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Which is the strongest overall of the starters?

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Marsh Trainer
I am curious to know who is the strongest of them all. Is it Bulbasaur or Cyndaquil? Squirtle or Treeko? ect.

T. Alva

well you see, there is a grass, water, and fire type every time you choose your starter, but not one pokemon starter is stronger than the other two, because water puts out fire; fire kills grass; and grass kills water.

In firered and leafgreen bulbasaur is the easiest choice because bulbauser has a type advantage over the first three gyms making him an esy starter.

squirtle being a medium-difficulty starter because he's only strong to the first gym but then equal in the second gym and hard on the third gym.

If you choose charmander, a fire type, you would be choosing a har-difficulty starter because he's weak to the first two gyms.

so to the answer to to that is NONE.


Fire/Flying Trainer
I agree...

You can choose any starter you want.
For me...I pick my favorite starter or the one with the best ability. My favorite starter is charmander so it can be charizard. But some people prefer bulbasaur because they like that type.
It all depends on who you think is the best one.
Y dont you test them all out and see for yourself who is the best.


If every fully evolved starter (excluding Pikachu) was in a round-robin tournament, I think that Feraligatr would win. The water starters are good against both of the other starters in each generation. Swampert would most likely be destroyed by any of the grass starters, but Blastoise and Feraligatr can easily beat any of the other starters. Charizard would do horrible as well because of all of its weaknesses. Blaziken would do better because it's half fighting and has wide variety of moves.


Hukuzo said:
If every fully evolved starter (excluding Pikachu) was in a round-robin tournament, I think that Feraligatr would win. Swampert would most likely be destroyed by any of the grass starters.
Swampert?DESTROYED? hah, Swampert can own Grass types with a single Ice Beam, that is, if you taught it that.


Lolaroflmao said:
Swampert?DESTROYED? hah, Swampert can own Grass types with a single Ice Beam, that is, if you taught it that.
If Swamp gets the first hit then it will most likely win, but I think the grass starters are faster than it. Meganium and Sceptile seem fast to me.


Johto Champion
None of them. They're all equal. It depends on the user, too, because if you've got a good moveset for, say, venusaur, and it's being used against a crappy moveset charizard, the good venusaur could win.


Kill your heroes
I believe there's a thread like this. But, I say either Blastoise or MAYBE Charizard. Blastoise good overall, and so is Charizard(except for defense). But, I think Typhlosion is the best overall because it can learn a varirty of moves and is really cool.
I believe that squirtle is the best choice,because well
it trumps charizard in battle and if you teach it ice beam<--i recommend that
it also dominates venusaur
but that is only between the three starter pokemon

Flying Tropius

I choosed bulbasaur anyways... but I suggest squirtle because it is a surf learner you don't have to go all GA-Ga over trying to find a pkmn to learn surf


God of Fusions
squirtle is perhaps the best choice. Why? If you get squirtle, then your opponent gets bulbasaur. Once you find a ice TM, teach it to squirtle, and..ta-da! It can beat the **** out of grass,dragon, flying, ground, fire, rock, and there might be some more I missed


Pinin' for the fjord
In the first gen, I'd lean towards Squirtle; good arrangement of stats and, like most Water Pokemon, good movepool. Charizard is powerful but can't really back itself up and has weaknesses to some very common types. Venusaur is slow and steady and takes care of itself but lacks the firepower to sweep through a battle; it's better as a staller. It really depends on what you want.

Physical strength: Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur
Staying power: Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard
Switch ability (the ability to attack or defend as the situation requires): Blastoise, Venusaur, Charizard
Defense of self against weaknesses: Blastoise, Venusaur, Charizard
Annoyingness: Venusaur (can we say Leech Seed + Recovery + Leftovers? Backed up by Toxic?) Blastoise, Charizard (doesn't last long enough to be annoying...)
Kveran for the win! :D

As she said, Blastoise is the best overall. His offensives might not be through-the-roof, but they get the job done. And even then, he can use both his Physical and Special attacks well, unlike Charizard. He's got quite the lastability too.

OK... Movepool is 3/4 of a Pokémon's success in-game, which puts Venusaur in an immediate disadvantage. Charizard has a better Movepool than Blastoise, but Blastoise will stand to pretty much any major Trainer in the game, whereas Charizard will have a few troubles in the first 2 GYMs and against Lorelei and Lance (Unless you want to waste the Dragon Claw TM...)

Blastoise will wipe the floor with most Trainers. Even Lt. Surge and Erika are outta luck.

In a more competitive environment, Venusaur is quite good, though. Blastoise is not too shabby either, and also Charizard. Again, it depends on what you want. But for in-game, Blastoise has the other 2 beat completely...


the Coolest
I'd pick Squirtle, cuase he evolvs into Blastoise. With the moves Ice Beam and Hydro pump/Surf he could wipe out the other starter types. Considering he went before the Grass starter, SB could do some damage.

Soul Suicune

Indentically, it's your choice because all of them has a good advantage. But if I would recommend, it would be maybe.. Charmander. It's fire and later on, it is also a flying type pokemon, also. It also is good in the battle with erika. ;152;


The Best Pokemon for me for using in FR/LG is Charmander;004; in RB/SP/EM is Treecko;252;:D But you can choose whoever you want its your choice and it depends in how you train them:D


Boulder Trainer
I used to only choose Charizard because of my obsession with fire but after using Blastoise on LeafGreen I really like him a lot. With correct training he can take out both of the other starters. I have yet to raise a Venusaur yet though. I am going to raise a Charizard and a Venusaur when I finally get FireRed.


Orange Champion
Venusaur. All he needs to do is leech seed and sleep powder. Then whatever he's fighting just slowly dies while you naturally heal yourself.
With Venusaur's strong sp.def, I think he could take out an ice-beaming Blastoise and Charizard. Not easily, mind you, but he could.

Obiwan Shinobi

I'd go for Venusaur for competive battling, Blastoise for ingame. Charizard requires breeding for the right nature and belly drum, so hes not o good ingame. Blastoise can Ice Beam grass and Earthquake Electrics.
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