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Which Games Have Your Favourite...

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Psychic, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Weavy

    Weavy Usually silent

    OK then...

    Pokémon: My all time favourite Pokémon are Sneasel and Weavile, so I guess Gen 2 and Gen 4.

    Starters: Gen 6 wins this one easy. Fennekin and Delphox are just cute and majestic.

    Legendaries: I can't decide between Gen 2 and Gen 6. They're the ones with legends I like the most.

    Region: At the moment, I'm leaning towards Sinnoh.

    Protagonist: Um, not sure how to answer this one. But I guess Gen 6 because of customisation.

    Rival: I never really cared for them honestly. But if I had to pick one, Wally (ORAS only), only for his character development.

    Professor: Oak, only because I remember him most. But I liked seeing Juniper too, a female professor was neat.

    Gym Leaders: Not too sure, but I'm leaning towards Hoenn.

    Elite Four: Probably going with Unova here. Teams were diverse and that music was awesome.

    Champion: Cynthia. The only Champion I actually lost to. Not only is she a challenging boss, she's also a likeable character.

    Evil Team: Either Galactic or Plasma. They had the most effective villains if you ask me.

    Plot: Unova wins, no contest. I actually like how they tried to tell a story here.

    Music: Most of my favourite Pokémon music come from the spin offs, notably Mystery Dungeon. But Gen 2 and Gen 4 for main series I'd say.

    New/Improved Mechanic: The Physical/Special split. One of the best things Pokémon has ever done.
  2. The Living Daylights

    The Living Daylights Ghost Collector

    Pokémon: I don't know if I can decide this one. I'll give it to R/B for starting it all.

    Starters: RSE, but only just. The Kanto and Sinnoh starters make a very strong case, but Blaziken and Sceptile take the cake! Swampert is pretty good too.

    Legendaries: DPPt, unquestionably. Giratina (both forms) and Dialga are my favorites, with Palkia, Arceus & Darkrai also being some of my most beloved Legendaries. I also seem to have a thing for Shaymin and Regigigas. Hoenn is next, with Rayquaza (my 3rd favorite) as well as Kyogre & Groudon, two more of my favorites, and the Regi's, which I have a soft spot for. Then it's Johto, thanks mostly to Lugia and Ho-oh (also some of my favorites).

    Region: Once again, RSE takes it by the skin of its teeth, probably for sheer nostalgic value. Loved Fortree, Pacifidlog, Fallarbor, Sootopolis etc, several of the land routes, the underwater routes, Mt Pyre, and Meteor Falls. The great music helped too (I know there's a separate section for that). I also loved Sinnoh - the absolute diversity between the locations (beach, desert, mountain, snow, etc.) was brilliant, and I enjoyed the more challenging gameplay, but none of the cities were all that interesting in my opinion, with the exception of Snowpoint.

    Protagonists: Uh, B/W 2. Just got into the games recently (I missed out on Gen. V originally), and the older protagonists are a nice change of pace.

    Rival: Silver. My first rival back in the days of Gold - and he's more of an actual rival than a playful, competitive friend. Also the only one with any character.

    Professor: Oak, but I liked Rowan a lot too.

    Gym Leaders: I'll say the Hoenn ones, since ORAS was my most recent Pokemon game and the memories came flooding back.

    Elite Four: I always had a thing for the RSE Elite Four. Probably because I liked pretty much all of their Pokemon, or at least didn't hate any.

    Champion: Tie between RSE and DPPt for me. Cynthia and Steven Stone were both great.

    Evil Team/s: RSE, for introducing two. I also really like both Team Magma and Team Aqua for some reason.

    Plot: B/W or B/W 2, probably.

    Music: Tie between RSE and DPPt. They're both brilliant.

    New/Improved Mechanic: DPPt's change of Physical/Special moves.
  3. Pokémon: Ruby/Sapphire.
    Starters: X/Y.
    Legendaries: Ruby/Sapphire.
    Region: Ruby/Sapphire.
    Protagonists: Black 2/White 2.
    Rival: Red/Blue.
    Professor: Red/Blue.
    Gym Leaders: Red/Blue.
    Elite Four: Black/White/B2/W2.
    Champion: Black 2/White 2 or Diamond/Pearl.
    Evil Team/s: Red/Blue & Gold/Silver.
    Plot: Ruby/Sapphire.
    Music: HeartGold/SoulSilver.
    New/Improved Mechanic: X/Y - Pokémon-Amie.
  4. Nidogod

    Nidogod Well-Known Member

    Pokémon: Platinum. I felt that it had a great, even mix of Pokemon at all points of the game as well as conveniently located evolution items.

