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Which did you catch with the Master Ball in SS/HG??

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I always saved my masterballs for roaming pokemons. Used on an Entei (Why did they make his theme song shorter than the other two?).


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Using it on a stationary legendary is just silly. You have infinite tries there, just be patient. Also, you've got specialty balls that make things that much easier (Net Ball for Suicune, Dusk Ball for Mewtwo). I don't care as much about the other 2 dogs, so I used mine on Latias in my HG. Haven't gotten around to doing any of the birds yet besides Articuno, but that's just because I just happened to be there -- was incredibly easy (and lucky, I'm sure). Only took 3 Dusk Balls.
I used it on the roaming pokemon in each version. Usually don't run any pokemon with shadow tag or any ability / moves that prohibit escape.
Entei or Raikou whichever was the last to catch. Personally use Scizor and Wobbuffet to catch roamers(entei/raikou/latios/latias). Scizor has False Swipes, Wobbuffet has Shadow Tag ability + with max hp evs and with leftovers it will never faint.


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I was going to say anyone (wouldn't be the first time I don't use it), but reading the previous post made me realize I actually use it on a sparkly raikou... I think I tried to erase that memory because I named it raikkonen after the "famous" formula 1 driver.. At first it sounded like a good idea...


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Nothing, I still havent gone to battle mewtwo but i doubt even when I do I'll use it unless I run out of duskballs
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