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Which Champion was your hardest?


Defying the odds
Cynthia(D/P), with Lance in close 2nd... Cynthia's Garchomp and Milotic were real pains to deal with.
I actually never had too much trouble with the champions. Strangely enough, it was often the lower Elite Four that gave me trouble. For example, long ago when I first got Ruby, I kept getting stuck on the second and third members. Once I beat the third Elite Four for the first time, however, I went straight past Drake and Steven pretty easily. I'd have to say overall, though, Cynthia would have to be the hardest. She might be the only champion I ever lost to on my first play through.


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Lance. Those stupid Dragonite gave me a hard time, I forget how I did against Blue but I don't think he was that hard, Palkia owns Cynthia's Garchomp and my Blaziken destroyed Steven easily.


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For me it was Lance and Cynthia. Blue never gave me much trouble and I beat him with one try with my Blastoise.

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Wallace, definitely.

I swept Blue (Gary) in Pokemon Yellow with my Pikachu and Aerodactyl, and I really swept the floor with Lance with my Feraligatr (multiple times at that).

But Wallace was a whole other story.......

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Probably GSC Lance. Besides the fact that his 'mons were overlevelled, there really weren't any good Ice types that you could use against him, and most Rock types flat-out sucked at that part of the game. It didn't help that I played Gold and he resisted my STAB attack.


Girl with the 3DS
None of them really. My Pokemon are always over leveled so i usually have no problems with the champion. Especially Cynthia. I was so disappointed when i beat her on the first try. i expected a much larger challenge.


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Steven, without a doubt. I still have a good long struggle with him in recent Ruby runs with that Metagross. Of course, this was my first game, so every champ after was a joke, especially Lance. Cynthia is a close second, getting my final pokemon down to 3 hp the first time I fought her.


1st & 2nd Gen champ!
Lance for me, considering he had two dragonites I had to deal with. Second up would probably be Gary since he has a variety of types that would give me a challenge.

EDIT: He had THREE dragonites I had to defeat.
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I owned all of them EASILY, except for.... HIM..............



Oh, hey, Big Zam!
Cynthia gives me recurring nightmares.