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Which Kingdom Hearts game do you like more and why?

Which Kingdom Hearts game do you like more Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, or COM and why? I like Kingdom Hearts 2 the best because you get to play as Roxas at the beginning of the game.


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The first one, as it was the only one that wasn't easy as hell and had a storyline that was above average.


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The first, since it had difficulty.

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I haven't played any of them, but i've wanted to. Since 358/2 Days has recently been announed for a European release, i'm DEFINATELY getting it!

Now to just wait for Birth By Sleep to be announced for Europe. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be, considering all the KH games in the main series have come out in Europe AND the whole series has collectively sold 2 million copies over here...


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I love the second one. I like getting to play as Roxas, and I'm fond of it's storyline.


personaly i enjoyed the second one more then the first one. the fighting scenes were more spectacular then in the first one.


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I preferred the first one over the second.

Birth By Sleep sounds kind of interesting, though.

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The first one, not for being more difficult per se, but for actually having a rational difficulty curve. Not to mention that the second game started off rather horribly with those tedious seven (or is it ten?) days of domestic chores, as opposed to the intriguing, colourful introduction that started off Kingdom Hearts 1.

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this could have waited for BbS & 358/2 Days to come out, but what the heck.

i cant really choose. i gues i prefer the first one because its almost too hard. the second one is too easy.


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i like kingdom hearts 2 because the story line is very interesting and the gameplay is fun.


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Well, I've beaten all three. I've even played COM on both PS2 and the GBA. Now to wait for BbS and 358/2 to arrive. Both of which I'm very excited to play...

Now, back on topic, the current one I like the most is KH2. Reaction Button was a greatly needed improvement over KH1. Plus, KH1 was a bit too difficult for me the first go 'round. Oh, and anothering about KH2? The bad guys. Fighting Xemnas and the other nobodies was fun.


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the second one.
IT had more customization options. With the different costumes, and the keyblades.
And you get to play as roxas.


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The first one was just an automatic classic to me. The second i feel i lonly lliked it because i was KH fan. KH2 was constanly press triangle to beat bosses and i beat it in a couple of days whereas KH1 took me a while to beat ( probably also partially due to me being a lot younger when i first played KH)


Though I enjoyed KH1 and KH2 highly, I have to go with the first one. It was the first time being done, so you had nothing to compare it to, and with all the Disney characters, it gave off a bit of a nostalgic feel.
Simple reasoning, I know. =\


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KH2 cuz it had more features, better bosses, and cuz of Organization XIII! Speaking of them, I heard you could play as any of the members in KH 358/2 Days. Is this true?