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Which is a pokemon move that is under-rated/over rated


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Which move in the pokemon games from gen 1 to gen 5 you this is under-rated as well as a move you think is over rated....


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It's tough but That's what I think:
Overrated: moves like Flamethrower, Hyper beam, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Body Slam, Thunderbolt. but still are very useful moves.
Underrated: hmm... Aqua Tail, Flame Wheel, Fire/Electric/Ice Punch, Poison Jab, Brick Break.

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Over-rated: Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic, Earthquake, Shadow Ball

Under-rated: Flame Wheel, Shock Wave, Icy Wind, Dig, Aerial Attack

Basically, if the base power is higher than 80, it is considered over-rated, if lower than 80, it is considered under-rated. Analyzing the base power and accuracy solely is the way to determate whether a move is over- or under-rated, but the effect has some important role in the defining it as well. Avalanche, for example, which is a move with 60 as power base. It'll cause double damage if user is attacked in the turn it is used, in that case, if user attacks last, then its power will be 120, which is far from being a under-rated move. Anyways, this is something that requires effect and will not happen in every circunstannces. That's why when you compare under and over rated moves, you analyze the power and accuracy solely, not the effect.
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Jackal... Do you know what overrated and underrated mean?

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is a metaphor
Elemental Fangs are overrated. You're generally better off using a good STAB move than using one of those just to see the phrase "it's super-effective" on your screen. Same applies to moves like Aerial Ace; sure, you have 120 base power against Bugs, Fightings, and Grasses, but why waste a moveslot when STAB Dragon Claw hits those same Pokemon just as hard? Poison Jab has no coverage except for Grass, and is a terrible option unless it's your STAB.

Over-rated: Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic, Earthquake, Shadow Ball

Oh, you mean reliable moves with high base power and good coverage with excellent distribution.


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Hyper beam is so over-rated. Yes its the most powerful normal type move but you have to wait a recharging turn

Under-rated:Leaf tornado


Overrated: I'd have to say Draco Meteor. It's a fine move in some cases, but many of the people I've seen seem to just slap it on any dragon and call it good.

Underrated: Feint (in doubles and possibly triples. It's next to useless in singles.), and Foul Play. Both are kind of tricky to use properly, and Feint in particular needs some good prediction to pull off, but they can be awesome moves when used properly.


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Over: BlastBurn, HydroCannon, FrenzyVine, HyperBeam

Under: GigaDrain, Inferno, FlameCharge, Magnitude, SkullBash, Avalanche, ChargeBeam