feel about him)
  14. Krackochu

    Krackochu Well-Known Member

    Eh understandable dude I just like what we got so far of him right now
    Ubermuk and mehmeh1 like this.
  15. BabaVanga

    BabaVanga Well-Known Member

    I can't believe I'm the only one that voted for Kanto Ash.
    Ubermuk and game3524 like this.
  16. game3524

    game3524 Well-Known Member

    I voted for Kanto Ash as well.

    His character arc was well done (honestly, it still the best arc in the entire series IMO). He goes from arrogant novice to an experienced trainer by the end of the OI arc. The series could have stopped right there and it would have been a good conclusion to his story.
    Ubermuk and BabaVanga like this.
  17. Ubermuk

    Ubermuk Sticky & Sweet

    I think more people would have voted for Kanto Ash if they weren't blinded by his better battling skills in other sagas. But I thought Ash was way more fascinating in Kanto.
    BabaVanga and Pokegirl Fan~ like this.
  18. SerenaRulez

    SerenaRulez Well-Known Member

    Kanto Ash rules but Kalos Ash had the better win streak and better team. But one thing that bugs me about Ash in Kalos is that he became too big for his shoes and by that I mean that he was getting to much attention and fame in that region that I didn't think he deserved.
    Ubermuk and AznKei like this.
  19. Ashton Ketchum

    Ashton Ketchum Well-Known Member

    I'am gonna say my current thoughts about PM2019 Ash. And those thoughts shortly describe like this:
    For me, Ash from new 23h season of Pokemon anime basically the same like in SM, is even too much the same. He recently won the League, and became a champion. And after all, it was possible to make him a little more adequate and competent, so that he behaved as befits a champion. For example, then, looking at how he reacts to new Pokemon, there is a feeling that he was born with the title of champion, and did not find it through labor and then. And all of his trophies from previous seasons are simple birthday presents. Which causes great dissonance when he holds well against Lugia. In general, this Ash is extremely bipolar in terms of character.

    And yes, XY(Z) Ash rules! :)
    Ubermuk likes this.
  20. SerGoldenhandtheJust

    SerGoldenhandtheJust Well-Known Member

    I disagree with the fact that Kalos Ash had the best team. Not only did greninja and Pikachu largely overshadow the rest, but noivern is a really forgettable mon, Goodra had good development but it came and went in a very short period and it's return was so bad OMG. Talonflame upon evolving also became redundant.

    Whereas in alola one thing I like is that all of his team was balanced imo. Nobody overshadowed the others. Yes he had an unevolved rowlet but that was a beast. Incineroar is just amazing as a torracat and i loved his evolution symbolising him taking the champion belt. Melmetal is such a lively Pokemon you wouldn't expect from its design and despite its few battles it seems very strong. Nagandel is like Goodra and it evolving offscreen was stupid but atleast it's return was great. Lycanroc was a beast.

    That's why i prefer Ash alola team. Not only were ALL the members strong but ALL of them had amazing unique personalities. Just my opinion don't chew me out for it lmao
    Pokegirl Fan~ and Sham like this.

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