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Which Games Have Your Favourite...


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Pokémon: Generation 4. The games feel like home to me. I loved all the new Pokemon and new Evolutions for existing Pokemon (Especially Electivire)
Starters: DPPT. I can say that Sinnoh's starters are definitely the best starters in my opinion. Of course Greninja is great, he's one of my favorite Pokemon, but the other two starters I really didn't like.
Legendaries: Sinnoh. They are all great.
Region: Sinnoh. Besides the very few Fire Pokemon.
Protagonists: I really liked Red and Ethan. The battle on Mt. Silver was great.
Rival: Hugh. I really loved how he went out in search of his sister's Purrloin
Professor: Oak! He's so cool.
Gym Leaders: I really think it's a contest between Johto/Sinnoh. I really, really love Generation 4 and Johto/Sinnoh are both in it.
Elite Four: Johto's E4 was pretty cool, in my opinion.
Champion: Cynthia. No doubt, the hardest champion I've faced in a long time. She's very powerful, and loves to study things.
Evil Team/s: Team Magma/Aqua. I really loved them in ORAS, since I never played RSE. The only Generation 3 game I have is FireRed, and I don't have a GBA SP, and my DS Lite is on it's way out, so I don't really play it much.
Plot: Unova, in BW1. Best plot ever.
Music: ORAS. No doubt, Zinnia's theme was the greatest theme ever!
New/Improved Mechanic:
Definitely Kalos. Who would've thought Pokemon could Mega Evolve? It changed the Meta Game so much. Also made 6th Generation games too easy.

I'm a Sinnoh fan, if you couldn't tell. DPPT were my favorite games in the series, followed by XY, HGSS, and ORAS.


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Pokémon: Geez, I don't know. I keep changing my mind all the time about who my N°1 favorite poke is. I'll just say X/Y since they introduced my new favorite type AND the two most amazing starter designs in the series (Delphox and Chesnaught). Lots of great pokemon in gens 3 and 5 too.

Starters: The award goes to X/Y, no doubt. Though special mention to gen 4 for making the only water starter so far I ever *loved*.

Legendaries: This has to be B/W. Reshiram is AMAZING. Love the genie trio, too. Meloetta is also a cleverly designed lil charmer.

Region: Hands down, Hoenn is the richest, most beautiful and most unique region in the series.

Protagonists: As much as I love Hilda and Serena, May's ORAS re-design is the most adorable thing ever.

Rival: I like how they handled Wally's character in ORAS, but Barry will always hold a special place in my heart. He was just the right balance of jackass rival/caring friend/funny guy. Let's also not forget that he's one of those kids who had a pokemon master for a parent, and yet NEVER bragged about it. That silly blondy is one of the main things that made D/P/Pt memorable.

Professor: Rowan's grumpy sterness and Sycamore's dilf status were great, but Birch is the most likeable... I like how he's the prof. with the "hands-on" approach, always out in the field as opposed to staying locked inside a lab all day long. So, gen 3.

Gym Leaders: There are great ones in every region, but the most colourful roster imo is from B/W and B/W 2. Gotta love Brycen/Bryceman.

Elite Four: Really not sure. Strangely enough, the E4 are usually among the most forgettable human characters in the series. Right now I'd say X/Y, but that might be just because they're the ones I battled most recently.

Champion: Iris from B/W 2. Her theme is amazing; and despite being a little girl, she's one of the toughest champions yet! (Steven I'm so sorry ;__; )

Evil Team/s: Even before ORAS, I've always loved the dynamic between Team Aqua and Team Magma. And the remakes improved them significantly.

Plot: B/W and B/W 2 obviously.

Music: Gen 5, though gen 3 comes pretty damn close.

New/Improved Mechanic: Gen 3 for the double-battles. I wish doubles will eventually be taken as seriously as singles someday. They're just a hell of a lot more fun, ya know?
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Pokémon: Loved the Pokemon from the Johto region!

Starters: S/G/C/HG/SS are my favorite starters.

Legendaries: Lugia and Suicune are my favorite Legendary Pokemon!

Region: Johto.

Protagonists: Hikari. I've always liked her the best!

Rival: Blue, Silver.

Professor: Ivy!

Gym Leaders: Erika and Whitney!

Elite Four: Johto Elites were my favorite!

