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Which Hoenn Starter Is Your Favorite Based On The Final Stage Only?

Which Hoenn Starter Is Your Favorite Based On The Final Stage Only?

  • Sceptile

    Votes: 12 37.5%
  • Blaziken

    Votes: 6 18.8%
  • Swampert

    Votes: 14 43.8%

  • Total voters
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Tepig Pignite Emboar 969

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I know this has been done before, but I was thinking of making topics and polls of my own on which starter is your favorite based on each form. Now remember, each of you will obviously have opinions on this and I will have mine as well.

So this topic is which of the Hoenn Starters do you like based on their final stage only? Mine is Blaziken.


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I'd go with Sceptile because it both looks cute and sleek in its simplicity. It makes for a very good mixed attacker by being able to learn stuff like Giga Drain, Draining Punch and Dragon Dance - or... at the very least... - that's the way I personally enjoy to use this Pokémon with.

Red and Blue

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I love all three final forms but Blaziken is my favorite out of the trio. And its also my favorite fire starter final form period


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I think this might be the most overpowered starter available to the player in any Pokemon game? Water/Ground typing is incredible, it only really sucks a bit in the mid-game where your best STAB (at least in the original RSE) was Mud Shot and Water Gun until you got Surf and it makes most of the boss battles in Hoenn trivial. Wattson's Magneton? Not very threatening anymore. Flannery? Child's play. Tate & Liza? Surf go brrr. Steven's Metagross? Earthquake go brrr. It's really good, and it looks cool too! Blaziken looks kind-of weird to me which is funny since until recently the furthest I got in a Hoenn playthrough was using Blaziken, and Sceptile was always cool but suffered even more than Swampert did in the mid-game. It has a cool Mega Evolution too. Swampert is the best!


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I'd say Swampert. In my playthrough of Omega Ruby it's a ideal water HM user

I do admit that because of GTS being overpowered early on since i had Frogadier as surprisingly water starter. One of the early May battles is trivial when i also had a Combusken (Torchic from GTS) ready to fight her on the bridge near New Mauville City because the game is set to her having Grovyle.
I just love confusing the AI like this.


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The little feet thing on Blaziken make him look weird and Sceptile was a step down from Grovyle for me while Swampert was a vast improvement over Marshtomp


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Blaziken is my favorite. I've always thought it had a cool design and I like how flames come out of its wrists... and it was my first ever Pokemon starter, so I'm pretty biased. Swampert is very close, though! I prefer Sceptile's mega form to its regular form, though, mostly because of the dragon typing.


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Swampert because it was such a clutch 'mon. It clutched throughout the E4 since my team was so bad when I first played Pokemon Ruby


I actually like all three of them quite a bit, but I suppose that at the moment Jukain (Sceptile) is my favorite one due to me replaying Emerald recently and having one on my team.


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Swampert's really cool. It's bulkier than the other two but I like that can learn a whole ton of moves and its Mega Evolved form looks awesome too.
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