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Which character are you best which in Mario Kart Wii?


Funky Kong in a Wario Bike. I hear it has the best stats in the game, too.

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Evil
I'm good with the Babies but I like Baby Daisy the most in the standard kart.


I’m Back...
My best is when I play,Mii or Bowser in the Hot Rod.
I'm always Yoshi, mind you, i have never really tried another character
i tried Birdo once because my cousin beat me in picking Yoshi and i still one so..

Falco Master

Ruler Of Tyranitar
Bowser Jr on the Mach Bike, with him I'm unstoppable.


leavers 2010
Im good with luigi and diddy kong

and yea i dont really know the names of the karts by heart so we'll just go with anything


Funky Kong+Flame Runner and Bowser Jr.+Mach Bike


Well-Known Member
Dry Bones on motorcycle. My favorite track is the one with the bouncy mushrooms. So fun~!


extra toasty
I used to play as a random person until I got Dry Bones, and I used him for a while with the Magikruser (or however you spell it), but now I always use King Boo; Shooting Star when I play with someone (usually my sister, haha) and Standard Bike at anything else.



Well-Known Member
It's always cart Yoshi for me; I do not like using the bikes as I find them hard to control.


Well-Known Member
Shrooms (my NN for Toad) with the Magikruiser is awesome for me, or Koopa Trooper, or Walugi (Waluigi) work well too, i love DK's Mountain as the track