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Which is better


Well-Known Member
Wow, we get a lot of these threads.

But since you asked, zekrom.


Supreme Overlord
I think both are good in their own right.

But if I had to choose one, it'd be Reshiram. It's Blue Flare in the sunlight is nuclear!


One day at a time.
Reshiram looks better.
Zekrom has better typing.
Reshiram can make better use of its movepool.

Reshiram wins.


Well-Known Member
Reshiram is better in combat. Under the sun, it can even 2hko Blissey.

I also like it's design more than Zekrom.


Sceptile Maniac
Reshiram.nuff said


Well-Known Member
I think Reshiram is better. It has a better movepool than Zekrom.