Champion: I don't really have a favorite.

Evil Team/s: Team Magma!

Plot: Pokemon G/S/C/HG/SS each contained my favorite story!

Music: Johto region had some of the nicest music in any Pokemon game! Music from places like Sprout Tower, Azalea Town, and the Dance Theater, will always produce such nostalgia for me!


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Pokémon: Gen 4. Glaceon is my favourite, and in effect, my favourite Eeveelution!
Starters: Gen 1, always. By Gen 1 I mean Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu. I've experienced having them all in one game (Yellow) so I know them individually and collectively like children <3
Legendaries: Gen 4! There were a lot of legendaries here and I may have gotten maybe 80% of them. Plus it was fun chasing Mesprit and Cresselia around LOL
Region: Gen 3! I've played Ruby more than I've played any other game. Gen 1's pretty close though!
Protagonists: Gen 4. Dawn was my fave.
Rival: Gen 1. Gary/Blue was really a jerk it's so funny LOL
Professor: Gen 1! Oak is the original fam.
Gym Leaders: Gen 1! Erika is my favourite Gym Leader. Misty comes second.
Elite Four: Gen 4, mostly because I only got to battle the Elite 4 in Diamond (so far)
Champion: Also Gen 4. EZ. LOL jk. Such a huge accomplishment for me tbh. Also, Cynthia! Girl power!
Evil Team/s: Gen 3. It's funny how Teams Magma and Aqua bicker.
Plot: Gen 3. Recently replayed Ruby and still shivered at how Groudon made the sun shine too much.
Music: Gen 1. Always brings good memories.
New/Improved Mechanic: Gen 2 (LOL it's the first time I mentioned Gen 2 here). Breeding and Pokémon eggs were very huge gamechangers. Also, splitting Special to Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense, because now that I know them I wasn't sure what the Special stat in Gen 1 was in particular.


Pokémon: Gen 1. It's were I started and a good chunk of my favorite pokemon are from there.
Starters: Can't decide. All gens have their ups and downs, but my favorites are 1, 2, and 3.
Legendaries: Not a huge fan of legendaries, but if I have to pick, probably gen 2.
Region: Kanto.
Protagonists: Red.
Rival: Either Blue and/or Silver. I miss the days when your rival was an a-hole.
Professor: Oak.
Gym Leaders: My favorite gym leader is Blue from gold/silver, but my favorite group of leaders are the Hoenn ones.
Elite Four: Gold/Silver.
Champion: Blue.
Evil Team/s: Team Rocket
Plot: Black and White.
Music: Gen 1.
New/Improved Mechanic: BW2, asking if you want to use another repel when the current one runs out.


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Pokémon: - Ruby and Sapphire

- I don't like when the pokémon's design looks like a Pablo Picasso's picture where you can't tell where's his eyes or where's his legs. Gen IV didn't have a design like that, but most of the generations do...

Starters: - Diamond and Pearl

- Penguin starters? Sign me in. They were all cute and their final evolutions looked very powerful and they weren't that bad in battles when the games were released.

Legendaries: - Red and Blue/Green

- Mewtwo has the best legendary design and story background. Mew is really cute. The legendary birds are simple, but beautiful.

Region: - Platinum

- I think the region is really pretty and it never felt like they were just putting a bunch of different biomas together like i felt in XY and ORAS.

Protagonists: - Platinum

- Loved their designs. I loved the interaction between the protagonist, Dawn/Lucas and Barry. I loved seeing their friendship blooming slowly, it never felt too forced like the relationship between May and Brendan who became like best buddies from day to night.

Rival: - Red and Blue/Green

- Green is so annoying that you feel great whenever you defeat him. He is also one of the few who can actually put up a fight, the fact that he became the Champion proves that.

Professor: - X and Y

- Never liked any of the professors. I'm just choosing Sycamore because he was the professor who participated the most in the game's story.

Gym Leaders: - Platinum

- Battling with them was fun and challenging. Their dialogue was also great.

Elite Four: - Platinum

- I felt like all of them had very distinct personalities and their teams were really well built. I also like how Clint got some attention in the postgame and the main story, despite not being a gym leader nor a Champion.

Champion: - Platinum

- The only Champion i actually struggled. Defeating Cynthia felt so rewarding. Also Cynthia was very prominent in the plot.

