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Which Gym had the best and worst pokemon?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by MasterLucario, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. MasterLucario

    MasterLucario No life till leather

    Best:Claires in Blackthorn

  2. tiger80

    tiger80 Cipher Color Changer

    Best: Volkner- Sunyshore

    Worst: Brock-Pewter
  3. Pengin-san

    Pengin-san Camerupt :3!

    Best - Flannery (Because she has Camerupt XD!) and Fantina

    Worst - Jasmine
  4. Yukie

    Yukie Tingle Cherry?

    Worst : Yeah, I have to totally agree, Jasmine was really sucky. I mean two Magnemites? Po-lease! They could have given her a Magneton or something. Then again, Clair was pretty bleh as well.

    Best : Gardenia because Cherubi is the most awesomest looking berry ever! -that is including the dead looking berry stuck to it. Much love <3
  5. ~*Sailor Satun*~

    ~*Sailor Satun*~ *~*Water Prince*~*

    Worst: I agree with everyone who said Jasmine. Unfortunatly. ;_;

    Best: Fantina
  6. morefirepokemon

    morefirepokemon Fire Master

    Best: Fantina
    Worst: Volkner or Jasmine
  7. phyzexxx

    phyzexxx Greatest Caution

    Best: Volkner (Sunyshore City)
    Worst: Falkner (Violet City)
  8. Raseri

    Raseri Glalie > all

    Best: Volkner from Sunnyshore
    Worst: Chuck from Cianwood
  9. Evil Rocket Scientist

    Evil Rocket Scientist Cookies,evil cookies

    Worse: I'm sorry, but to rate a gym I tendo to rate also the obstacles and the pokemon...
    Whitney. just walking around. a Milktank.

    Best: Sabrina...I have to use a damn escape rope after I beat her, Mr. mime adds up some points.
  10. FireStormCharizard

    FireStormCharizard Storm of Fire

    Worst- Jasmine...

    Best- Candice, Medicham almost pwned me...
  11. -Dragon-

    -Dragon- Furret rocks

    Best: Clair in Blackthorn
    Worst: All the crap in D/P
  12. Dark Arceus

    Dark Arceus Worst. Name. Ever.

    Worst: Jasmines...
    Best: Candice (knocked out 3 of my 4 pokemon before i beat her...)
  13. Cubed

    Cubed You best believe it

    Best: Wattson.
    Worst: Those things that they call Gyms in D/P.
  14. BlazeShadow

    BlazeShadow Well-Known Member

    Worst: I just never liked Eterna gym for some reason.. It was just.. Bad. <_< Atleast it had Roserade, but meh.

    Best: I have no idea, Fantina maybe? She has Gengar x3
  15. RYKUU

    RYKUU Water Trainer

    Best: i would say probably roxxane
    Worst: watson
  16. Spoinky

    Spoinky becstar xoxo!!

    Worst: Probably Bugsy, he did have like a lv12 Scyther but he had Metapod and Kakuna.

    Best: Morty, the Ghost gym leader from G/S.
  17. Abraace

    Abraace Sabrina's apprentice

    Worst: Bugsy. Oh no. Fear the Metapod and Kakuna! :O Scyther was the only redeeming Pokemon, and for a GYM LEADER that's pathetic.

    Best: Sabrina...warp panels were fun and back in the days of RBY psychic had no weakness making her a challenge. Especially if you faced her before Koga.
    Although Giovanni gets points for the plot twist at the end of the first gen games.
  18. Mr. Yoshi

    Mr. Yoshi whatamidoinghere

    best: candice: challenging gym and her pokemon are great >.<
    worst: jasmine one person whoop dee do!
  19. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    Best- Candice, Lucario FTW
    Worst- Jasmine......
  20. Cubed

    Cubed You best believe it

    Don't you mean Maylene.

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