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which games do you have?

which game do you have?

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Well-Known Member
I have Red. I once had Yellow, until I bought Red from my brother, and sold Yellow to my friend, who had lost his Blue version...


The Southern Cross
I only have red before I lost all my Game Boy...@____@


I have the Red version only. But I have borrowed Blue and Yellow from my cousin and played them.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
Red (english nd jap)


Got red, blue and yellow (though the only I have get all in were red ^^). Red was my first, got my brothers blue and got yellow from the US ^^


I got Blue and Yellow. Blue I have a full dex, and in Yellow I have no clue what I'm doing. I think I beat the E4 but I'm not sure. Red is the only Pokemon GBA game I don't have.

Black Widow

Well-Known Member
I got Red and Yellow at my birthday party, and I played Red first. I completed the Pokedex, along with a legal Mew, and My Yellow stopped working before I could get Mewtwo. Then I got Blue from my bro, and all his Pokemon games. (Blue, yellow, Gold, silver)
So yeah. I may buy a Green version for the fun of it.


I have ONE red, ONE blue, and ONE yellow version. There.

;196; FireVapor

Mirai Mirai

rabid kitten
I have Red, Blue, and Yellow. I used to play Yellow regulary until my save file kept disappearing. Playing them is like a trip to the past. o_O


Well-Known Member
the pokemon games i have

the versions of the games i have are red, blue, yellow, crystal, silver, gold, ruby, sapphire, firered and leafgreen and soon to add is emardal.

quite a coreltion didn't all u guys think? come on?!

Demy ;300;


Well-Known Member
FireVapor said:
I have ONE red, ONE blue, and ONE yellow version. There.

;196; FireVapor


could i become your friend? i'm just learning the ropes here ! cna u help me teach me stuff that i don't understand.!!!



breathe, spit, walk
Green exists, but it is japan only.

I have a blue version.


Blue and Yellow... I used to have Red but it tore up on me, so oh well.
I have all 4 of them including green Version but its in Japanese and my cousin helps me translat so I could beat it