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Which Games Have Your Favourite...

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Psychic, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Zapi

    Zapi Hex Maniac

    Pokémon: Most of my faves are from Kanto or Hoenn. I like quite a few Unova Pokemon as well.
    Starters: Hoenn! I love all three of them.
    Legendaries: Sinnoh
    Region: Orre in XD/Colosseum
    Protagonists: Black/White & OR/AS
    Rival: Brendan/May in R/S/E/OR/AS
    Professor: Does Dr. Kaminko in Colosseum/XD count... if not then Rowan in D/P/Pt
    Gym Leaders: I liked the Black 2/White 2 gyms a lot
    Elite Four: B/W/B2/W2 again
    Champion: Cynthia in DPPt or Iris in BW2
    Plot: Tough, but probably B/W or X/Y
    Music: R/S/E
    New/Improved Mechanic: The overhaul of special/physical attacks in D/P
  2. Wulava

    Wulava Chuffed to bits Staff Member Moderator

    Pokémon: Gen 3 and Gen 6. Though most of my faves are Fighting-types scattered between gens.
    Starters: Typhlosion, Sceptile and Greninja
    Legendaries: Weather and Tao Trio
    Region: Johto. Love the traditional Japanese feel.
    Protagonists: B2W2
    Rival: Silver. Character development.
    Professor: Prof. Oak. The number one authority in Pokemon.
    Gym Leaders: DPPt and B2W2
    Elite Four: RBY/FRLG
    Champion: Lance
    Evil Team/s: Go Team Archie!
    Plot: BW and B2W2
    Music: BW/B2W2 (battle themes), XY (overworld), HGSS/ORAS (nostalgia)
    New/Improved Mechanic: 3D world

    Based on the above, I like Gen 3 the most. Followed by Gen 5.
  3. Darrkvolt

    Darrkvolt Active Member

    Pokémon: Gen 1 Growlithe line, Vulpix line, Eevee line, Mew; Gen 2 Espeon, Umbreon, Houndour line; Gen 4 Leafeon and Glaceon; Gen 5 Deino line
    Starters: Gens 2, 5, 6 ... I liked all 3 in each gen and have picked them each at least once in my multiple playthroughs
    Legendaries: Gens 1 and 2 ... the only legend from these gens I don't particularly like is Entei
    Region: Kanto/Johto/Unova
    Protagonists: Red. If we're talking physical appearances though, perhaps BW/BW2 male and XY both genders
    Rival: Gary and Silver. Not sure if N counts as a "rival" per se, but he is my favorite antagonist
    Professor: Prof. Oak
    Gym Leaders: Nothing beats the Kanto gym leaders for me, both in RBY/FRLG and in the GSC/HGSS games. They weren't necessarily better, but they were the original gyms leaders
    Elite Four: RBY/FRLG. These (at least in Gen 1) were the toughest E4 for me, maybe that's only because I was a kid and I remembered struggling to beat them. Even now, they presented a greater challenge to beat (in RBY at least) than anything in these recent gens have offered me, probably due to their levels and the battle mechanics back then
    Champion: Lance, but I liked the music for Iris
    Evil Team/s: Team Magma, and winner of most ridiculous team goes to Team Galactic: the team I like only because of how stupid I thought they all were, and they gave me a good laugh
    Plot: BW and BW2
    Music: This one is so difficult x.x Can I pass?
    New/Improved Mechanic: Gen 6 breeding and GTS improvements to be able to search for a Pokemon you have not seen yet
  4. tm27crobat

    tm27crobat Cave Dweller

    Pokémon: I'd say Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. It's a tough call, but I love tons of the new editions, AND the ones from earlier generations that made it into the games. I really love the Pokémon you find on the seafloor, like Relicanth and Corsola!
    Starters: Gen I, Squirtle is my favorite.
    Legendaries: Gen I, the birds are my favorite, and Mew and Mewtwo are up there, too!
    Region: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. I adore the seafaring theme that those games had... Dewford, Lilycove, and Mossdeep were amazing... Pacifidlog was such a neat idea! And in general, the region feels like home to me, due in no small part to the AG series.
    Protagonists: Gen III, MAY!
    Rival: Gen I, Blue!
    Professor: Gen I, Oak is the OG Pokémon Prof!
    Gym Leaders: Gen II! Love Bugsy and Chuck, plus they include Kanto's gym leaders, too!
    Elite Four: Gen II... Perfect Elite Four, what can I say?
    Champion: Ruby and Sapphire, STEVEN!
    Evil Team/s: Gen III, Team Aqua.
    Plot: probably Gen II!
    Music: Fire Red and Leaf Green... The music is a better quality version of B/R/Y's classic tracks.
  5. xEryChan

