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which games do you have?

which game do you have?

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Pokemon Communist
fighting_master said:
I have all of the listed and I also have all the games in the whole Pokemon series (except Pokemon Dash and Pokemon XD, but I will probably get both if I find them cheap)...
You should have listed all the Pokemon games though!!

Yeah, he/she should have listed all of them but this is Red/Blue/Green and Yellow forum, not for others.


Red Cheat Master
ive got red/blue and yellow but its a poll so you cant post for all 3 so ill pick one red!


Really and truly
I have Blue and Yellow. Blue was actually my cousin's, but he gave it to me when he was bored of it.



Well-Known Member
I have Red,Blue, and Yellow.

Bonsly is pimp

I have Blue n Yellow
i wanted Red but my cousin wouldnt sell it to me
i would have green but i dont speak japanese
I have them all, but unfortunatly i think that my green is a fake, like the monsters have screwed up names, but the plot is the same so i guess i have all three ^^


Staff member
Super Mod
I have Blue and Yellow. I used to have Red, but I gave it to my friend because his mom gave his away.