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Which background(s)?

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Which background or backgrounds did you use in X/Y?

Did you use one throughout the entire game or did you cycle through just a few or all of them?

In my current X play-through I'm using the background called "Starters".

In past play-throughs of these games (I can't remember which one's I used in which games at the moment) I used the following:

- Polka Balls (I think that's what it's called)
- Cockpit (calling it now: the first part of that gets censored Nevermind)
- Eevee/Eveelutions (The one with the Eeveelutions, obviously)

I believe that's all.


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I've been using the "Starters" background on Y for a long time, since close to the start of my adventure. I'm so used to it that I don't think I'll ever change it.

On X, I used the "Eevee" one during my first playthrough. I couldn't remember which one I had on my current file, so I checked and saw it was the default one. I think I completely forgot about the battle background feature when I was playing through that save file. Anyway, I decided to change it something more interesting and ended up picking "Stickers" because it looks like it would be my sister's favourite background.


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Checked both of my games today. I had picked the Starters background on X and the Monochrome background on Y. I don't think there was any reason behind those choices, I just picked two that seemed cool and went with them. I don't think I ever looked through all of the backgrounds either. I didn't really care much about this feature so I didn't put much thought into it. Which I kind of regret in retrospect since it is a pretty cool feature now that I think about it. I might look through all of them and see if I can find any real favorites when I'll go back to playing X/Y for a short while in the future.

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I picked the starters one on both X and Y. I liked how bright and colourful it was so I went for that one. I used a couple of other ones in Y but always ended up back to the starters one.
I decided to take my best guesses at what backgrounds I used for my first files of X and Y (at least):

X - I want o say it was the Eeveelutions background
Y - I'm pretty sure it was the Cockpit background I picked for this one
I think I used the Tatami background in my second one, but I'm really fond of the cockpit, so I've been using that one in runs after that.

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I used to use the Cockpit and Carbon backgrounds, but I recently discovered that I really like the Tatami background, so that's what I've been using most recently.

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Well I used the Starters background on my Y version if I remember right and I used the Eevee background on X version. I like the backgrounds and all, but if I'm being honest I didn't pay much attention to them cuz they're such a minor X/Y feature ha ha. Mostly they're just pretty to look at. :]


I use the Monochrome background. I usually like black/white designs the most.


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I don't remember if i changed my bg or not.

I'm sure, if i did, it woulda been pink. I'm pretty much obsessed with that color lol


I have a boyfriend now; I am his princess❤️
I changed my background, and I use the eeveelution one! ^_^ I really really like eevee and all his evolutions :3

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For X, I used the Eeveelutions background because I'm a fan of Eevee and its evolutions since I got into Pokémon. Have to say that it's my favourite background.

For Y, I used the Starters background because it just looked nice.

Both backgrounds were quite colourful too.


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Elegant bg always. Purple is my favorite color, no shame!


I've been using the Starters battle menu background in both X version and Y version for months, although I was initially using the Monochrome background in Y and the Polka Ball background on X when I first bought the games.


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Too bad these backgrounds weren't included in Sun and Moon, hopefully Ultra Sun and Moon will bring them back
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