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Which is your favourite generation games???

Which is your favourite generation games???

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Wolf boy37

Wolf Trainer
Post and vote here on your favorite generation games!!!
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Spirit of Darkness

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I voted for the fourth generation.


In spite of initial misgiving generation 4 is easily my favorite.


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Well, I was introduced in to Pokemon in the first generation.
Haven't played the second generation.
I loved the third generation.
The fourth generation got kinda ruined with the online battling.

I vote for the 3rd.


Deals and Issues
I was around since the first gen games, and until fourth gen came out, I thought that second gen was best. I lost my faith in Pokemon during the third generation because I felt that R/S were lacking something, and as a result didn't make any more Pokemon purchases until Mystery Dungeon. Then the fourth generation started, and it's definitely the best one yet in my book. I vote for fourth.


Better Than Thou
Generation 3.

Most fun of all the games, best Pokemon, best plotline, and Emerald had best Battle Frontier.


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I vote fourth generation assuming thats what you count HG/SS under, that was easily my favourite Pokemon game, taking elements from the otherwise best games in the series (Platinum and G/S/C) and blending them into one awesome game.

If it counts as 2nd gen my vote goes to that instead, but I presumed it would come under the 4th generation.


TCG Trainer
I voted Generation II, solely because I'm counting G/S under that as opposed to HG/SS.

Silver was my first videogame EVER. That alone puts it in the major nostalgia level.


Shiny get!
4th for HG/SS.

G/S were my favorite games and now they've got 4th gen remakes with everything and then some. Naturally, the 4th wins.

Emerald 2006

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4th Generation's my fav, as a lot of ppl voted.


Donw with CIPHET!
I voted narrowly for the 3rd gen. I would have said 4th gen if only they had made an XD sequel.
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