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Which Gen 2 Game Did You Play?

Which game(s) did you play?

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All of them... An Uncle gave me and my brother Gold and Silver as a gift, I ended up with Silver at first. Then eventually, I got Crystal right after Ruby and Sapphire came out... and I still have Stadium 2, hope I can pick up one of the Gameboy games, and just play it on my N64.

Stadium 2 is a excellent package as something to extend your Pokemon Campaign. Maybe not that wonderful as a standalone game (I think it's still decent enough) but all the work put into it really just enhances a Gen 2 game, and it does it beautifully.
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Big Pete

My brother and I received Gold and Silver on release.

I played through Gold, relying heavily on Feraligatr and Ho-oh to get me through Johto, and then I called up my level 100 Blastoise and Mewtwo to help out with Kanto.

Suffice to say, I got bored with Generation II a lot quicker than Generation I. I didn't appreciate the finer qualities of the series at the time and moved onto other interests when Stadium 2 and Crystal came out.

Last year, I ended up buying a copy of Stadium 2 but I'm still on the look-out for an affordable yet presentable copy of Pokemon Crystal.

I really want that experience Caused described.
Silver & Crystal for me. I still have my Silver cartridge (with a newer battery), but Crystal was lost sometime after I left for college. Sad panda.

I honestly can't remember my original Silver team, but I do remember starting over multiple times to try the different starters. I probably picked Cyndaquil first...and probably used Mareep...but no idea about the rest.

Crystal: Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Espeon, Scizor, + Donphan. Since Yellow had given us all three starters, I traded so I could do that again in Gen II's 3rd version game.

Goddess Yami

Happy Go Lucky
Silver because I thought Lugia was the coolest out of the bird duo. To this day he is still my favorite Legendary. I don't remember my whole team. I do remember catching a Shiny Noctowl. I also remembering beating the Elite Four and the Champion with Lugia, Typhlosion, and Pidgeot. Sadly my batteries died and my team is gone for good. It makes me so sad because Silver is very special to me. I fully understood how to play Pokemon.

Later on I did get Crystal because you could be a girl. Sadly I never beat it. I wonder if it still saves...


I recently picked up a copy of Gold at a garage sale, and the battery still saves! Hopefully it will hold up long enough for me to complete the game.
It would be cool to get these titles on the eShop too

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
I at least got to play all three games, but mostly Gold and Silver, thanks to my cousin giving those games away to me. But I never got to finish those games and now their batteries are dead so I can't save in those games now and I'm currently not bothered to replace them.


The light is coming
My first gen 2 game was Gold, a long time ago. I played the heck out of it, but eventually the internal battery died :(

A few years ago I got Crystal, and it still works, but I hope its internal battery doesn't run out like my Gold did :/


Forever now
Silver and Crystal, and both were not my games. I just borrowed them for so long hoping the person forgot about it, but alas, he wanted them back :/
The old Gen II was not my fave tbh. It didn't make me wanna buy the games not till the remakes.


1 more day ^^
The first one I played was silver but eventually I had gold and crystal to. I started with the japanese version of crystal but I left it in my classroom on the last day of school when I was in 7th grade DX I played crystal the most though.


Pokémon Master
Silver was my first ever Pokemon game. I also got Blue ld, but didn't play it much.

I have not played Crystal.


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I played through Gold first, but I have and played through all 3. Gold was my main for a while, and I switched to Crystal later on, though both games were well built up and I never started over my Gold or anything. I mainly had Silver to trade with myself. I got really lucky in the store one day and found a Pokemon Crystal version, last one they had, in a time where they were phasing out GBC games. Ended up with a second Crystal version that way, which was the one I would use to start over repeatedly for fun while maintaining my other 3 save files.
Silver was the only one I owned, to be honest I didn't even know Crystal existed at the time, I thought the whole Yellow thing was just a exception not the rule.


Fluffy Pokemon Trainer
I owned all 3 of them eventually, but first and foremost I had Gold version and it was also the one I played the most. I really enjoyed the game a lot, besides the fact that the highest in game Pokemon you could fight were pretty low compared to those in Gen 1. I did however, enjoy hours and hours of playing this game on my Gameboy color, late into the night, getting angry or sad because my batteries died, or getting in trouble for being up late playing games. A lot of times I would hide my Gameboy in my bed so I could pretend to be asleep as soon as my parents opened the door so I would hope not to be noticed. It sucked when I got in trouble, but hey, I was addicted to the game and those late night grinds were the absolute best. I would be at Mt. Silver for a long time to level up my Charizard to Lv100 for example. It was great fun.
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