Evil Team/s: Platinum

- Team Galactic was the most intimidating of them all. That's how villains should be. Man, they blew up 3 lakes, imprisioned 3 legendaries, controlled 2 gods and almost were able to erase the whole universe. Also TG's commanders stood up with their personalities.

Plot: Black and White

- The only generation where i dind't feel like there was too many loose ends in the story.

Music: - Platinum

- Sure, Gen V had beautiful music, but sometimes i felt like some of those musics didn't really fit the moment. In Platinum, the music is beautiful and it fits the moment.

New/Improved Mechanic: - Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

- Walking pokemon, Poke Walker, PokéAthlon, Customizable Safari... Loved all of them.
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Pokémon: I'd say its a tossup between R/B/Y/FR/LG, R/S/E, or B/W. I watched the original pokemon anime for years as a kid, so Kanto has the nostalgia. Ruby as my first game, and lastly I loved how Unova made me learn all sorts of new pokemon, and letting me use old favorites AFTER I beat the main game.
Starters: X/Y, no question about it. I love the Knight/Mage/Ninja thing they have going.
Legendaries: I have no strong opinion, but I thought G/S/C/HG/SS was the worst here, with R/B/Y/FR/LG not far behind.
Region: R/S/E. I feel like there was alot more to explore in Hoenn then the other regions.
Protagonists: X/Y. Customization was neat.
Rival: R/B/Y/FR/LG. Gary/Blue was strong, I loved to hate him, and forced me to broaden my horizons just to keep going.
Professor: Either R/B/Y/FR/LG or X/Y. Oak and Sycamore were really cool.
Gym Leaders: R/S/E, since they were the most difficult. Or was it just because I was a kid when I first played, and I just wasn't as good at pokemon as I am now?
Elite Four: R/S/E, I DEFINITELY remember getting stuck on them for a long, long time.
Champion: B/W if it counts, D/P/P otherwise.
Evil Team/s: Team Galactic felt the most threatening, for sure.
Plot: Honestly? I'm going to go out of the way and say Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team had the best plot.
Music: B/W I guess.
New/Improved Mechanic: X/Y had alot


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Pokémon: Black and White (5th Gen)

I loved the Pokemon designs, and the ones from Unova were purely from their generation (excluding BW2), and that made the games feel really fresh and new.

But it seemed that most people didn't like it for that very reason and many others, so that made me pretty sad.

Starters: Diamond Pearl and Platinum (4th Gen)

I love Tirtwig, despite the fact I chose Piplup the first time I played through Diamond.

It's just so cute, and overtime eventually just grew on me. My last play through I completed was with Torterra and I had such a fun time journeying through Sinnoh with it.

Legendaries: Diamond Pearl and Platinum (4th Gen)

The main legendaries not so much... (Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina) But the lake trio are what always what stood out to me than every other legendary. By the end of Diamond, Dialga was always just kinda there.

But the lake trio, you learn about from the very start, and eventually go after Team Galactic to help save them.

Uxie especially has always been one of my most favorite legendaries, plus he's always looked the most cutest and shyest than other legendary pokemon.

Region:???? (?th Gen)

I actually don't have a favorite region, I've enjoyed each region, but none have really ever stuck out to me that much. One of my reoccurring issues is usually that after completing the main game, I've never wanted to go back and visit anywhere.

Protagonists: Pokemon Black and White (5th Gen)

Hilbert and Hilda have the most basic names (in my opinion, sorry if your're a Hilbert or a Hilda and reading this) but their sense of style feels strangely relatable? If that makes any sense.

And for some reason [I like to sometimes imagine what it would be like if I hanged out with specific characters, but not exclusively Pokemon characters] I feel they'ed be pretty cool friends to have, including Cheren and Bianca.

Rival: Pokemon Black and White (5th Gen)

The rivals were always either really rude and never really developed as individuals, or way too friendly and annoyingly too optimistic about losing a battle.

Yet, I just loved how much Cheren and Bianca reflected the main games with their personalities. Idealism and Realism. Cheren being the realist and making plausible goals for himself to achieve. Bianca being the idealist and hoping to find her passion in life awhile still growing as a person, despite her hasty and clumsy personality.