    xEryChan Vampire Girl Staff Member Moderator

    Pokémon: Definitely Gen. 4 but I love a lot of Gen. 3 Pokemon as well.
    Starters: Gen. 2. Although its my least favorite gen, the starters are the best, imo.
    Legendaries: Gen. 4. We got so many new legendaries. Plus, Cresselia is my favorite legendary Pokemon so far.
    Region: Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos are my favorite regions so far.
    Protagonists: Unova. More specifically Nate and Hilda, they are the best.
    Rival: Gen. 1. You just can't Blue.
    Professor: Professor Oak, hands down! But I also like Professor Juniper and Professor Sycamore as well.
    Gym Leaders: Gen. 5. Elesa, Skyla, Lenora, they're awesome.
    Elite Four: Gen. 5. Out of the regions, they're the ones who stand out the most, imo.
    Champion: Cynthia. She's a total boss, plain and simple.
    Evil Team/s: Team Galactic. Their dialogue had me cracking up so many times while playing platinum.
    Plot: Definitely Black & White 2. There just isn't a Pokemon game that can top those games, imo.
    Music: BW/BW2 (battle themes)
    New/Improved Mechanic: Character Custimazation. I loved that, one of my favorite things from XY.
  6. Dragalge

    Dragalge Constance Rookidee

    Pokémon: Black and White followed by XY. Both have an amazing array of Pokemon designs in my opinion and I find most of them pretty useful competitively.

    Starters: Black and White because I love Serperior's majestic design and both Samurott & Emboar are also pretty awesome as well. XY is in 2nd place again for this category.

    Legendaries: Black and White since about all of them have amazing backstories and uses. Johto and Kalos' legendaries are honorable mentions.

    Region: Unova is my favorite region tied with Sinnoh. Unova for it's interesting locations while Sinnoh have the non-linear factor.

    Protagonists: Black and White was the only time both genders appealed to me so. I guess XY is behind BW for me.

    Rival: Cheren since he was a really developed character that eventually became a gym leader!

    Professor: Professor Juniper followed by Professor Oak.

    Gym Leaders: Black and White wins this category for me because they actually did something outside of their gyms and felt like actual characters. Shame XY took a step back on this.

    Elite Four: Black and White had a writer, a gambler, a previous Frontier Brain, and a martial arts dude with all fantastic designs imo. Sinnoh's type association were pretty fresh though since only Psychic was repeated.

    Champion: Alder and Iris followed by Steven Stone.

    Evil Team/s: Neo Team Plasma because their outfits are slick and awesome but I won't deny that BW1 Team Plasma was better handled.

    Plot: Black and White followed by Diamond and Pearl because of the effort put into the stories.

    Music: Black and White/Ruby and Sapphire (except for ORAS Fortree City. That theme bores me).

    New/Improved Mechanic: XY because of the breeding mechanics.

    ...Yeah I really like Gen V a lot.
  7. XXD17

    XXD17 Draco rex

    Pokemon: B/W- there were so many really cool and diverse 'mons from this gen. Braviary, haxorus, chandelure, zoroark, krookodile, reuniclus. Serperior came from this gen too so yeah...

    Starters: B/W- for me, every gen has "that starter" that I didn't really like. First gen had blastoise, second gen had meganium, third gen had swampert, fourth gen had torterrra last and sixth gen had chesnaught. For fifth gen though, they were all pretty cool. Sure I like Emboar a little less and serperior a little more, but at least it wasn't a chesnaught or swampert...

    Legendaries: B/W- there were just so many legendaries to choose from. Plus, reshiram is my favorite legendary so yeah...

    Region: B/W- there was just SO MUCH STUFF to do. Even after finishing the main story, there was still like half the map to complete. I felt that second gen tried to do too much and sixth gen did WAY too little, fifth gen was just right. Plus, the sequel was a continuation of the story so there's that as well.

    Protagonists: D/P- Dawn is bae

    Rival: B/W- honestly, I'm not a fan of any of the rivals. Gary was a jerk, Silver was a prick, May/ Brendan was ok, Barry was annoying, Cheren and Bianca were ok but a little generic, Hugh was just thick-headed, Serena/ Callum was just irrelevant and that ragtag group of friends was just...no...especially Tierno. The one rival that I could appreciate though is N. Even though he was a little too uppity for my taste, I really liked how he played into the story and his development.

