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Which Gen 2 Game Did You Play?

Which game(s) did you play?

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I played all three! This generation was my favorite! The national park music makes me so nostalgic! Wish my batteries still saved, or I'd still be playing.


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I played all three as I always do with the main series games. Gold, the one I got first, became the one where I kept the saved game and tried to complete the pokedex (I never succeeded in the Gen 2 games - Entei refused to be caught and I never got a Celebi!) Silver was the one where I would play through the storyline again and again and then Crystal was the one with the slightly differing plot and mechanics.


Haven't played the games yet, just got in Silver recently and the save battery was dead, despite the fact that the listing for the game indicated that the battery worked. Oh well. Just gonna have to put in another new battery. But I'm excited about playing the game.


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Crystal was my introduction to Gen 2, but later i played Silver and Gold. Crystal was my favorite pokemon game until the HGSS remakes came out.


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Silver all the way. Most hilarious thing was naming the rival.. As I'm Dutch, you buy the games in English. So I always paid close attention to what the words were saying. So when the time came that I battled the rival in Cherrygrove City, it said: ??? wants to battle. Back in Newbark Town, I was asked how the guy was called. So I entered what I had seen: ???

My rival, in Silver, was named ???. LOL
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Silver and Crystal here, in that order. Good times playing those games as a child. ;3 Not sure why I chose Silver over Gold, maybe Lugia appealed more to child me.


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I got Crystal really late into Gen 2 (a few months before R/S came out in fact), but I enjoyed the Suicune subplot, though I haven't played Crystal in ages since I'd need to get a working copy.


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I played Gold and then Crystal. I just ordered Silver online and I will play that once it arrives. Can't wait.


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I played Silver mostly, then Crystal a little bit but I didn't take it seriously because I didn't want to start my game over in a new game, I liked the progress I achieved in Silver so I mostly played with that one

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I started off with Gold. My brother eventually got a hold of Silver, which was later stolen, but then we shared playing Crystal. In fact, I still have both cartridges and am now feeling nostalgic enough to want to play them. Gold was where I got my first shiny, so I have a lot of memories with it. And no, it wasn't the Red Gyarados, it was actually before that.

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It was truly one of the best games I've played and started my love for the Johto region. A true sequel to an amazing game that only improved the battle and game mechanics with IMO no negative consequences.


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I only played Crystal once,and I didn't want to replay it because of the lack of good training spots and low motivations.I never felt like playing the other two,either,as Generation II is my least favorite.


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I had Silver, which was my first game, and then Crystal (the latter full of interesting glitches).


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ive played every game except x and alpha saphirre

it is good to get baack to the classics.

silver and gold have added on in the sequels especially all of the twists. im not gonna spoil it just in case you havent hg/ss

the game i started though, or should i say games because i was in between three games at once. Red, Blue, and Green.

my favorite out of all is gold so i chose this as my team, Typhlosion, Butterfree, Gengar, Kingdra, Ivysuar, Houndoom
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I started with Gold, and later I picked up Crystal.


I played all three! I owned both Gold and Crystal but I lost my Gold on the school bus. (my sister had Silver so that's how I played that version)
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