More than that, their stories developed as you progressed, they wouldn't just leave then only to return for a battle or two. It felt like they genuinely cared for the protagonists, along with not just being usual sub characters; they had their own life's and I felt they've had the most character development than most other rivals.

Professor: Diamond Pearl and Platinum (4th Gen)

Professor Rowen never had much of a story, but something about his seemingly strict exterior, yet very chill and calm interior has always been something I've thought about.

Gym Leaders: Red Blue and Yellow (1st Gen)

None have ever stuck out to me, but I've played R/B/Y just so many times, so yeah I've grown to just love them over the years.

Elite Four: Black and White (5th Gen)

I don't have a favorite E4 exactly but there was something about them (Shauntel, Marshal, Grimsley and Caitlin) at the time that made them stick out to me more than the others.

Champion: Ruby and Sapphire/ Diamond Pearl and Platinum (3rd and 4th Gen)

Steven and Cynthia have just always been my favorite. Steven for his direct yet mysterious personality. And Cynthia, she's always been very cool yet very humble about her skill as a trainer.

Evil Team/s: Black and White (5th Gen)

Although very contradictory to be using Pokemon themselves, Team Plasma stirred about the most question when it came to Pokemon themselves and whether or not its ethical to be catching Pokemon then train, or keep them as pets.

Plot: Black and White (5th Gen)

Black and White just has the most story and character development I've seen so far.

Music: Diamond Pearl and Platinum/ Black and White

I heard a lot of Piano in both, and the Piano is one of my favorite instruments.

New/Improved Mechanic: Black and White
The screen not closing out every one time I use an item, and being given the option on whether or not I want to use another repel.
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Pokémon: RSE- Flygon FTW
Starters: BW- Snivy is my favorite starter of all time.
Legendaries: DPP- Just the most interesting myths and legends overall
Region: RSE- Hoenn is imo the most dynamic and varied region overall
Protagonists: XY- I like how you had a group of friends who stuck together
Rival: B2W2- Hugh is creepy but surprisingly nice
Professor: XY- Sycamore is so freaking fabulous
Gym Leaders: B2W2- I like how they actually played a part in the storyline rather than sitting dormant in their gym.
Elite Four: XY- They just are so cool. I wish there was going to be Z because I would love to hear more about them.
Champion: B2W2- I feel like Iris is so underrated. My team is 10 levels above hers and she still whoops my rear every time.
Evil Team/s: RSE- Team Aqua 5ever
Plot: P- Definitely one of the longest and most involved plots I can remember. Interesting, yet it stayed pretty hands-off for the most part.
Music: RSE- The original soundtrack... the trumpets get me every time.
New/Improved Mechanic: XY- Character customization. We needed it.


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Pokémon: Diamond/Pearl with Lucario.
Starters: Ruby/Sapphire with Swampert and Blaziken being two of my favourite Pokemon.
Legendaries: Also Ruby/Sapphire with Rayquaza and Deoxys.
Region: Ruby/Sapphire again. I loved Hoenn.
Protagonists: Hmmm, probably X/Y, with the appearance of them and also customisation.
Rival: Gold/Silver. I enjoyed Silver's character growth.
Professor: X/Y. Professor Sycamore was the first young male professor.
Gym Leaders: Ruby/Sapphire in terms of strength and X/Y in terms of design.
Elite Four: Again, Ruby/Sapphire, as I enjoyed facing them, especially as they used Pokemon that I never tended to use.
Champion: Diamond/Pearl, as Cynthia was both involved to the plot and had a well-rounded team.
Evil Team/s: Ruby/Sapphire. The idea of expanding the land/sea was interesting, and it was nice to see Maxie/Archie return the orbs, as well as the other team help you.
Plot: ORAS, as it had the same plot that I enjoyed in Ruby/Sapphire, but added the Delta Episode which extended the plot even more.
Music: Hmmm, probably ORAS, as I never used to play with the sound on in any game except X/Y and ORAS.
New/Improved Mechanic: X/Y with Mega Evolution.