    Professor: B/W- Juniper is bae

    Gym Leaders: B/W- it's really hard picking one set of gym leaders that appeal to me. The first gen leaders are just too generic and boring. Even Giovanni wasn't much redemption. Gen 2's are equally boring except for Clair and her tantrum. I literally forget that Chuck and Pryce are actually gym leaders. Third gen's leaders were ok, but I just really don't like Wallace. Fourth gen's leaders were boring again and sixth gen's were equally boring. Fifth gen's leaders, however, were all vibrant and fleshed out. They all played a small part in the story and you got to know them. Sure I wasn't a fan of Lenora or Clay but Elesa, Skyla, Daryden and Iris easily made up for their short-comings. The

    Elite Four: X/Y- this is sort of the pick your poison type of answer. The only MC's that have even less character development than gym leaders are the E4 members. In every gen from 1-5, the E4 were boring, one-dimensional and predictable in behavior. Sure there were a few cool ones like Drake, but that's it. Sixth gen's E4 was at least better. They all had their little quirks about them. Malva is so catty, Wikstrom is self-righteous, Siebold is all uppity, and Drasna is so sweet (especially that wave goodbye). Their rooms are also significantly cooler.

    Champion: D/P- Cynthia is bae. Seriously though, Cynthia was the only champion that ever gave me trouble.

    Evil Team/s: X/Y- although the Flare outfits are super lame, I just LOVE Lysandre. Not only was he driven, but he was PRACTICAL. He's basically a better Cyrus. Sure he'll be destroying everything, but at least he'll still be alive. Sure he's a little self-righteous in some parts, but I can respect his resolve. Giovanni was your typical money-grubbing kingpin, Maxie and Archie were both dolts who didn't think their plan through, Cyrus was an epic impractical fail despite being pretty BA, and Ghetsis was just a deranged power-hungry old creeper who lives vicariously through his adopted child.

    Plot: B/W- along with B2/W2, fifth gen had the most story and the best cast of characters to progress the story to date. There was just so much going on that it always keeps you playing. Gen 2 turned into a grind after beating johto and everything else was generically linear. Platinum's was ok though...

    Music: B/W- if I were to pick a collection of sounds from one region, it has to be from Unova. All the other pieces of music were just meh. Sure there are a few really good ones from each gen, but only a few. Lavender town from first gen was great, vs Ho-oh from second gen was ok, vs rival from third gen was amazing, vs dialga/ palkia from fourth gen was was awesome, and even though sixth gen probably had the worst music overall (that gym leader theme is so bad), it had gems like vs Lysandre, vs Xerneas/ yveltal and that one route music. Fifth gen though had so many tracks that I LOVED. The plasma theme was amazing, vs Colress was great, the gym leader theme was hype, the wild encounter music, fifth gen's surf music is still my favorite, and Iris's champion theme is GORGEOUS. I love fifth gen music.

    New/Improved Mechanic: X/Y- Although, fourth gen was more of a ground-breaker for introducing the physical/ special split, Mega evolutions were such a novel addition that I have to give it to sixth gen
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2016
  8. HydroCannons