    Starters: RBY just because of how iconic they were. It's hard to say since every gen I left like always had one real stinker. Honorable mention to RSE for having a well-rounded mix of choices.

    Legendaries: Definitely RBY. I think they got a little kooky crazy with the legendaries as time went on. Mewtwo was such a goddamn powerhouse and a challenge to find and catch. Then you had the enigma Mew. Even the birds were a simple but effective concept.

    Region: Kanto, not in Gen 1, but where is stands now with all the added areas.

    Protagonists: I feel like a side game would be the answer here, but I haven't played many so I'll pass.

    Rival: Smell ya' later! The Gen 2 rival was too annoyingly negative and I don't like how in newer Gens they're more of a buddy than a rival. Gary's/Blue's smugness was perfect.

    Professor: I probably sound like a broken record, but Oak is the only one who's personality really shone through to me, maybe because he's the only one I've seen in the anime as well.

    Gym Leaders: GSC. Everyone remembers Whitney's Miltank, but I found Morty's Gengar, Jasmine's Steelix, and Clair's Kingdra to also be pretty formidable.

    Elite Four: DPP. It was the first time I felt that the E4 was set up to trick you, and you couldn't just steamroll through them with a few Pokemon that counter each E4 member's type.

    Champion: Gary/Blue. It was just such a cool and memorable showdown against the cocky ******* you've been competing against for the whole journey.

    Evil Team/s: Team Rocket. They were just evil jerks without an agenda.

    Plot: BW since it was the first time I really cared at all about the plot and seemed to be really fleshed out.

    Music: RBY just because so many of those 8-bit tunes are a wave of nostalgia for me.

    New/Improved Mechanic: The physical/special switch in Gen 4 changed everything for the better. It made so many Pokemon viable and introduced tons of unique moveset options.
  5. Luminae

    Luminae New Member

    Pokémon: RBY were my first games, so the first 151 will always be my favorites.

    Starters: GSC. That's the only generation where I loved all 3 of the starters and their evolutions.

    Legendaries: RBY. Mew is still my favorite after all these years.

    Region: Tossup between Sinnoh and Johto, but I'm really liking Kalos.

    Protagonists: BW.

    Rival: Tossup between Silver and Blue. The rest of the rivals felt more like friends than rivals to me.

    Professor: Oak.

    Gym Leaders: GSC. Lots of memorable Pokémon on their rosters (like a certain cow...).

    Elite Four: GSC again.

    Champion: And GSC again! Loved seeing Lance from RBY make a comeback here. I wish more generations were continuous like RBY/GSC were.

    Evil Team/s: RSE. I kind of wish we could explore an alternate timeline where Team Magma/Aqua were successful.

    Plot: Unova. Hands-down.

    Music: HGSS. Loved hearing my favorite GSC tunes brought up to (then) modern standards!

    New/Improved Mechanic: Was it Generation IV that had the Special/Physical split? That's really something that should've been in Generation I to be honest.
  6. Sarefan

    Sarefan Hylden General.

    Pokémon: Hoenn had the best designed Pokémon of all the games.
    Starters: Kanto starters, just because nostalgia.
    Legendaries: Again, Hoenn. Kyogre and Rayquaza are 2 of my favourites.
    Region: Sinnoh, had a cool varied region.
    Protagonists: I liked Nate and Rosa the most for B2/W2.
    Rival: Green "Smell Ya Later" Oak, but Wally from ORAS is a very close second. I couldn't care less about him in RSE but in ORAS, I really felt bad crushing him.
    Professor: Professor Rowan, cool dude.
    Gym Leaders: This is a hard one, but I might go with Sinnoh.
    Elite Four: Not really a favourite, none game me lots of trouble. But Hoenn got a small edge if I take ORAS in consideration.
    Champion: *piano plays* Cynthia, hands down. She had everything!
    Evil Team/s: Rocket, the only evil Team that was the most realistic one.
    Plot: BW.
    Music: I love 8 bit music, so RBY.
    New/Improved Mechanic: Special / Physical split in DPPt
  7. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Pokémon: Gen 6 for introducing the Fairy type
    Starters: Gen 6 again because I love all three starters for different reasons
    Legendaries: Gen 5 has the most, and imo best Legendaries.
    Region: I like Kalos the best. It has everything!
    Protagonists: X and Y because you could customize them. |D If we don't count customization, then Ethan/Lyra.
    Rival: Cheren and Bianca for being more like friends you were travelling with than rivals. I hate the jerk rivals. :/
    Professor: Professor Sycamore is hot, nuff said.
    Gym Leaders: Gen 5 because they actually did things besides stand around their Gym all day.
    Elite Four: Gen 5 Mostly for Caitlin and Shauntal
    Champion: Gen 4. I don't care how overrated people say she is, Cynthia is best Champion
    Evil Team/s: Team Plasma, if only because I was in an RP where their goal succeeded.
    Plot: Gen 5, by virtue of needing two games to tell it.
    Music: Black 2 and White 2 had music with words!
    New/Improved Mechanic: Does the introduction of Fairy type count as a mechanic? If not, then Gen 6 also gave us Super Training and the ability to see EV's.