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Pokémon: Oh goodness. A tough one! But on reflection. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. I adore these games. They just dazzled me.
Starters: So tough. But honestly. DPP. <3
Legendaries: Easy! GSC/HGSS. I adore Lugia, Ho-Oh! The legendary beasts and Celebi is neat too!
Region: Easy. Sinnoh!
Protagonists: Oh wow! Erm.... I've got to go with Dawn and Lucas
Rival: Hugh has been my favourite to date.
Professor: Rowan. Stern strong yet kind.
Gym Leaders: Hmmm. Going to go with RSE. Flannery, Wallace, Wionna are all awesome.
Elite Four: Easy! DPP. Bertha, Lucian and Flint are awesome! As is Aaron :p
Champion: Alder. I love how human he was. And how his team is made up of some more unusual choices compared to his comrades.
Evil Team/s: Easy. BW/BW2. Team Plasma might never be topped.
Plot: I'm going to go with BW. It still remains one of my favourite plots ever!
Music: Easy. DPP. The piano and memorable themes!
New/Improved Mechanic: DPP. The physical / special split :)

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Pokémon: DPPt, because of Dialga. Honorable mention to RSE with its overall awesome designs.
Starters: The Hoenn starters, because Swampert :p
Legendaries: DPPt, hands down. I love the creation trio. Honorable mention goes to Groudon and Kyogre's land and sea awesomeness.
Region: Sinnoh, so beautiful~
Protagonists: Brendan/May
Rival: Blue in RBY/FRLG. He's always a step ahead of you throughout the game and he eventually becomes the champion.
Professor: DPPt with Rowan. He just seems more interesting compared to the others.
Gym Leaders: The gym leaders in BW/B2W2. They actually play a role in the story rather than just sit in their gyms like HM02gon said.
Elite Four: BW/B2W2 with Shauntal.
Champion: Cynthia in Platinum. An extremely challenging opponent with a varied team. I like her more in Platinum than in D/P because she helps you out in the Distortion World and she has Togekiss. Honorable mention goes to Iris in B2/W2, who has a mostly dragon team, but somehow still manages to be super tough to beat.
Evil Team(s): Team Galactic. They wanted to recreate the universe in their image.
Plot: BW, hands down. It's much more involving throughout the game compared to that of any other games in the series.
Music: My favorite would have to be DPPt. It feels so magical and unique, thanks to its piano. Honorable mention goes to ORAS, which remixed RSE's music very well and even brought back the memetic trumpets in many of the songs.
New/Improved Mechanic: ORAS, with soaring. I think this sets a new standard for fast travel in the series. Too often, I find myself pressing the Y button in a Pokémon game other than ORAS with the intention of using the Eon Flute, only to realize that the game doesn't even have one. Mark my words, if Sun & Moon don't offer some kind of alternative to using Fly, they will disappoint.
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Pokémon: Overall I'd have to say the original, Red and Blue. Personally, every generation has produced those that I now consider to be my favourites, but Red and Blue wins simply because that generation also happened to indroduce the fewest number of pokemon that I don't like (One, for those of you wondering - Exeggcute)

Starters: Probably Gold and Silver. While I wouldn't say that Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr are my favourite starters individually, they are actually the only trio of starters where I like all three about the same (I love Charizard and Venusaur, but have never been the biggest fan of Blastoise, I think Sceptile is great while Swampert has always seemed a "meh" option and I am sick of seeing Blaziken everywhere, Infernape and Empoleon I think are fantastic, Torterra not so much, Samurott is really the only fifth gen starter I like and the same can be said of Delphox in sixth gen as Geninja doesn't really do it for me and Chesnaught... no, just no.)

Legendaries: Well, the oversaturation of legendary pokemon that occurred in the Gen 3, 4 and 5 games really put me off Legendary Pokemon as a whole and I don't give a flying frig for the Gen 6 legends. Red and Blue and Gold and Silver are going to have to share this one.

Region: Hoenn.

Protagonists: Gotta be Red and Leaf, with May and Brendan a close second.

Rival: A tie between Blue/Green and Silver. Aside from the games that they feature in, rivals just seem more of an annoyance than a challenge.

Professor: Oak - he started it all. He even invented the original pokedex.

