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Which Gen 8 starter are you most excited to choose!


Everything stays.
Scorbunny is resonating with me the most and I usually end up picking the starter that charms me first (moreso regardless of their evolution - the fact that I remained loyal to Chespin from its January reveal speaks for itself), but I'm still very open to the other two! I love this trio so much, so making a choice will be difficult. I like Grookey slightly more than I do Sobble, but the latter's evolutions has the potential to win me over.
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Going to have to see their evolutions as currently I have a hard time picking one out of the three. Currently leaning towards Sobble or Grookey at this point.


Cramorant is too cute for words!
I like all 3 starters too, but I was thinking in Sword I’d get Sobble and Shield I’d get Grookey and I would love to see what their final forms before I decide if that’s what I want.

Lady Umbreon

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So from the looks of things. Is Sobble a gecko?
I think it's a chameleon. It changed color in the fountain and has 2-toed feet and a curled tail. It's also adorable and I want it.


Everything stays.
I think it's a chameleon. It changed color in the fountain and has 2-toed feet and a curled tail. It's also adorable and I want it.
That, and I also think it draws inspiration from basilisk lizards. These lizards live in tropical environments and have a rather unique ability to temporarily run on water to flee predators - which might tie in with Sobble's anxious behavior. Basilisks also have very cool dorsal fin-like crests on their head and back, which Sobble also seems to have!


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I like all 3 a lot,will have to wait for the evolutions to decide,am i the only one not getting fighting type vibes from scorbunny,i think he is based on soccer players(scor[e]bunny)and fire/eletric seems more likely

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I prefer the more animalistic starters, so I am leaning toward Sobble right now as its on four legs and a water lizard is relatively novel as pokemon go. Grookey is pretty animalistic too but we've already had so many monkeys, including another Grass monkey line, so it'd have to become something pretty amazing for me to choose it.

Scorbunny is yet another bipedal rabbit pokemon, so there isn't much to attract me to it right now.


Not a big fan of any of them, but I'll probably go with Sobble, if I end up getting the game.


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I think it's silly to try to get attached to a starter before their final evolution gets revealed, as the Pokémon could change drastically when it evolves, akin to Popplio.

That being said, based on first impressions alone, I think it's Sobble I like the best and Scorbunny the least.

Honestly though, I think this may be my least favorite batch of first stage starters since Unova, maybe even ever. It's hard to say for sure, as I'm just not used to them yet. Just have to wait and see how I feel at the game's release.


OOF. This is hard. This is first time in 3 gens I liked everyone equally. I'm definitely going to go with Scorbunny, but Grooky is also really cute! I like Sobble okayishly, but it still looks cute. It's mouth is a bit weird though, but it is a weird however.


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Sobble is by far the standout for me.. although if Grookey gets a beefy, badass evolution it'll definitely be a contender.

Hate the name Scorbunny, one of those names where it's just two words smashed together with one still fully formed.

Kutie Pie

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Scorbunny for me, it looks like. Going to wait for more information on the evolution line for the others, but I don't dislike them at the very least. Grookey makes me think too much of Pansage, though, in terms of a grass monkey. But we'll see.


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Right now I don't like either of them.

But hopefully one of them will have nice evolutions.

I suppose right now I like Scorbunny the best, I like that it's mostly white with a bit of red, pretty unique.


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First I love all the starters for once I can’t wait to play with all of them so I will just state the order I would play them in instead since I already I want to work with each one. This could change upon evolutions for the starters but currently the order is:
  1. Grookey
  2. Scorbunny
  3. Sobble
I usually prefer most grass starters baring a couple generations, but Grookey really stands out a lot to me, I can’t wait to see it’s evolution designs. Scorbunny is second because I have this soccer vibe with it and can see soccer being incorporated into its evolutionary line in some form. Sobble definitely has a nice design but I really want to see its future forms, also wonder if they will include camouflage in some type of capacity to its evolutionary line as well.

Dragon Pulse

Rowlet and Sobble enthusiast
I just figured out what Grookey reminded me of, and for some reason it was YooHoo and Friends.


Gotta Love 'Em All

Sobble, for sure!
I like its simple design as well as what we see from its traits.