    HydroCannons New Member

    Pokemon: As you can see looking at my profile blastoise is my favourite, so I'd say Red/Blue/Yellow had the best looking pokemon. However Gold/Silver/Crystal are very close.
    Starters: Gen 1. No contest.
    Legendaries: I'd say gen 1 and gen 2 are a tie for me, just because I like both the Legendary Birds and Ho-oh the same.
    Region: Johto. It was very well constructed for me, there was a mix of traditional and modern cities, the routes were very nice. And you didn't have to surf a lot which is great! (Less tentacools the better XD )
    Protagonists: Again a tie between gen 1 and 2. Both Gold and Red looked awesome. Kris was pretty cool too.
    Rival: Gen 5, Hugh. He had a really good team, the battles with him weren't that easy either. Plus he had an awesome theme.
    Professor: Oak.
    Gym Leaders: I liked Norman the most. It was a very challenging battle with his Slaking(s) having very high stats and the dangerous Facade plus the super potions -,-. It was also a very good battle storywise. Son proving his father his strength and showing his potential to one of the most important pepole in his life.
    Elite Four: I'd say Hoenn. There were some really cool types like dragon, dark and ghost. Plus the battles weren't pushovers like in gen 1.
    Champion: Blue. He had an awesome team, awesome theme, and the battle felt very personal, finally beating your rival for the last times and finally you felt that YOU were step ahead of him.
    Evil Teams: Team Plasma. Mostly due to the fact that they had an awesome boss like Ghetsis, who wasn't a pushover like Giovanni and was harder than Cyrus. Plus the theme and the grunts design was outstanding.
    Plot: BW. This was just something different, it wasn't the usual beat evil team, collect 8 badges, fight the champion. I liked the fact that you had to beat N and Ghetsis, before challenging the champion (whom you couldn't fight till post-game).
    Music: FR/LG champion theme, HG/SS Ho-Oh theme, BW2 Rival theme, Hoenn Champion theme, XY Mewtwo theme.
    New/Improved Mechanic: Physical/Special split. This has changed a lot of things. First of all helpless thing like Sharpedo who was a physical sweeper, became more dangerous in Gen 4 than in Gen 3 because he could finally benefit from physical STAB. And it also proved to be bad for let's say Tauros who couldn't longer benefit from his physical STAB Hyper Beam. And it also made a lot of sense the elemental punches were at last physical not special...
  9. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Pokémon: Can't decide. Every generation has introduced Pokemon that I really like and I don't prefer one game's group of Pokemon over the others. So, I'll just go with all games for this one.

    Starters: DPPt. I love the final evolutions of the Sinnoh starters and have found them very useful ingame.
    I also really like the Hoenn and Kalos starters, especially because of their designs.

    Legendaries: All the games. Like I said above, every game contains Pokemon I really like, so I can't decide.

    Region: DPPt, Sinnoh means so much to me. I think it's interesting how Mt. Coronet divides the region into two halves and I love many of the cities/towns.
    Hoenn is my second favourite, with interesting cities like Fortree and Sootopolis.

    Protagonists: Several come to mind - May & Brendan because...reasons, Dawn & Lucas for their Platinum designs, Rosa & Nate because I think they look cute.

    Rival: Again, I have a few - Silver because of my memories battling him on Gold, Barry because I love his personality and think he's hilarious, Hugh because I like his rage and Qwilfish hair.

    Professor: Prof. Birch and Prof. Handsome Sycamore.

    Gym Leaders: DPPt. I've been obsessed with the Sinnoh Gym Leaders for over eight years now. Don't know why, but they managed to capture my imagination in a way that no other characters have. I've created quite the headcanon about them over the years. I like all of them a lot, but Roark, Byron, and Volkner are my favourites.

    Also, I've always had a soft spot for the Hoenn Gym Leaders, especially Wallace, Winona, and Tate & Liza.

    Elite Four: DPPt again, I love Aaron, Flint, and Lucian.
    Also XY, mainly because of Siebold.

    Champion: I have to say Emerald, because I really did like Wallace as Champion a lot. He was my favourite character in the Hoenn games, so I was very happy when I found out he became Champion in Emerald. In fact, him being Champion is one of the reasons why I wanted to get Emerald in the first place.

    Evil Team/s: Team Galactic, for its fashion, funny lines of dialogue, and Cyrus.
    I'd like to mention the Orre games as well, simply because of Miror B., one of my favourite characters in Pokemon ever.

    Plot: Once again, DPPt. I just found the whole Team Galactic plot interesting and Cyrus is probably my favourite team leader so far.

    Music: NO DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE! I have favourite music from all the games and I could never decide between them.

    New/Improved Mechanic: Physical/Special split. I remember not liking it when I first heard about it (mostly because change makes me want to cry), but now I'm so glad it happened and I wish it happened sooner tbh.
    I'll also mention Gen 6 for its breeding mechanics and Mega Evolution.
  10. Rio!