    Mostly Gen 5 and Gen 6. Lol, I have very little nostalgia for the earlier gens, xD
    Last edited: May 15, 2016
  8. Sketchie

    Sketchie blue.

    and now i realize how gen 4 biased i am...

    Pokémon: Honestly, gens 3, 4, and 5 all take this one for me. There were just some fantastic designs! Banette, Honchkrow, Lucario, Gardevoir, Mienshao, Cofagrigous.... I could go on. Yes, gens 1 and 2 have some nostalgic designs, and gen 6 was quite creative, they just aren't as good imo.

    Starters: SINNOH STARTERS. Piplup was my first ever pokemon, so I am a little biased, but their designs are just so creative and meaningful? And yeah, I know, Infernape was fire/fighting, but I have such good memories with turtwig, chimchar, and piplup that even if their designs of themselves and their evos weren't enough, the memories would still make them my favorite.

    Legendaries: GENERATION FOUR. Dialga and Darkrai are my two most favorite legendaries, and the other Sinnoh legendaries are also up there in my favorite pokemon list. The lore behind them is just so cool! And they look ancient and powerful and.... i love them..........

    Region: .... You can guess this one. It's Sinnoh. The aesthetics were beautiful, even know I find myself mesmerized by the region. Mount Coronet is my favorite mountain in any pokemon game ever. And the lore, don't even get me started on the mythology that stole my heart because hoo boy will I go on! It was also the last region with contests, and I honestly liked DPP Contests more than RSE. Mostly because the dance section. And dressing your pokemon up! Oh, oh, and the underground! I've spent HOURS in the underground, and I hope it's a feature they one day bring back.

    Protagonists: Let's be honest, Hilda and Herbert are the best. I'm all down for my older punk trainers! Ethan also has a soft spot in my heart, like, I am Ethan, dude. When I was choosing my name, Ethan was one of them because of this guy.

    Rival: Keith, from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, or Barry, DP. Keith really stole my heart. I love his personality and character depth. I wished you could see more Keith postgame, because honestly he was my favorite. And Barry is... awesome. I love him.

    Professor: Professor Birch! He's such a sweetheart. It's like, yeah, you go bby, go study that pokemon. I believe in him. (Rowan is sick too tbh)

    Gym Leaders: Um...? Probably either Sinnoh's or Unova's. They're just... cool. I really have nothing to say, I just like their writings, and their designs are really cool. Also Gardenia is my wife, Roark is my husband, Burgh is bae, Candice is just sick, Lenora is my mom, and Marlon is either my best bro or my brofriend.

    Elite Four: DPP. Mostly because of Flint, he's awesome. But really they're just... so cool. They're the kind of trainers that I would look up to, y'know? They just feel so official. I'd also love to have Bertha as my grandma. She's sweet but tough. Basically they're great.

    Champion: Cynthia..... is my queen........ she is beautiful and kind......... and....... i love her........

    Evil Team/s: Team Galactic and Team Rocket. I love Galactic because they were just?? So cool??? And I love their concept too. And CYRUS OH MY GOSH?? The ethics are unreal??? Team Rocket I love because Aesthetic. I've always adored them, because they're just so... aesthetic.

    Plot: This is a toss-up, between PMD: Explorers of Sky, and Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. The plots of both are just... so good. Both brought me to tears. As for Sky, the whole idea of working towards a shared goal, that beautiful friendship, the saving the world bit, and the sacrifice that you make to save you friends is just... beautiful, and so well written. The pacing is perfect there too. As for Shadows of Almia, the concept of harmony present throughout the whole game was inspiring. It is the first and so far the only game I have ever stayed up all night to finish, because I was so mesmerised by the story, and I felt like I was fighting for something worth fighting for -- the ideal for harmony. BW/2 and DPP are some of my favorite storylines too, but Sky and Shadows of Almia truly made me think and feel, two very important things for me.

    Music: PMD: Explorers of Sky/Time/Darkness had one of the most beautiful soundtracks I have ever heard out of anything, and I will fight you on this one.

