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Which Bird Starter?

Which Bird?

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Screw that staraptor could tear them apart but I still have to go with pidgeot for the fact when ash had it as a pidgeotto it kicked everyones ***


I think Staraptor outperforms most of the bird pokemon and his intimidate comes in handy as well. I like swellow but speed imo isn't everthing.


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Staraptor is just too strong and can learn some gr8 moves so Staraptor!

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I'm never evolving MY Tailows. I hate Swellow, so I picked Pidgeot, since he is related to Pidgeotto who is superior IMO.


*swoons for Noland*
Sorry, but... Staraptor's Japanese name is "Mukuhawk", not "mukubird."

I am sure this person is aware. What they meant was before Staravia evolved to Staraptor (hence Muku.BIRD ), it showed its awesomeness.

I voted for Staraptor merely for power reasons. I think it's Ash's best bird. I think my favorite, though, would be Noctowl. Even though Ash treated it like crap, it had loads of potential.

I'm loving the beating that Swellow is taking right now. If only it would stay at the bottom where it deserves, but it won't... "THUNDARR ARMORZZZZ ROX0RZ!!!1!1!!" (or some crap like that).


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Sorry, but... Staraptor's Japanese name is "Mukuhawk", not "mukubird."

They meant that when Staraptor was a Staravia, it had a great personality.

My answer? Noctowl...Yes, Noctowl! Not only was it an Owl, which is totally cool in itself, but it was able to use Psychic attacks and had so much potential. If only they had handled it better, it would definitely be the strongest of all his birds.
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Darkness is Rising
Noctowl. The shiny form is much better than the normal form and his varied attacks are great.
Swellow. I simply loved it. And I like Swellow.
Hoenn team was the best team <3
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