    Rio! Composer

    Pokémon: Generation five. I really only realized this after I finished a 'Fav pokemon type' meme a few years back. Four is a close second though.
    Starters: Gen 3; Turtwig is also a special mention.
    Legendaries: Does a Trio count? Because Zekrom/Kyurem/Reshiram; followed closely by Rayquaza and Giratina.
    Region: Unova
    Protagonists: Hilbert and Hillda
    Rival: Can't really select one, but it's somewhere between Blue and Silver.
    Professor: On the developed side, Birch. Close behind is Sycamore, though it depends on if/when he's developed later.
    Gym Leaders: Johto
    Elite Four: Platinum's was pretty fun, thoughGrimsley remains as a preferred fave.
    Champion: Steven, though Alder is pretty close as well.
    Evil Team/s: Aqua/Magma and Galactic
    Plot: Unova, especially as this was the point where there was a slightly more mature take character-wise.
    Music: Unova.;
    New/Improved Mechanic: Mega-evolving is nice, especially for the Pokemon who seem to have kind of disappeared in gens past. Being able to focus on EV training from the beginning without having to keep referencing other sites for training spots is nice too. :B

    I might add a bit more detail a bit later when my laptop quits blinking at me to update...
  11. ghostnatsume

    ghostnatsume Budding Breeder

    Pokémon: Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald (so basically Gen III)
    Starters: Pokemon Gen I games. Can't get over Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Definitely legends.
    Legendaries: I'm pretty torn between Pokemon Emerald and Platinum because I love both Rayquaza and Girantina..
    Region: Also torn between Gen III series and Pokemon Black & White 2. Then again I don't wanna be totally biased towards Gen III so I'll go with the beautiful Unova.
    Protagonists: Pokemon Black and White. Touka and Touya had really great character designs.
    Rival: Also Black and White because N. That's it.
    Professor: Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum's Professor Rowan. The dude looks so serious but he's pretty darn cool.
    Gym Leaders: Torn between Pokemon Red, Green, etc. and Pokemon Gold, Silver, etc. Because Gen I & Gen II gym leaders were pretty great. Sabrina, Morty, and Falker will forever be my favorites.
    Elite Four: Pokemon Silver, Gold and Crystal's because I love Will and Karen. A lot.
    Champion: Hands down Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Cynthia stole my heart.
    Evil Team/s: Obviously GEN III games because its the only region that had TWO evil teams (and they were both cheesy and stupid but it was nice to see them interact).
    Plot: Pokemon Platinum because the Girantina world's part...but a lot of the Pokemon games have great plots. This was hard for me. But I also liked Heartgold and Soulsilver. There was so much to do in those game(s).
    Music: Gen III games because those trumpets, man.
    New/Improved Mechanic: Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, basically Gen V made things better (and easier, but there's some downsides to that too).
  12. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    Pokémon:R/S/E introduced the largest number of Pokemon I liked a lot,including Absol,Salamence,Milotic,Aggron,Flygon,Breloom,Armaldo,and Manectric.That being said,I also liked a lot of Kanto Pokemon,such as Arcanine,Ninetales,Nidoking,Gyarados,Starmie,Lapras,Sandslash,Vaporeon,and Jolteon.
    Starters: A tough choice for me,since every generation has at least one fully evolved starter I don't like-Venusaur,Meganium,Blaziken,Infernape,Emboar,and Delphox.I'll go with Sinnoh,because I like both Torterra and Empoleon for their designs and unique type combinations.

    Legendaries: Hoenn introduced the concept of legendaries being relevant to the storyline,so R/S/E for me.I also like Latios,Latias,Kyogre,and Groudon better than the rest of the legendaries design-wise.

    Region: Hoenn for its tropical theme,although I also like Sinnoh for its vast size and Johto for its oriental feel.

    Protagonists: X/Y,because both Serena and Calem look great.

    Rival:Cheren-I liked his overly analytical attitude and the fact he eventually becomes a Gym Leader.

    Professor:Rowan-despite looking serious and intimidating,he is actually kindhearted.

    Gym Leaders:Unova,for their roles in the storyline.

    Elite Four: Kalos-I liked the fact an Elite Four member was part of Team Flare.

    Champion:Cynthia,for her challenging team and her interest in mythology.

    Evil Team/s:Team Galactic,for its grunts' goofiness and Cyrus' ambitions of creating a new universe.

    Plot: Platinum-Distortion World is amazing.I love everything about it.

    Music:R/S/E have the largest number of memorable tunes.Although Unova games also have great soundtracks.