    New/Improved Mechanic: physical/special split PHYSICAL/SPECIAL SPLIT p h y s i c a l / s p e c i a l s p l i t and if that's not good enough for you, the Underground is my actual favorite place ever, and I'm still a little miffed that it's only in one region.
    Last edited: May 15, 2016
  9. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    For the record, I've never played X/Y or OR/AS.

    Pokémon: HeartGold / SoulSilver - Excellent diversity and balance.

    Starters: Diamond / Pearl / Platinum - Especially when you get a different one on each of them (specifically, Torterra on Diamond, Empoleon on Pearl, and Infernape on Platinum).

    Legendaries: HeartGold / SoulSilver - Bringing back Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Mewtwo (as well as all the others) really sold me; Platinum was close, though.

    Region: HeartGold / SoulSilver - It may have had both Johto and Kanto, but Johto was always my favorite (matched only by Orre).

    Protagonists: Colosseum - I do wish they reused him as a villain (or an opponent) in Pokémon XD.

    Rival: Black 2 / White 2 - They gave Hugh great history/depth.

    Professor: Diamond / Pearl / Platinum - It was nice to see that he was content with letting a couple of kids take his starters when they really needed them, even though that wasn't his initial plan for them... and he made getting the National Dex way more interesting than anyone else.

    Gym Leaders: HeartGold / SoulSilver - It was nice to see Game Freak change the Kanto Gym Leaders up in Gold and Silver, and they made them even better by giving them depth and allowing you to challenge them to rematches.

    Elite Four: HeartGold / SoulSilver - It was somehow more nostalgic (and easier) than it was in the original games.

    Champion: FireRed / LeafGreen - Your stuck-up rival being the Champion is just as good as it was in the Gen I games, and his team's even better when it's given a Tyranitar (and Heracross... and has each Pokémon on it at least ten levels above those of their counterparts in the Gen I games).

    Evil Team: Colosseum / XD - Genius Sonority gave Cipher excellent personalities (and evidence of their ruthlessness and authority).

    Plot: Black 2 / White 2 - The only ones that come close to the Unova games are the Orre and Sinnoh ones.

    Music: HeartGold / SoulSilver - Play through them and try honestly telling yourself they didn't.

    New/Improved Mechanic: Gold / Silver - They introduced breeding and held items.
    Last edited: May 16, 2016
  10. fitzy909

    fitzy909 Just another guy

    Pokémon:Gen 4 as there were so many evolutions introduced that made older pokemon viable. There were also loads cool designs especially for the legendaries.

    Starters:Gen 1 They set the precedent got every other generation and they were really cool and unique without being overdedigned.

    Legendaries:Gen 4 yes there were a lot of them, but there were some awesome designs and unique typing. (dragon /ghost is awesome) Also, you can't get much better than God in pokemon form.

    Region:Gen 3 Aside from a lot of water, hoenn had very diverse areas with some really interesting towns and locations. ( new mauville is a really call concept)

    Protagonists:Gen 2 i just really like throw designs ( also I really like them in the adventures manga if that counts)

    Rival:Gen 4 Who doesn't love Berry's impatience and his constant fines. He was always so lively to counter your character's muteness.

    Professor:Gen 1 The original, the best. You can't not like this old guy who sends you off into the amazing work of pokemon.

    Gym Leaders:Gen 4 Volcker is my favourite gum leader and I really like crasher wake and Byron. They were Al so unique with personalities I remember better than most of the other gym leaders.

    Elite Four:Gen 6 the elite four are unique powerful and some of the only trainers to use megas. A fitting final challenge.

    Champion:Gen 4 cynthia had one of the only competitivly viable teams in the series. Her pokemon were powerful and proved to ge a real threat to those who were unprepared.

    Evil Team/s:Gen 5 I really liked the message of the team, about treating others as equal, but they also became very threatening at the end and especially so in b2w2. (almost getting frozen was really quite shocking)

    Plot:Gen 5 the progression of you and your friends across the games, as well as the changes to the villains and the region in the several year gap, gave a realky nice plot across the games that felt like it grew to something great.

    Music:Gen 6 has some of the best music, Both new and old.
    New/Improved Mechanic: The ability to spray another repel after the last one wears off, because zubats are annoying.

    But seriously, I like the super training. As it makes training a competitive team fun and less tiresome.
  11. T.W.I.

    T.W.I. Undercover Rocket

    Pokémon: Gen 1+2 combined (since so many have connected evos here). I like the simpleness of Gen 1 and Gen 2 introduced some new style without going too colorful/busy.

    Starters: Gen 1, I like all 3 starters. Others I like only 1-2 at most.

    Legendaries: Gen 2. Lorewise I LOVE what's going on in this region. None of that world/region is at stake business. Just simple legends about culture.