Gym Leaders: This one is hard. Red and Blue certainly had memorable gym leaders and so did Hoenn and Sinnoh, so its probably a tie between those three (Johto let themselves down because four of them don't even use pokemon introduced in their generation, Unova introduced the "no more than three pokemon per Gym Leader" way of things and Kalos... well, despite four play throughs of that region, I still have to look up the names of the grass, psychic and ice type gym leaders)

Elite Four: Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh - I remember these ones always being a good challenge. Hoenn suffers because of the sheer number of duplicates each team had (two Banette and two Dusclops for Phoebe, two Sealeo and a Walrein and two Glalie for Glacia and a Shelgon and Salamence and two Flygon for Drake) while Unova and Kalos now have only four pokemon per Elite Four trainer (and Kalos doesn't even increase this to six for rematches)

Champion: Cynthia. By appearing in the story of Diamond and Pearl so much, the battle with her had a good build up and she was actually a challenge, having a very diverse team of powerhouses, rather than a team that could mostly be taken out with one or two moves - Ice Beam (Lance, Iris and Diantha) Surf and Flamethrower (Stephen) Rock Slide (Alder) or Thunderbolt and Giga Drain (Wallace)

Evil Team/s: I think Team Rocket is great - their storyline is so different to all those who come later: they just want to make money. Character wise I like Team Aqua a lot (especially after Alpha Sapphire) but on the other hand, Team Magma's plot makes the most sense of anyone (people are expanding their towns and cities, leaving less room for pokemon, therefore we will use Groudon to make more land - it's not perfect but you at least get it!) So those three win it for me. Team Galactic get an honourable mention simply because I remember Saturn, Mars and Jupiter being difficult opponents, which is a rare thing from the various Admins of the villainous teams.

Team Plasma and Team Flare were just too cult-like for my tastes.

Plot: Gonna have to be Ruby and Omega Ruby. As I already said, although I like the Team Aqua characters (Archie, Matt and Shelly) a bit more, Team Magma's goal makes the most sense, even if the plan is inherently flawed.

Music: This is a tough one. Two years ago, I'd have said the Kanto region games, but then I heard the ORAS soundtrack. The opening themes, Littleroot Town, the battle against Groudon and Kygore, Mt Pyre, Victory Road, the battle against the Team Aqua/Magma boss, Wally's theme at Victory Road and about two dozen others besides puts the Six Gen Hoenn soundtrack above everything else.

New/Improved Mechanic: FR/LG and D/P/Pt - the Versus Seeker. Without a doubt the simplest and best way to engage in a trainer rematch. Johto's was fine as long as you were willing to put up with a thousand phone calls about "The top percentage of Rattata" or how someone "Failed to catch a Caterpie yesterday" while Hoenn's method didn't really seem to work that well in the third gen games, though this was fixed in the remakes.
But at the end of the day nothing beats running around for 100 steps, stopping in the middle of five trainers and pressing the key item button to see if any of them wanted a rematch. It was a great way to level up those new captures and a great way to earn a bit of cash if you're short of some.
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Pokémon: Gen 3 introduced the best designs in my opinion. Although Golduck is my favorite Pokemon ever.

Starters: I feel Gen 4 had the best starters overall although Emboar is my favorite starter ever.

Legendaries: I really like Articuno and Azelf.

Region: Three way tie between Johto, Hoenn, and Unova.

Protagonists: Another three way tie. Gold/Ethan, Ruby/Brendan, and Black/Hilbert.

Rival: Silver.

Professor: The OG Oak meister.

Gym Leaders: Unova.

Elite Four: Johto.

Champion: Cynthia and Alder.

Evil Team/s: Another tie.. Aqua/Magma, Rocket, and Plasma.

Plot: Gen 5.

Music: Gens 2, Gen Trumpets, and Gen V.

New/Improved Mechanic: Gen 4, Special/ Physical split.
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Pokémon: Gen 4 is a clear winner for me in terms of pokemon, Turtwig, one of my favourite ever pokemon. But it also introduced so many pokemon I liked, I had to get all 3 versions of the game to do play throughs with all the pokemon I like, Garchomp, Croagunk, Toxicroak, Buizel, Lucario, Staraptor, Riolu, Piplup, Chimchar, Infernape, Mime. Jr, Bonsly, Munchlax, Happiny, Togekiss, Magmortar, Electivire, Porygon-Z, Weavile, heck even Lickilicki. That said, Minun, Cyndaquil and Bulbasaur all must have special mentions

Starters: This is difficult, Love DP, GS, and RB for this, I love Turtwig, Piplup and Chimchar, plus the fact that they can also cancel each other out, the Johto starters all look great, in every single evolution too, and well, Kanto hold a special place.

