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Which Champion was your hardest?

My magikarps just couldn't beat that d*mn Garchomp

I found Crystal Lance and the FR/LG Blue really hard but since then, most of my pokes have been higher than the levels of their pokes. ^-^


<-- Starving dragon
Poke'mon Pearl,Champion Cynthia...she beat me like twice one I first got the game.But that UBERish Garchomp of her's made me want to have a Garchomp to and my Garchomp is awesome.


c l a r i t y
Lance in HG/SS, three Dragonites made him a wrecking ball. I eventually took him down with a Miltank knowing Attract.

Cynthia is also really rough, especially Garchomp, which is stronger than any Pokemon you faced at that point plus it has perfect IVs across the board and is holding a Berry. She is like overly hax.


Gary. His Pokemon were always at much higher levels than my own. It was nuts.

Steven comes second only because he had Pokemon that I didn't know existed. It took me a while to figure out the typing of his Cradily and Metagross.


High School DxD Fanatic
For me Cynthia was the toughest out of the champions no matter of what starter you had. I kept losing a lot until I trained my Pokemon like 5 times to beat her. Her Garchomp was hard to beat. Second was the rival in R/B/Y and FR/LG. He was strong too.
Lance,Steven and Alder were easy to defeat.


Well-Known Member
The hardest champ for me was either Gary (I was a noob back then) or Cynthia because her team was not bad. None of them was really that hard but I will say tha girl "Cynthia".



Well-Known Member
Gary was hands down the hardest champion in the rematch in FR/LG. That Tyranitar was almost untouchable.

Sunset Shine

In the Night Sky
Alder. Obviously.

Not including him, I'd say it was Cynthia. It took me five Pokemon to get rid of that stupid Spiritomb, with three of them fainting along the way.


Too cool for SSB4
The one who took me most of my sweat was blue in firered.
The only important pokemon i had whas a moltres, a charizard whose only fire attack was blast burn,the rest was HM,INCLUDING CUT, and pidgeot on lv 54.
I had an onix, a machoke and i think a kadabra at the time too.
But sc inthya i got a garchomp t o his lv when i battled her and i could get a swords dance before, so it was really easy to be honest.


Well-Known Member
In their own games, Lance.
If you include stuff like Steven in Emerald and Cynthia in B/W, then Cynthia takes the cake.

Ultimate Champion

The Great Pokémon Master
Lance in Generation II. The incredible survivability of his three Dragonite, which allowed them to take three hits from my Lugia's Aeroblast before going down, combined with the fact that Lugia's Aeroblast only has 5 PP, Lance's first two Dragonite's tendency to use Thunder Wave, as well as all of his Pokémon's incredibly powerful attacks in general made the battle against him extremely difficult for me.


Well-Known Member
Got to say Lance, Cynthia, Gary, and Red.

To me, I'm pretty sure Red was a champion because he was tough to beat. Any trainer that hard to beat is a champion. (my opinion)


Veteran member
Lance. I had to resort to TWO ubers(Ho-oh and Celebi) to take the guy's Dragonites down, and even then I needed Revives!
Have to agree with you on Cynthia. She brought back tons of bad memories in BW.


So sly
I usually always have ice beam somewhere in my teams move pool, so Lance and Cynthia are a cake walk. Up until just a few days ago Ruby/Sapphire were the only games I had never actually beaten, so my answer is Steven. Took me 9 years to beat him. HA!