    Region: Gen 4 Johto. It has pretty much every type of locale I want in an RPG and looks so good also.

    Protagonists: Gen 2 Gold, NOT Ethan. I don't like any of the changes they gave him. He looks like a scrawny do-gooder now compared to a 'teenager with attitude'.

    Rival: Gen 4 Silver, since his development is just so damn intriguing! Starts off a jerk, follows you example to learn to evolve his pokemon with happiness and walk with his starter.

    Professor: Gen 3/6 Birch. I googled him once to find his age...I saw some very interesting fanart that let me see him in new light, haha. I became a fan right away.

    Gym Leaders: Gen 1, Gonna say Giovanni, but his influence on the plot/Team Rocket affected this decision. If I had to pick another, probably Sabrina (style) or Surge (smexiness).

    Elite Four: Gen 5 Caitlyn. Generally I dislike E4 members since they seem so throw away, but her re-appearance from the HGSS/Pt Frontier and backstory really interest me.

    Champion: Gen 5 Iris, I instantly fell in love with her theme and battleground the moment the fight started.

    Evil Team/s: Gen 1+2 Team Rocket. Pretty much the only team that didn't have an absurd goal to make me roll my eyes.

    Plot: Gen 3 Emerald. I started writing AS here (I find it more cannon than OR) but realized this was a perfect balance and fixed the holes that Ruby/OR had (Magma base on the sea? Grunts training Wailmer? Camerupt Sub?). I felt the story flowed better, and even though it had the whole 'save the region' thing I dislike, things like making your dad a gym leader REALLY immersed me into the plot. I would have said HGSS for the whole Lugia/Ho-oh subplot, but it was that, a subplot and not the main plot.

    Music: Gen 2. I would put Gen 4 HGSS, but the old school music REALLY hits the nostalgia meter. I love the traditional folk music. No other region seemed to have a defining musical theme to me.

    New/Improved Mechanic: Gen 6 breeding. I used to use 'other' means to attain ideal pokemon, but now I refuse to since it's so easy with proper breeding tools (parents and items).
  12. TheJLeeTeam

    TheJLeeTeam JLeeTeam

    Pokémon:Hoenn and Unova probably had the most Pokémon I really love but there are plenty from every gen that I like. The rest come in really close. I don't think there is really any Pokémon I hate. They are all interesting and unique in their own ways.
    Starters:Hoenn, All of the starters I enjoyed equally
    Legendaries:Toss Up between Sinnoh and Unova, I especially like the Creation Trio, Darkrai, Manaphy, Tao Trio, and Swords of Justice. Also Gen 2 and Gen 3 come in close second
    Region:Pretty much every region Gen 4 onward. Sinnoh, HGSS Johto and Kanto, Unova, Kalos, and ORAS Hoenn.
    Protagonists:I would say Unova
    Rival:Probably Silver
    Professor:I really like Professor Rowan the most. I like his character the most
    Gym Leaders:Not sure, I probably like Unova the most
    Elite Four:I enjoyed the Sinnoh Elite Four the most.
    Champion:I love Cynthia the most
    Evil Team/s:Team Magma and Aqua for me. I really liked their ambitions
    Plot:Unova, probably the deepest and interesting plot
    Music:Not sure, I enjoyed every soundtrack but I really liked N's Farewell
    New/Improved Mechanic:Battle Facilities. They give the games a lot of replay value to me and they give me a good reason to play more

    I loved the DS and 3DS Pokémon games the most. They are my favorites in the series. I just love playing Pokémon with duel screens and a touch screen.
  13. PsychoKing47

