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Which character did you find yourself relating to the most?


Brilliant Dawn
For me it’s probably Serena and May. Despite not being a big fan of her portrayal; I can definitely relate to not knowing what you want to do in your life and feeling insecure about that while people around you seemingly have their stuff together. And May her eagerness to travel xD


The Anime/Special's canon know it all.
Sophocles and Lillie I guess.
Me ? Satoshi and Serena .....i am a easygoing like go like Satoshi and have strongly sense of righteousness and kindness toward human and animal and do classic planks (OS's kantou satoshi only) and like Serena i am bit fighter toward my family and isn't quite sure about what i do in my life other than do pocket monsters fan fiction of course.


As an adult I'm not sure which character I can relate to the most. As a kid I was a lot like Serena's Eevee though. I have always been more of an introvert.

Lillie also reminds me of myself when I was a kid. I used to be scared of trying new things that seemed dangerous. The episode when Lillie competes with Vulpix in the sled race but feels too anxious to go down reminds me of a school trip I had when I was in third grade.
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Humans are tools
I can relate to OS ash in my teenage years and easy going life, and clemont for having lack in confidence.


Lover of underrated characters
A mixture of the TRio and Mallow.
Grew up poor(Jessie), constantly heartbroken(Meowth), grew up with high expectations(James), and feel generally underappreciated(Mallow)
And Tupp
Guzma too, but less so than his game counterpart.


Go’s Scizor needs to Hassam better episodes:/
Probably Lillie. I’m not all that confident and her demeanor resembles mine especially when she’s pushing herself to do something, something that she wants yet, can’t due to her mental state (which was practically anxiety mixed in with PTSD she wasn’t aware of yet.) I also am like Mallow when it comes to work: I feel unappreciated when I’m busting my butt and I felt those moments like when she was able to meet someone close to her that has passed away, that’s something that many people wish they had.


Probably Takeshi since he was a lot like me in terms of doing housework. He was also more concerned with the well-being of his Pokemon rather than caring about battling, and I can relate to that since I don't like battling that much myself.


An anomaly
I like this topic. For me, it would be somewhat of a combination of Jessie, Lillie, and Gary.

Jessie because, like her, I have an independent and determined personality and admittedly can have a short temper too at times.

Lillie especially because of her quiet demeanor. If she wants something, she at times will act unsure of herself at first but persevere due to determination.

Gary (well Johto and Sinnoh Gary that is) because he's always by himself and while he has friends seems to prefer his own company. That's how I am. Plus, he also seems to be the kind of character that's not easily persuaded. And on top of that, him wanting to be a Pokémon researcher relates to me wanting to go into a research related field (sociology for me).