Legendaries: Johto, no doubt about it. My 2 favourite legendaries are Lugia and Entei. Ho-oh, Suicune, Raikou are great and Celebi is my favourite mythical. Special mentions go to Mewtwo, Arceus, Darkrai, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, and Giritina.

Region: Sinnoh. Love the diversity of the region, you had the perfect diverse setting, the normal routes, beautuful towns and cities, and then of course you've got the mountain areas, snowy areas and sea areas. I really love exploring that region.

Protagonists: Lucas and Dawn for me. A perfect pair, the only protagonists where I adore both the male and female. Plus I'm sucker for the colour Blue, so the fact they both have blue hair helps.

Rival: Silver, loved that we had a proper bad guy rival, but then his added backstory in HGSS. Special mentions to Blue, Barry and Hugh though.

Professor: Rowan, Oak and Elm for me. Although I can't pick out of Rowan and Oak.

Gym Leaders: Kanto are the best for me, I loved each of the characters, Brock, Misty, Surge, Sabrina and Blaine are my favourite gym leaders ever. So with so many favourites from Kanto, it has to be, but I do love Volkner, Crasher Wake, Flannery, Roxanne, Norman, and Whitney.

Elite Four: Unova, Caitlin and Marshal are my favourite E4 designs, plus I felt their room designs were awesome.

Champion: Cynthia without a doubt, an awesome character, an incredible team.

Evil Team/s: Galactic and Rocket for me. I loved Cyrus as a leader, and what happened to him was quite satisfying.

Plot: Platinum. Loved the whole Distortion World and Team Plasma arc.

Music: DPPt, my favourite music in the series are Route 201, 206, 209 and the opening theme/Rowan's theme, Twinleaf and Sandgem town too. Cynthia's got a cracking battle music. Special shoutouts to Petelberg City (favourite city music), Littleroot town and Goldenrod city.

New/Improved Mechanic: Walking Pokemon for me, plus the Physical/Special split.


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Pokémon: RBY I just can't think of anything better than the OG's

Starters: RBY again (Squirtle Squad!) Although I really like Ruby/Sapphire starters too!

Legendaries: Ruby/Sapphire. What is better than a shiny purple Kyogre? Nothing!

Region: Hoenn, but Kalos is really nice too.

Protagonists: Red. 100% My next choice would be Dawn.

Rival: Gary Mother F'ing Oak! I also like Silver

Professor: Prof. Oak will always be #1

Gym Leaders: Misty and her Water Types are my faves. :3

Elite Four: I really like the Kalos Elite 4

Champion: I love Cynthia. She is a bad*** and also gave me a Togepi. <3

Evil Team/s: Team Rocket and their shenanigans were always great. Also Team Aqua/Magma as a close 2nd.

Plot: Hoenn

Music: RBY... Oh the nostalgia!!

New/Improved Mechanic: Any of the shiny hunting methods that they have introduced. I love to shiny hunt so any new ways to do so I am down for. I also loved the pokemon walking behind you in HGSS.

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Pokémon: Well, my favorite Pokemon is Arcanine, so, the first generation.

Starters: Definitely the first one. Mostly because of Charizard, my favorite starter.

Legendaries: I actually like every single gen 2 legendary, so I'm going with those. Every other gen has at least one I dislike. Yes, even the first.

Region: Oh, that's definitely Johto, especially in HG/SS. Remade gen 2, so technically still gen 2 I guess.

Protagonists: Hmm, probably gonna go with the BW protagonists. They had the best designs. Generation 5 I suppose.

Rival: My favorite rival was N. Yes, I would say he counts as one, so, I'm going to say the fifth generation had my favorite rival.

Professor: Professor Oak is the best, no contest. Definitely the first for this one.

Gym Leaders: Going with the Sinnoh ones. They're just the most memorable in my opinion. Generation 4 here.

Elite Four: Definitely BW, so the fifth. They were the most interesting.

Champion: Going with gen 4 and Cynthia. She was a great character, a strong champion, and had a great theme to go with. Pretty much my favorite champion.