    PsychoKing47 Well-Known Member

    Pokémon: Probably BW, followed closely by HGSS. BW comes first because of putting all the focus on the new Pokemon, something I really liked having gotten sick and tired of Geodude, Zubat and Magikarp all the time. It also helped that a lot of the Gen 5 Pokemon have designs that I really like, so that's a definite winner. HGSS is second as it was my first real opportunity while playing the games to actually access many of the Pokemon from Johto and Kanto, which was something I really enjoyed simply for a change of pace.
    Starters: XY, as Gen 6 was the first time that I can truly say I like all three starters and all their evolutionary forms (Quilladin aside). RSE/ORAS are a close second though, as the Hoenn starters are very good as well.
    Legendaries: Definitely Hoenn, as the legendaries all have designs I like and they're all integrated well into the game and given good lore behind them to make them all the more interesting. It also helps that Groudon and Latias are two of my favourite legendaries as well.
    Region: Hoenn again, as I've been able to rediscover recently while working through OR. So many interesting and unique locations, even if the sheer amount of water in the region does border on absurdity.
    Protagonists: Eh, none have ever really stood out for me, so I guess I'll go with Hoenn again, as this was the first region I ever played through way back in Emerald.
    Rival: Probably HGSS, as the rival in these games actually had a personality and was pretty antagonistic as well, so he actually seemed like a rival (way better than the other rivals since then anyway).
    Professor: It can only be Professor Oak, though Sycamore was pretty cool as well. None of the others ever really did an awful lot to actually stand out to me.
    Gym Leaders: Probably the Sinnoh gym leaders, simply because they often go against the norm and use different Pokemon to what you'd expect (say, Volkner using an Octillery in Platinum when he's an Electric-type gym leader). I know a lot of people hated that, but I thought it was a good twist on the usual formula that made gym battles all the more interesting and challenging.
    Elite Four: Definitely BW's Elite 4, as they were interesting characters while also being extremely challenging to battle compared to other generations. Made the feeling of victory so much sweeter as well.
    Champion: Probably Cynthia, mainly because she's a likeable character who actually involves herself in the plot fairly frequently compared to other Champions (although all of them do pop up in their respective Gens from time to time).
    Evil Team/s: Definitely Team Plasma, simply because their plot and actions actually made sense and were somewhat logical and possibly even slightly justifiable rather than something as absurd as a Lex Luthor plot from one of those old Superman movies (looking at you, Team Aqua and Magma).
    Plot: BW is the only contender for this category as none of the other games I've played in the series have really done anything unique or surprising with the plot, let alone having any development in it, but this is something that is done very well in Gen 5.
    Music: Not something I often pay attention to, but probably the Gen 4 games, even if it is just for the special battle music for Team Galactic or any legendaries.
    New/Improved Mechanic: The changing of the Exp Share in Gen 6. Sure, it can make things a little too easy at times, but I'd prefer that to having to spend goodness knows how long level grinding like I had to when I first played White and when I played the Gen 4 games before that (and undoubtedly when I start going through White again in the very near future.
  14. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    I'm gong to clarify for music.

    Generation 3: Hoenn had the best overworld music. I loved how it took on a natural theme while still being epic.
    Generation 2: Johto had the best Vs music. Crystal came up with the first boss Pokemon theme, that HG/SS lately built upon with Ho-oh and Lugia themes.

    Technically the Gen 6 and Gen 4 remakes had the better music (not all music remakes were perfect though), but I'm going with the roots.
  15. Vulpicks

    Vulpicks Well-Known Member

    Pokémon: I really love the Hoenn dex.
    Starters: Johto had a really nice batch. Cyndaquil was my first Pokemon.
    Legendaries: Hoenn
    Region: Hoenn
    Protagonists: Hilda and Hilbert... Platinum Dawn and Lucas are a close second... as well as Red and Leaf.
    Rival: Silver. Kid had no chill.
    Professor: Oak. The legend.
    Gym Leaders: I like a lot... Brock, Erika, Janine, Sabrina, Blue, Winona, Gardenia, and Viola
    Elite Four: Karen, Phoebe, and Malva
    Champion: Blue will always be my fave! I liked Diantha a lot though.
    Evil Team/s: Mmm... Magma I guess. Or maybe Cipher.
    Plot: XD I guess
    Music: No way I could choose this...
    New/Improved Mechanic: Pokemon following you! The Battle Frontier is cool too.
  16. Izanagi777

    Izanagi777 Well-Known Member

    Pokémon: Let's see.. A tough choice but it's a toss up between Gen IV and Gen VI.. Perhaps leaning toward the Gen IV a bit mainly because of Empoleon, Dialga, and Garchomp..
    Starters: Once again, my favorite starters are from Gen IV because of the fact that all of the starters will evolve to Torterra, Infernape, and Empoleon whereas all of them have a great type combination compare to other region starters..
    Region: Well, it's a tie between Sinnoh and Kalos and i can't really decide which one that i prefer over another..
    Protagonists: Now, if we're talking about protagonist, Red will always be my favorite, not to mention his come back in the G/S/C is badass as well..
    Rival: If we're talking about rival, then hand down N is the best, given that not only he's unique (because his party always change) but also he's one of the best if not outright the best rival in term of character developments.. Really like how he grew as a trainer in Pokemon Black..
    Professor: I don't really have a major opinion about the professor so i guess i'll go with Professor Oak from Kanto region
    Gym Leaders: Another tough choice, given that all gym leaders have their own appeal.. But i guess i'll pick the Kalos ones, mainly because of Korrina, Clemont, and Wulfric..
    Elite Four: As for the Elite Four, i guess i'll go with the Hoenn region ones, given that Drake actually is one of the most challenging Elite 4 that i ever faced..
    Champion: Now for the champion, Cynthia is definitely my favorite, given how she's constantly in contact with us as a player and she's also the most challenging Champion that i ever faced with the best Champion teams so far..
    Evil Team/s: Definitely Team Plasma for me.. I mean, they're essentially the most threatening Villain team to date, even Ghetsis become basically the "Final Boss" of Pokemon Black, the feat that haven't been replicated by other Villain Team Boss
    Plot: Once again, Pokemon Black/White triumph here due to their main plot which most of the time are more interesting than any other region, and the plot twist that they gave us in the end made it become special for me..
    Music: Sadly i don't really pay attention to the music.. Lance's Champion Theme in HG/SS however, is the best Champion Theme IMO, so i might as well give it to Johto region for this category
    New/Improved Mechanic: Once again, given that before i played Pokemon X i never use any feature online (i never even traded back then) so i only use the most basic stuff of pokemon games, this made Gen VI seems like the one with more improve mechanic for me, with Mega Evolution and you can customize your own player as well..

