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Which Gen had the worst starters?

Which Gen had the worst starters?

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The Gen 4 starters were never really appealing to me, I always found them to be "meh" in my opinion.


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Worst starters would go to Gen II and Gen IV.


Gen 1. Ever so slightly dull.

Happy there are none for 3 yet - BEST REGION EVER!


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Of the ones I've played, I'd say Gen V. Tepig is okay, but not really great, and its flaws really stand out since we just had a better Fire/Fighting starter last generation. It's less useful than it might've been, since, contrary to most of the other games, there are multiple probably better choices in-game for Fire Types. And there are much better Fighters, but that's generally the case. Oshawott is okay, and is at least sort of useful because there's such a shortage of Water types in the game. And Snivy, while an awesome design, is embarrassingly useless - outclassed almost immediately by either Lilligant or Leavanny.

I specify "of the ones I've played" for a very important reason though - because I've never managed to make it through any of the Gen II games (or the remakes) and part of the reason is that the starters don't appeal to me even the tiniest bit. I can't accurately judge them though, since I can't even work up the interest to play them. Though that's a judgement of its own...


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Gen II. None of them are really good competitively. I like the gen 5 starters, especially serperior.

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Gen IV, in my opinion.

I just didn't like the options at all. A penguin, a fire monkey, and a grass turtle? Didn't like them at all.


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Are you kidding me! Gen 1 got 3 votes for woest! WHy?! Clearly gen 4, as one of the starters (chimchar, and im all for fire types if that wasnt clear enough) had the same undescreptive detail as charmander. a simple flame on its butt. without that, it would just be an orange monkey! why does no one see this? Charmander on the other hand is still an orange baby dragon with a real tail. UGH. chimchar... *grumble*grumble*


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I'll take Gen IV as the worst. The grass starter line was the only "ok" one.
Gen II's the best. That was when I started giving a damn about my pokemon.
EDIT: *accidentally clicks on Gen II*
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I say gen V. I say this because none of the starters were viable late game, they did not have any suberb states, they had only one typing other than Emboar but he have seen fire/fighting for three gens strait now, and they were not that great looking. I could keep going in details, but I think you get the point.



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Gen II. Chikorita line is a cruel joke to people who picked the Grass starter because of Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil is a statistical rip-off of Charmander without any of the flavor, and Totodile... Totodile's alright, but I've never been overly fond of any of them, either aesthetically or gameplay-wise.

They are, actually. Serperior drags until it picks up Coil, at which point it starts soloing teams because it's so easy to set up on it. Emboar gets the Brick Break TM in time for the Ice Gym, and has access to Flare Blitz in the post-game to destroy most 'mons that don't resist it. Samurott gets one of its best STAB moves mid-game, and has the coverage and bulk to handle a good number of fights.

This is why I didn't vote Gen 5 as the worst starters, since I can't deny that Serperior can easily solo so many trainers, even Drayden, with a few Coils and Leaf Blade. I can't speak much for the other two since I've never used them. I'm going to agree with Gen 2 as worst starters, for exactly the reasons you state. Being in a game that required massive level grinding doesn't help me like them any more, either, but that's beside the point.


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Gen V. I hate Oshawott's and its evolutions' designs, and Tepig's line is just plain boring. Another Fire/Fighting-starter, yay. >_>
Snivy's line was the only one I liked, even though Serperior is rather poor. Which is really sad, I love Serperior :(


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Generation 5 starters,its not unique as the others.


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Gen 1. Ever so slightly dull.

Happy there are none for 3 yet - BEST REGION EVER!

Actully, until Gen 5, Gen 3 was my least favorite as far as Starter went.