Evil Team/s: Team Rocket, so the first two generations. They had a simple goal. Nothing too outrageous.

Plot: Black and White and their sequels, even though I feel like the sequels were a step down. Overall, I'd still say it's the most interesting story. For me at least.

Music: Generation 4. I love gen 4 music so much. So many memorable themes.

New/Improved Mechanic: I guess I'm going with 4 because of the whole special/physical split. That's the only thing that really kind of stands out to me, so... Yeah. I guess.


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Pokémon: XY
This might be a bit of an unpopular opinion but I thought kalos had the strongest set of new pokemon as a whole! They gave us a fantastic starter trio and introduced one of my favorite types.

Starters: RSE/XY
RSE and XY were the only times I felt like there wasn't a clear choice between which starter to pick. I think I've used every hoenn/kalos starter at least once before.

Legendaries: GSC
Lugia and suicune are two of my favorite pokemon and I really love every legendary they introduced that gen. DPPt gets an honorable mention just for how many they introduced (and shaymin is downright adorable)

Region: DPPt
Sure, Mt. Coronet was a bit of a pain, but I love the concept of a region being built around a mountain, and the diversity in biomes is great. Kalos is a close second just because of how pretty it is.

Protagonists: XY
Their designs were decent and character customization was amazing. I liked the concept of a large group of friends as well, even though Shauna was the only one I really cared about by the end.

Rival: GSC

Professor: RBY
Proffesor Oak is just iconic, no one will be able to take his place.

Gym Leaders: BW
I liked the unique concepts of bw's gym battles, and the characterization they gave to the leaders was nice. They didn't feel like tedious battles against characters I didn't care about since they actually bothered to show them outside of their gyms.

Elite Four: BW
Unova wins this one hands down. They were all interesting characters with great designs and cool rooms. Plus, that elite four theme was just awesome.

Champion: DPPt
Cynthia's battle was actually challenging since her team was so diverse and scary. She's just a cool character all around (with a great battle theme as well)

Evil Team/s: RSE
Team aqua! Their plan might not be the most realistic but I really like their characters and watching them bicker with team magma is fun. (i haven't actually played the third gen games so take from that what you will) Team rocket comes in a close second just because of how different their plan is from every team that came after it.

Plot: BW
They really put a lot of effort into the plot of the gen 5 games and it shows. Sure, the story wasn't perfect, but it was a big step up from the rest of the franchise.

Music: BW
N's final battle theme and route 10 are two of my favorite songs from the series. Every pokemon game has great music, though, so this was a close call.

New/Improved Mechanic: HGSS
Walking with my pokemon really made me feel a lot more connected to my pokemon. It just felt better than having them be in their balls all the time. The physical special split is a close second, though!
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Pokémon: Gen 3, really liked the designs
Starters: Venusaur is my favorite Pokémon in general so gen 1
Legendaries: Gen 2
Region: Honen
Protagonist: There all about as interesting as cardboard, but I like Kris's design the most
Rival: Green/Blue
Professor: Oak
Gym leaders: Gen 1, In the original games I love all there designs so them
Elite 4: tie between Gen 4 and 2
Champion: Lance
Evil Team: None of them
Music: All of them

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Pokémon: For me I have to go with gen 1. I first started playing Pokemon in 1998, so it's hard for me to pick against the originals.

Starters: Gen 1 has my favorite starters of all time.

Legendaries: This is a tough one for me to decide. Gen 3 and gen 2 have my favorite legendaries.

Region: The Johto region is my favorite region, but the Hoenn region is a close second.

Protagonist: I really like Red and Ethan. Brendan, May and Dawn are awesome as well.

Rival: My favorite rival is Blue, but Silver is a close second.

Professor: Professor Oak is the best. He's the OG.

Gym Leaders: Gen 1 has my favorite gym leaders. Brock and Misty are my favorite.

Elite Four: I have to go with gen 2.

Champion: This is a tough one. I really like Lance and Steven. Also, I have to give credit to Cynthia. She was tough to defeat.

Evil Team/s: Team Rocket is my favorite. Team Aqua and Magma are a close second.

Plot: Hoenn.

Music: Kanto, Hoenn and Johto are my three favorites.

New/Improved Mechanic: I'm glad that shiny Pokemon were added, and I really appreciate the Physical/Special split being added.