    Well, if we're looking from my list, perhaps Gen IV and V are tied to be the ones that i like the most (which is pretty accurate considering i thought that Pokemon Black and Platinum are among the best that i've ever played)
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  17. Sαpphire

    Sαpphire Well-Known Member

    Oh, this is a cute thread I hadn't noticed yet.

    Pokémon: Generation 2, on average, introduced my favorite selection and some of my long-time particular favorites; Kingdra, Scizor, and Umbreon have long been on my short list.

    Starters: Typhlosion is my favorite starter, so GSC/HGSS, but I like the Hoenn starters the most as a full set.

    Legendaries: Definitely Generation 3 / ORAS. There's really no contest - Jirachi is the cutest thing in the universe and the lore behind the box legends and the Regis is beyond anything else in the series.

    Region: It's between new Hoenn and RSE Hoenn. While I LOVE the improvements in the Hoenn aesthetic in ORAS, I'm still a little salty that they reduced the water routes and got rid of the Frontier.

    Protagonists: GSC. Kris was done wrong in the remakes, replace with that girl. She was my favorite protagonist so far, and Ethan/Gold is a close second. Shout out to Brendan and May for being the runners-up.

    Rival: HGSS. Silver is the first rival that I had, and I think the improvements to his character and back story in HGSS really rounded out the character.

    Professor: Sun and Moon. Love Kukui. <3

    Gym Leaders: I would probably have to say HGSS. Clair has always been a personal favorite of mine, as has Jasmine, and the Gen 4 updates to the Johto leaders were fantastic. I also appreciated the redesigns for my favorite Kanto leaders, especially Sabrina (who's probably tied with Clair as my favorite leader overall) even though I prefer her Gen 3 design.

    Elite Four: This one is really tough. Hoenn and Kanto are basically tied here. Lorelei and Agatha are some of the best in the series, despite the lack of in-depth character development. The Hoenn Elite Four had zero development outside their actual roles, but I've actually always liked how the Elite Four of earlier generations are legends shrouded in mystery until you're face to face with them.

    Champion: Platinum Cynthia, hands down. No question whatsoever. Best character in the franchise.

    Evil Team/s: Sun and Moon. Y'all know what I'm talking about! I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who still hasn't played but the main antagonist is my favorite in the series so far.

    Plot: Also Sun and Moon. It had far more character development than most of the other games, without having a plot that I felt was excessively preachy or heavy-handed (which is how I felt during the fifth generation, at least during its first two games). It had the perfect balance for the franchise.

    Within the main series, easily Sun and Moon. XY and ORAS made some significant improvements here - and I've always loved all the Hoenn music, so hearing it updated was amazing - but Sun and Moon blew everything out of the water. Highlights include the Alola Region Theme, The Battle at the Summit, and Vast Poni Canyon. Prior gens' highlights include both of Steven's themes and Zinnia's theme (the best track in the series IMO).
    But also, the first two sets of PMD games - Red/Blue and Time/Darkness/Sky - have my favorite video game music of all time, so they have to get a mention.

    New/Improved Mechanic: I am literally in love with the DexNav and the adorable little Gen 3 graphics that it displays for the routes.
  18. Zephraxe

    Zephraxe Well-Known Member

    Pokémon: I'm split between 4th and 3rd gen. Both introduced a great deal of my favorite Pokémon, like Latios, Lucario, Gallade, etc.

    Starters: Overall...? I'd say... dang, that's hard for me to answer. I like some of the starters in each game but dislike others in the same games.

