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Which League would have been a piece of Cake if Ash brought back his previous Pokémon?


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Excluding the Sinnoh League (for obvious reasons).

I think the Unova League would have been way easier had Ash brought back his Hoenn/Sinnoh team. The fact that he lost to a recently evolved Lucario left a lot to be desired.

Kalos League wouldn't have been so easy because of Alain (unless the finals was Zard Y vs Zard X).


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Alola league, cuz every nobody could enter


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If Ash were to bring back old pokemon, it'd be Unova League because I said so.


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Unova is definitely the one that stands out immediately in my mind.

Kalos i doubt things would change that much, and would be still be a struggle.

He won in alola already, and bringing in reserves would just be overkill considering the competition.

Now if he magically has all his current pokemon for all the previous league, kanto would probably also be the one that changes the most.


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RIP Hoenn League, as forgotten as always.

The Hoenn League would be much easier if Ash used some of his reserves, like Charizard instead of Torkoal, or maybe even Bulbasaur instead of Grovyle (I think at that point, Grovyle and Bulbasaur were close in power level)


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Alola League


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Definitely Unova considering the level of competition in it already. Ash already won Alola so I won't include that, either. He may or may not have won Hoenn since it was still pretty early on and one of his stronger reserves later (Sceptile) was still a Grovyle and he did not yet have Infernape or even Krookodile for anti-electric and anti-psychic battles, but still, Charizard and Snorlax would have helped a lot. I also think that Ash would have won Kalos with his reserves since Goodra and Noivern did very little there. Charizard, Sceptile, Snorlax, or Infernape all seem like they would have been better choices and could very well have given Ash the win since while Alain's Charizard had already taken damage before battling and beating Ash-Greninja, Ash-Greninja has few, if any, feats outside of its form and Charizard and Sceptile both took down Legendaries without any additional forms or abilities. They would have at least caused more damage to Alain's Charizard, or even Mega Charizard X before it had to face off against Ash-Greninja which may have put Ash over the edge and granted him the win in Kalos.

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None of them because then the writers would just make his opponents stronger. A league that's a piece of cake isn't interesting to the audience.


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All of them except for Sinnoh.

And Sinnoh only if you assume that the rest of Tobias' team was around the same level as Darkrai/Latios.


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All of them except for Sinnoh.

And Sinnoh only if you assume that the rest of Tobias' team was around the same level as Darkrai/Latios.

Speaking of this, the difficulty curve for the Sinnoh and Kalos was extremely high compared to other leagues. Imagine having to deal with Paul, Barry, Nando, Ash, Sawyer, Tierno or even worse, Tobias and Alain.


Ignoring the fact that the writers would've had him lose all of them [except the Alola League] regardless of which Pokemon he used, he probably would've stood a good chance of winning the Isshu League if he'd used his reserves.


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Can someone explain to me the logic of reserves doing better than the actual regional Pokémon he caught? Every region he loses with his current team barring Alola so I’m not sure how adding reserves would help unless they’ve been training at Oaks wouldn’t it be the same result?