    New/Improved Mechanic:A tie between R/S for introducing Abilities and D/P for the physical/special split,which made countless Pokemon infinitely more useful,such as Gyarados,Sneasel,Azumarill,Swampert,and Tyranitar.
  13. Spacial

    Spacial procrastination

    Pokémon: Ah...probably Gen 4, Pearl was my first game so the Pokemon I found really fascinated me.
    Starters: Gen 2, though I also like the Gen 5 starters.
    Legendaries: Gen 5 for Reshiram and Victini.
    Region: Sinnoh for geography and Unova for cities
    Protagonists: bleh, they're all the same. I liked the character customisation in XY.
    Rival: Silver. He's such a grump but he's great. Also, it's impossible not to be jealous of his hair.
    Professor: I liked that Juniper was female, idk.
    Gym Leaders: Gen 5. They're actually (for the most part) unique.
    Elite Four: Gen 5, based on the amount of times I battled them to get my 'mons to lv100
    Champion: Cynthia. Her character design and appearances in the anime, ah, she's definitely my favourite.
    Evil Team/s: Team Rocket. Prepare for trouble, make it double!
    Plot: BW. N is probably my favourite Pokemon character because actual character development happens.
    Music: DPP for nostalgia
    New/Improved Mechanic: XY breeding improvements

    Contrary to what it would seem given my choices, I've actually played the whole series haha.
  14. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Pokemon: Generation 5 has the best quality Pokemon
    Starters: Generation 3. The only generation where I love all starters relatively equally
    Legendaries: Generation 3. This was the first time it really felt "legendary", while not over-indulging in it
    Region: I don't have one
    Protagonists: Irrelevant. They are featureless protagonists
    Rival: BW's N. Yes, I see him as a rival. An ideological rival
    Professor: Professor Oak, who I feel has gotten the most development
    Gym Leaders: Black and White
    Elite 4: BW, due to how developed they are
    Champion: Cynthia is my waifu
    Evil Team: Team Plasma
    Plot: Black/White
    Music: ???
    New/Improved Mechanics: XY's Pokemon Amie
  15. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    Pokémon: X/Y has the most. Fennekin, Braixen, Hawlucha, Greninja line, Goomy and Noibat lines, Inkay, Pumpkaboo's line, Phantump, Espurr and Meowstic, Yveltal, Volcanion. D/P/P would be second
    Starters: X/Y, thanks to Greninja, Fennekin/Braixen, and Chesnaught(Only good member in his line)
    Legendaries: D/P/P. Darkrai, Shaymin Sky forme, Giratina, Dialgia
    Region: X/Y and D/P/P
    Protagonists: X/Y, we can make them how we want. Only wish we could ditch the hats but at least the males get Pangoro's hat
    Rival: Silver!
    Professor: Juniper
    Gym Leaders: Korrina so X/Y
    Elite Four: Have to give this one to Kalos. I love Malva
    Champion: Cynthia
    Evil Team/s: Team Rocket Gens 1 and 2, and Team Magma
    Plot: ORAS
    Music: X/Y and ORAS
    New/Improved Mechanic: Mega Evolution and the Pokemon following you mechanic. Along with character customization
  16. PrinceOfFacade

    PrinceOfFacade Ghost-Type Master

    1. Pokémon: Gen 3, definitely. Many of my favorites, like Milotic, Altaria, Shedinja, and Hariyama, are in this generation.

    2. Starters: Why, Gen 1 of course! :D Nothing beats Venusaur.

    3. Legendaries: Overall, I'd have to say Gen 4. They seem to all have a purpose, except for Heatran. What was that thing all about?

    4. Region: Gen 2. I love Johto so much, especially in the original Gold & Silver.

    5. Protagonists: Gen 5, because the story is just so damn good. Everyone's on point.

    6. Rival: Honestly, I'm not sure. In terms of battle, I don't really prefer any of them. In terms of story, I'd have to go with Gen 5.

    7. Professor: Gen 6. Sycamore's awesome.

    8. Gym Leaders: It will have to be a tie between Gen 2 and Gen 4. While Gold & Silver's gym leaders did have horrible teams, battling them was incredibly memorable, especially that demon Whitney. Gen 4 was just awesome. I must add, however, that Gen 5 has the most well developed gym leader characters of any generations.

    9. Elite Four: It's a tie between Gen 1 and Gen 2. However, many of my favorite Elite Four members are in Gen 3 and onward.

    10. Champion: Do I really have to say it? (Gen 4, duh)

    11. Evil Team/s: Gen 5, most definitely. Team Plasma was unlike any other team in the series.

    12. Plot: Gen 5, of course!

    13. Music: Dude, how can you make me choose? All of the generations have awesome music! I guess I'll say Gen 6. Anistar City, you know?