    Legendaries: 4th Gen! Although Latios and Latias are my favorite Legendary Pokémon, the number of legends introduced in 4th Gen that I really like is great. I don't think there's a single legend in that Generation I dislike.

    Region: The Alola Region has utterly amazed me, and has taken its place over the Sinnoh Region for me.

    Protagonists: Looker, in all of his appearances starting in Platinum Version. That man is on a level of his own.

    Rival: Silver in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. That red headed jerk took a long time to learn his lesson, but his boldness and determination to be strong puts him above any other rival in my opinion. I guess his daddy issues with Giovanni really took him far in his journey.

    Professor: Kukui in Sun and Moon. I think we all can guess pretty well why.

    Gym Leaders: 4th Gen games. Maylene is adorably tough, Fantina is a wonderful Kalosian, Volkner was just downright cool, etc.

    Elite Four: This one is difficult, since I'm not really in love with any of the E4 thus far. I'll say 7th gen since most of them were characters we got to be introduced to earlier in the game.

    Champion: Cynthia (4th Gen), without a doubt. Upon playing through every generation recently, she is still by far the toughest champion in all of the games. With her well balanced team, awesome appearance, incredible strength, and epic theme songs (regular and battle themes) she will always be the best champion.

    Evil Team/s: I'm stuck between Team Rocket in 2nd Gen and Team Skull.

    Plot: 4th Gen. I don't blame Cyrus for wanting to make an ideal world for himself, although he could have just found sanctuary away from civilization rather than trying to literally destroy the entire universe to create another one. You can't go wrong with a plot concerning the gods who created everything in Pokémon.

    Music: 7th Gen and 4th Gen. Hau'oli City, Iki Town, Champion Battle, Seaward Cave, to name a few for 7th. Twinleaf Town, Cynthia's theme, Cynthia's battle theme, Palkia/Dialga Battle, Spear Pillar, to name more than a few for 4th Gen.

    New/Improved Mechanic: 6th Gen, with the introduction of Mega Evolution. It's really grown on me since it's inception into the series.
  19. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    Pokémon: Got a ton of favorites, Generation 6 technically has the most in terms of percentage(Almost 60%), while the numbers go down from there in reverse order of game but Gen 4 and 5 probably including my most favorite Pokemon(Gliscor, Yanmega, Joltik line, and Sandile line). Haven't figured out Gen 7 yet, but probably similar to Gen 6(Smaller numbers probably make up for that). The lowest was Gen 1 with about 15% of the Pokemon being favorites, which is still a lot and not including ones I still like a lot.
    Starters: Well Gen 6 and 7 all three are favorite, but I love Cyndaquil and Totodile the most out of all Starters, so I guess Gen 2.
    Legendaries: Not sure which is my number 1 favorite(Probably tie between Zekrom, Yveltal, and Lunala so I guess Gen 5, 6, or 7), but I have a few favorites starting from Gen 3 and onward.
    Region: No preference to one over the other, love all of the regions.
    Protagonists: No preference to any, mainly because in terms of personality they are suppose to be me and in terms of design I'm indifferent overall.
    Rival: Don't really have a favorite, they have generally all been entertaining in their own way for me.
    Professor: I guess Juniper, but overall I feel roughly the same about them all, Kukui I do like we get to battle him(Sycamore too although not on the same level) so he is a little up there too I guess.
    Gym Leaders: No real preference.
    Elite Four: No real preference here either.
    Champion: Cynthia, but I like them all.
    Evil Team/s: I like the all but Team Plasma, Flare, and Skull are probably my favorites.
    Plot: I enjoyed each plot of the games, maybe Gen 5 or 7 just a tad more.
    Music: The music has been overall great in each Gen for me, no preference.
    New/Improved Mechanic: All the improvements have been great so not really sure what I prefer most.
  20. Bowlbasaur

    Bowlbasaur Well-Known Member

    Pokémon:Either Johto or Hoenn. Both introduced many of my favorite mons.
    Starters:Kanto. Bulbasaur is the real MVP
    Legendaries:Definitely Hoenn, the Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza trio is amazing
    Region:Hoenn again, it has always been the one I can get most immersed in. Alola is a close second!
    Protagonists:I don't really have a preference, the ones I've enjoyed most are the recent ones you can customize!
    Rival:Probably Wally
    Professor:Probably Kukui--he cracks me up
    Gym Leaders:I would have to say Kanto, they made the strongest impressions on me easily
    Elite Four:Overall, I'd have to say Kalos
    Champion:All of them
    Evil Team/s:Rocket (gotta love them) and newly Skull
    Plot:BW2 or ORAS
    Music:Alola, definitely
    New/Improved Mechanic:I really liked secret bases and all that came with them, as well as mega evos

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