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Which Charizard Mega do you prefer?

Which Charizard Mega do you prefer?

  • Mega X

    Votes: 11 55.0%
  • Mega Y

    Votes: 9 45.0%

  • Total voters


playing Version X
I actually prefer Mega Charizard Y, it feels more natural than Mega Charizard X.

Mega Charizard X also slaps though :)


#1 Biggest self proclaimed Rotom-Dex hater.
Mega Charizard X. It's simply looks better and is strong.


Well-Known Member
I prefer Charizard X though both are excellent designs. I think partially its down to gen 1's lack of Dragons and anything that adds more dragons to regions that are severely limited in Dragons works for me. Charizard X meant Lance could actually have a Kanto based team with no repeats and half the team are Dragon typed (his rematch team in let's go) and for me I quite enjoyed those battles. Though I will admit Charizard-Y's ability to set up sun is useful.


Call of Fate
Both are great, but I'll go with Y, as it is sleek and aerodynamic.


Well-Known Member
Mega Charizard X > Mega Charizard Y. The latter looks too similar to the original Charizard so it doesn't seem special to me. :[


Well-Known Member
I would say Mega Charizard Y. It looks more suitable to me.

Although, Mega Charizard X is cool, too. It was awesome in the anime and Origins.


Training Anaylst
Y, as said before it feels more like a natural evolution to Charizard by emphasizing its flying nature via its sleek and aerodynamic design. X to me doesn't really change too much of Charizard outside of giving it a different color scheme and some spikes.


Well-Known Member
I like Y more but both are great. The reason I prefer Y is because it feels more natural for Charizard's mega and X just looks to different, more like a regional variant than a mega form. I think they just felt pressured to make Charizard into a Dragon type like fans always wanted so they went full "fan service" mode and even made it black like the beloved shiny form so it doesn't feel right as a mega for me. But hey, at least I can't say that it doesn't look super cool because it does.