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Which Gen 8 starter are you most excited to choose!


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Sobble for me if Scorbunny turns into a Fire/


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I'm definitely leaning towards Sobble right now. It's very pleasing. I like Scorbunny as well, so either of them could be my partner for the first playthrough. I have picked every Fire starter at least once and I intend to keep that loyalty. I have also picked every Water starter except Squirtle at least once. The only Grass Starters I've used are Bulbasaur and Snivy (I have tried Turtwig but didn't like it).


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Im on team Sobble all the way! The only thing that could be off is the last evolution. Grookey is also appealing right now! I've never been fond of the fire types

Storm the Lycanroc

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If I'd have to rate the three in terms of appearance I'd say:
  1. Sobble
  2. Scorbunny
  3. Grookey
I put Grookey last for the same reason I dont like Chimchar. I just dont like monkeys and apes, it's a fear that comes from the uncanny valley and how close they are to humans.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
So this comparison never occurred to me before. Apparently some think Scorbunny is just Sonic the Hedgehog in Bunny form. Now thinking about it, Scorbunny does look like a character who can be in his own game. Although I think not only has to do with the fact he's fast but he has long limbs like a Sonic character.


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As someone who's always chosen the Grass starters in past generations, I think I'm going to have to break tradition and pick Sobble. It's really been growing on me.


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I very rarely choose a starter outright without seeing some kind of info (stats, evolutions, etc.) but if I had to pick one right now it would probably be Sobble. It's cute as a button, and I've always had a penchant for Reptiles.

From what I've observed there seems to be a relatively even amount of support for Sobble and Scorbunny, while poor Grookey seems to be getting the least attention. Of course, this is subject to change as we get more info, especially as we see evolutions.


Final Evolution of the Starters
HP: 90
Atk: 120
Def: 90
S.Atk: 65
S.Def: 80
Spd: 85
Total: 535
HP: 75
Atk: 110
Def: 70
S.Atk: 95
S.Def: 70
Spd: 115
Total: 535
HP: 105
Atk: 70
Def: 95
S.Atk: 100
S.Def: 95
Spd: 70
Total: 535
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Seven of Arcanine

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Without knowing the later evolutions, I'm digging both Sobble and Grookey, in that order. The later evolutions may turn me off, we'll see. It's why I'm not listing Scorbunny. Looks like boxer's tape on its face.

We'll see. I've been burned before lol but I'm optimistic.


Misty <3
Maybe an unpopular opinion but:

Scorbunny is perfection, but I am worried it might get ruined when it evolves. Like be very cool looking like Greninja. I know Greninja is great but I just I like the “cute” type more than”cool” type. That’s why I wish it becomes part Fairy to ensure it remains cute :(

I hope Grookey surprises me with its final evolution like Popplio did and maybe, make me end up picking it. The thing is I don’t like all the monkey Pokémon we have (except Aipom). we already have many monkey Pokémon and even a monkey Starter (Chimchar). Almost always Monkeys loose their cuteness upon evolution.
And let’s not forget the nightmare... ew...the 3 elemental monkeys :S I just hope Grookey remains cute all the way, and maybe become feminine looking.

Sobble is ok, reminds me of Froakie.
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Scorbunny and grookey for me as i don't really care about sobble as it is just shy mudkip to me


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
The thing is .. they could have chosen another unique water animal but nooo, they had to choose another Salamander :/
It's a Chameleon... I find it funny how too many people are mistaking it for a Salamander. I MYSELF HAVE MISTOOK IT FOR A GECKO LOL!


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I'll be going for Grookey. We have had more than enough bunnies for my taste along with plenty if fire/fighting (which Scorbunny seems likely to be). I also think Grookey might be a grass/fighting if Scorbunny is and I'd be quite happy with that. Also I like apes and never really used Pansage.