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Which Gen 8 starter are you most excited to choose!


Panda Power
Scorbunny definitly gives me Fighting type vibes. Maybe it's the Square thing between its eyes.

So from the looks of things. Is Sobble a gecko?

He's Wooper's British Cousin :p

Considering the head crest, Golbat-looking pincer feet, and coiled tail, I'd say chameleon.

and he was 'invisible' when he first appeared in the trailer
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Back when Tigers used to smoke.
Considering the head crest, Golbat-looking pincer feet, and coiled tail, I'd say chameleon.
I kind of thought that too to be honest seeing it's curled tail but it also kind of reminded me of a Gecko and it's water-type just seems more fitting of that of a gecko. A chameleon would be much cooler though.


I always go with Fire types. I like Scorbunny. it's very bugsy bunny like. I do not see it becoming fighting thank god. However I do see it becoming /fairy the white coloring gives me fairy looks.

Sobble could be come poison

Grookey not sure


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
You know as weird as this sounds, Scorbunny also kind of looks like a normal-type which wouldn't actually be a bad thing if he was given extreme speed. Also Sobble as a dragon. Honestly, he really does look like a starter Pokemon that can evolve into a dragon, the idea for such an evolution line reminds me of Dratini to Dragonite or Goomy to Goodra.


Unova Enthusiast
So from the looks of things. Is Sobble a gecko?

Perhabs a newt, salamander or even loosely based off an axolotl; just my thoughts.

As far as who I’d choose....probably Sobble, for now. Though I happen to like all three


Lover of underrated characters
Sobble could evolve into Water/Dragon in the end. That'd be awesome. And Scorbunny could be Fire/Fairy and Grooky Grass/Dark

That's what I've been thinking(And hoping) since they mentioned it was a lizard. I've always wanted a Dragon starter....

And Scorbunny just screams Fire/Fighting to me, though to be fair I kinda get the idea with Grooky too. I have a feeling one of them's going to get it


Saiyan Jedi
I am sticking with tradition and going with Scorbunny, even if it does look silly, oh well at least I know not too expect it to evolve into something cool looking


Hylden General.
I might turn back to the Water Starter after Alola made me fall in love with Rowlett. Sobble seems pretty awesome. Although, Scorbunny has my attention too at this moment. Might want to wait for the evolutions. Grookey is a better Pansage though.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
Damn Scorbunny looks like Torchic and Chimchar did the fusion dance.
So this is interesting. Scorbunny's possible type might actually be fire and steel and Sobble might actually be water and ghost.

So some people notice that Scorbunny doesn't remind them of a fire/fighting-type at first but more like a sports car that leaves wheel trails of fire behind, kind of like in the movies. I thought that was interesting but Sobble makes far more sense in the presentation and his unique ability of turning invisible in water. We see water coming out of nowhere attacking Scorbunny's flames and the camera pans and all we see is a fountain. We get a closer look and if you notice, you can see an invisible fin. We then see this timid Pokemon appear like a ghost from thin air. So I think Sobble being a water-ghost type makes so much sense.

On a side note. Now I really do think Sobble is a Chameleon. He can turn invisible and has a curled-tail.


Demon Child
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I’m picking Scorbunny. I like it’s design the best and I have always been a fan of the fire starters. I also like Sobble as well and I’m not a fan of Grookey but that might change as more information is released