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Which item is more helpful to you in PMD?

Which is more helpful?

  • X-Ray Spects?

    Votes: 12 60.0%
  • Stamina/Tight Belt

    Votes: 8 40.0%

  • Total voters


The Grotto's Requiem
I would have to say the tight belt. Becuase you dont have to buy apples. But with the X-ray specs, you know when to be ready for a fight.

(and so I don't make multible threads, How are you supose to pronounce "Beau" as in Beau Plains?)
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The Ultimate Absol~
X-Ray Specs. It helps me find items and enemies. Stamina Belt is good too, but not as good.

And you pronounce "Beau" like the beau in "beautiful."


Make a Wish
(I always pronounced Beau like "Bow and Arrow")
I actually don't use the X-Ray specs as much as the Pecha Scarf. <3 My leader Pokemon tends to get poisoned a lot from either traps or wild Pokemon, so I use that to protect me.

Plus, poison's a pain.


X-Ray Specs. It helps for missions (especially escort missions, where you want to try and avoid fights, and get to the client as soon as possible), item hunting, and other stuff.
My leader's usually Skarmory, so I don't get poisoned. ^_^
I don't really use the Tight Belt.


Well-Known Member
I think the X-Ray Specs are more helpful to me, since I'm usually trying to collect gummis and stat boosting items. I also like finding monster houses for EXP, which is another thing it can help with.


Yeh, x-ray specs are great, especially in meteor cave (I take x ray specs, water pokemon, usually blastoise, tight belt and escape orb. it's the easiest way to get through, sometimes take friend bow for recruting deoxys) But the Tight belt rules today. i got about four passwords from Gamefaqs.com (Love dat site) and if u need one, PM me;156;;156;;156; Love dat guy!

Pink sneasel

Double Trouble Time
tight belt . especially in lvl 1 dungeons like wish cave. you can save space for more items if you don't have to get every apple you see to survive


Well-Known Member
X-ray specs and tight belt, I swap between them at the start of the level to check where the monster houses are and other large groups of 'mon.
Friend Ribbon aswell.
PPups are lifesavers, especially if you have a Hp recover move like Giga Drain, then you don't need to carry oran berries about.


Well-Known Member
I use the Tight Belt the most. I used X-Ray specs the most before I got it though. I also used the specs to locate Mew in the Relic.


Well-Known Member
I like the tight belt for some of those long dungeons...*cough*Wish Cave*cough*...but other than that, X-ray specs are usually the better item of the two...:)


Well-Known Member
I juz love X-ray Specs. I easily find Monster House for leveling up (since most of the monster house has the most item) and it helped me collecting items.

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
X-Ray Specs are God. I can't go on a mission without 'em.



Well-Known Member
Tight Belt, for most of the long dungeons, otherwise X-Ray Specs