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Which Gen. 6 starter will be chosen? *Possible Spoilers*

Which starter will be chosen?

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With today's announcement of the upcoming Gen VI games comes more assumptions of Ash going on another adventure (obviously), and with a new generation comes new starter Pokemon.

Their pictures can be found here.

Now here comes the big question: If Ash really does go to this new region, which starter do you think he would get if he were forced to have ONLY ONE starter for the whole journey?



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Don't know but if he gets all 3 of them, I bet only one of them will ever evolve. :|

Mr. Ribbles

Cubchoo Lover
Just imagine if it was Chespin. Oshawott clone anybody?

I'm hoping he gets Fennekin, though it IS my current fave gen 6 starter, so.... xP.
I could see Ash with either Chespin or Froakie. I definitely thought of Chespin or Froakie for Ash the first time I saw the starters.


Behold The Aura!
I really doubt who will ash get, but I know all the 3 starters will be with the gang. Froakie looks more a ice type for me.

Princess Raspberyl

~Shining One~
I think the fire starter would be the most likely choice for Ash personally. ^_^ But that's my bias speaking since it's my favorite of the group.


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Personally, my money is on the Fire Fox, Fennekin. It just gives off the same vibe as Snivy and Treecko; besides, Ash has never gotten the Fire starter first.


Pokemon 4ever
I think he will get Chespin because so far he got every grass type starter of every region.

Jerda Foks

Ponyville Author
Ash is usually at his best when commanding a fire starter, so I'm going for Fennekin. (I'm partial to all the fire type staters anyway.)


<-- Kamehameha!!!
I can't really vote yet, until I see their types and evolutions. But based off of what I think the evolutions will be, I will have to go with Chespin. Every generation I usually go with the fire/water starter. Never really played with a grass starter. This generation might change.


I'm thinking Chespin or Frennekin Bad Speller But, he'll probably get the one we all think he won't get. Then he'll end up getting all of them. One will evolve. He'll trade one...ect. I'm hopping that he has Chespin. But, that's just my opinion on things.


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Wow! I never thought I would see the polls so evened out. Then again, this IS the first day, and evolutions still haven't been revealed yet. Let's see how the scales will tip.


Sex on fire
I only like Fennekin and Froakin... Not sure about Chespin's design, reminds me too much of the otter.
I hope he'll get Froakin but he'll prlly get all 3
Froakie looks like the least marketable so hopefully Ash gets him and finally gets a fully evolved water starter.

Or the writers will be idiots and not make him evolve.


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Froakie looks like the least marketable so hopefully Ash gets him and finally gets a fully evolved water starter.

Or the writers will be idiots and not make him evolve.
Honestly, Froakie looks the cutest to me with its glasses-looking nose and cloud backpack. He actually looks like a wizard to me, and I hope Ash picks him...unfortunately, we're making votes based on which one Ash WILL choose rather than which one we want him to choose, and that's why I picked Fennekin.


Gangrenous Creature
I'd like Ash to get Froakie, or maybe New Girl (watch Iris stay xD) could have an interest in quirky things, I could see her picking that. But New Girl will probably get Fennekin.

And I'll die if Chespin is made into a Pipwott. Dx I like it so far...please don't ruin the species for me. :<