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Which is the strongest overall of the starters?

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Timid Kyogre

Endangered Creature
Blastoise and Sceptile...Blastoise has high defenses and is really good for a starter because it wont faint fast, and I also like Sceptile because it could learn different type of moves that could work with its high Special Attack (Thunderpunch, Dragon Claw) but the only problem with Sceptile is its defense.

I have Sceptile in my Sapphire team and Blastoise in my Firered team, and they're really good battlers to me.

~Timid Kyogre


Here are the accumulated base stats for the 3rd stage evolutions in order from most to least, credit to Smogon.com.

Swampert - 535
Charizard - 534
Typhlosion - 534
Feraligatr - 530
Blastoise - 530
Blaziken - 530
Sceptile - 530
Venusaur - 525
Meganium - 525

However, those stats can be a bit misleading. Distribution among the 6 categories per Pokemon and how usable each Pokemon's stats are to itself are both factors that make that list unreliable. Pokemon such as Charizard generally aren't as great as their stats might indicate. I say it's more a matter of opinion.


Bulbasaur is best for starters because you get advantages in the first 3 gyms and also you can teach it sunny day and solar beam, giga drain, synthesis and there you go!

But..i picked charmander first because i like charzard and fire pokemon :] and i think charmander won for popularity starters.


Although it really is just a matter of opinion, my favorite starter is Blastoise. I like its very high Defense and Special Defense. It also has very good Special Attack, although Speed comes up a little short in the end. However when raised properly, Blastoise becomes an extremely effective, well rounded Pokemon. But in the end it all comes down to what you prefer in stats.
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