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which games do you have?

which game do you have?

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I have Blue, Red, and I had Yellow... before it mysteriously disapeared
I'm still looking for it

Bloody Banette

Well-Known Member
All of them except green

Ringo Baggins

So far, I've just got one copy of Red. I'm hoping to find a second copy in Spanish.
Charizard2007 said:
I have Red & Blue. I had Yellow but it mysteriously disappeared and I can't find it.
same thing happend to my blue.


place: saphire city
dark scyther said:
vote on the game you have

if you have more then one version vote 2/3/4 times

i have yellow i had a old one with a level 100 pikachu and a strong charizard but i lost it yellow is first pokemon game i had other than pinball
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Cascade Trainer
I got all three at my house (though Blue is technically my older sister's and it's lost)


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I bought all of them and have 3 Silvers and 2 reds and 2 Crystals. I also have both Stadiums and some of the related games. I have all the GBA's and Game Cube games.


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Wow. You are OBSESSED.

I have 2 Blues, 1 Yellow, 1 Gold, 3 Silvers, 1 FR, 1 LG, 1 Ruby, 1 Sapphire, and 1 Emerald. I used to have Red, but I sold it at EB Games 'cause it stopped saving. It was also part of my down payment on the remake XD.


place: saphire city
i also have gold sivler red fire pinball for gba crystal emerald tcg 1


Blue. That's all, but I wanted to get Yellow when Pokemon was popular.


I used to have blue and red, but lost them. :( And I used to have yellow too, but let someone borrow it a long time ago...and never got it back.


I have a real japennese green,pokemon red,and pokemon blue


I only ever got yellow, I wanted to get blue/red at some point a year or two ago, but since FR/LG was going to come out, I decided that there was no real point.


Mind Trainer
Whoops I hit I had red by accident. I dont though. I've got Blue and Yellow.