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which games do you have?

which game do you have?

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Dark Maltos

I have Red and Blue. I had yellow at some point, but I lost it in my house :(


Well-Known Member
I have Red and Yellow. I got them after I got my Silver and Crystal, so I got them really late. I haven't played them in months.

Flame Sabre

I have Red, but I've played Yellow in my cousin's gameboy.

Needs a Deoxys

I have them all, including green. But, the green's fake.


< My first Shiny!!!!
i have blue, i lost yellow, and i gave a freind red for metroid prime for gcn.(i am mean!)


I have all but Green version. I don't know anything about Green, and I only ever played Red and Blue. Yellow is starting to get very dusty.


I don't know!
dark scyther said:
vote on the game you have

if you have more then one version vote 2/3/4 times
Just Blue. And you can only vote once.

#1 Poke Fan

I only have red version, I just buy the red or fire version of each generation.


If you only mean older games then everyone of them, I have every game from every generation except Diamond and pearl ofcourse.
I have beat all games except Crystal, Emerald & XD.
All of my other games are inside cases and I only take them out to trade or battle for fun.
I never let my friends near my complete games, they always threaten me with.

"I'll start a new game and save it!"


Rainbow Trainer
I've got Red, Blue and Yellow. I was quite young back then, so at that point I was all like: "OMG a game with Pokemon in it! Buy buy buy!" But now I know better. I also bought Gold, Silver AND Crystal, but now I only have Sapphire. I just see it as a waste of money to buy three of the same games with very small differences (IMO. The games I'm referring to by the way are, of course, Ruby and Emerald) and I know that I won't train every Pokemon I have, so I don't really need to have them all. Just having one of them is fun enough and since I have Colosseum (although I'm still not sure if I'm exactly glad about that), I can still have some Pokemon that aren't obtainable in Sapphire.

Anyway, I've got Red, Blue and Yellow and played the heck out of every one of them.

Ben Kenobi

Well-Known Member
I have Red, Blue and Yellow but the data on all three of them was screwed up, Blue and Yellow by a friend of two of my brothers and Red by me catching Missingo.

+Chaos Blade+

I have the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions. Go me *Dance* XP

dream eater

i have all of them probly cos of the fact i use an emulator. woo free download