    14. New/Improved Mechanic: Gen 3, no doubt. Much of what we've come to know and love about Pokémon began with Gen 3.
  17. XSilverStarboyX

    XSilverStarboyX Well-Known Member

    Pokémon: Ruby and Sapphire
    Starters: Gold and Silver
    Legendaries: Gold and Silver
    Region: Jhoto
    Protagonists: Jhoto
    Rival: Silver
    Professor: Juniper
    Gym Leaders: Kanto
    Elite Four: Gold and Silver
    Champion: Lance
    Evil Team/s: Rocket(Gold and Silver)
    Plot: Black and White
    Music: Gold and Silver
    New/Improved Mechanic: Night and Day ;152;
  18. Pokémon:Gen 5-loved the designs
    Starters:gen 1-i like their designs the most
    Legendaries:gen 4-they seemed the most powerful
    Region: gen 4-i loved the snowy routes
    Protagonists: gen 5 and 6-the male protagonists are kinda bland but the female protagonists are more unique imo.
    Rival: gen 2-i loved the way he was portrayed.
    Professor: gen 5-Juniper is my favorite of all the professors
    Gym Leaders: gen 4-they seemed the most interesting to me
    Elite Four: gen 4-they seemed the most interesting to me.
    Champion: gen 4-I loved Cyntniau
    Evil Team/s: B1W1-i found them to be the most unique.
    Plot:B1W1-best plot ever imo
    Music:gen 5-i just loved the music from BE
    New/Improved Mechanic:mega evolution I guess
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2016
  19. Victreebong

    Victreebong Gives 'em the slip..

    Pokémon: Gold and Silver gave us Scizor, Skarmory and Tyranitar. Scizor alone cements those games.
    Starters: I really cannot decide, so I'm going to Genwunner it up with RBY.
    Legendaries: Ruby and Sapphire for sure. The three golems were so much fun when they first arrived. Gen 5 is a close second because I love the Kami Trio.
    Region: Sinnoh, so Diamond and Pearl. Cannot wait to put back on my hawt scraf and go digging!
    Protagonists: I prefer Pearl and Diamond's sprite designs, so Gen 4 again.
    Rival: I hate the rivals, don't really care. Gen 1 since Gary ************* Oak is an incredible meme.
    Professor: XY finally gave us a female professor, going with that.
    Gym Leaders: RBY, no Gym Leaders compare to the originals. Although Generation V had a much more involved Gym Leader line-up.
    Elite Four: I cannot decide between Malva and Lorelei. Simply put, we need more hot girls with glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    Champion: Don't really care, so again Gary by default, ergo RBY.
    Evil Team/s: Team Galactic! All of the teams are fun though.
    Plot: Cyrus' nihilistic plot to bring about nothingness is perfectly fitting for his campaign, so I'm going with DPPt again.
    Music: Generation 6 because of SO MANY great tracks between XY and ORAS, but the original Gym Leader Theme gives me all sorts of feels.
    New/Improved Mechanic: Generation 4, hands down. Gen 4 blew the fourth wall on how Pokémon work in battle thanks to the much needed special/physical move split. It completely revitalized the series and made a lot of things way better than before. The only Pokés that suffered were things like Ariados, Banette and Dusclops. A pretty small price to pay for such a much needed mechanics change. Runners up to Generation 5 for unlimited TM usage, and Generation 6 for better breeding mechanics.

    This was a really fun list!, Psychic! Thanks.
  20. Shadow XD001

    Shadow XD001 Well-Known Member

    Pokémon: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Buizel, Gliscor, Lucario etc
    Starters: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - Mix of nostalgia and I haven't had problems using all three of them
    Legendaries: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum again - lots of new and unique legendaries
    Region: FireRed/LeafGreen - Also a mix of nostalgia, but the region had a perfect layout with little to no issues
    Protagonists: FireRed/LeafGreen - ....
    Rival: HeartGold/SoulSilver - While his Pokemon should have been updated, his personality puts him above the rest
    Professor: X/Y - Finally a young looking and competent Professor
    Gym Leaders: FireRed/LeafGreen - Covers all the types quite nicely
    Elite Four: FireRed/LeafGreen - similar reason as above
    Champion: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - That Garchomp.
    Evil Team/s: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - Nice change having two teams
    Plot: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Strange at some points, but I enjoyed it for not being too linear *cough*
    Music: HeartGold/SoulSilver - Nostalgic feel, while also being updated
    New/Improved Mechanic: Either HeartGold/SoulSilver or X/Y - Both had many improvements to the series... that I wish were still implemented.

    I don't like Gen V much.

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