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Which Legendary Dog is your favorite?

Which Legendary Dog is your favorite?

  • Suicune

    Votes: 36 45.0%
  • Raikou

    Votes: 32 40.0%
  • Enti

    Votes: 12 15.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Raikou is my favorite. I think he looks by far the coolest. Also, he was the first pokemon I saw from Gold, Silver and Crystal when they first came out. A friend from day care had a foreign version of one of the, and was showing me raikou. I saw it use spark. I still remember how cool that move looks in the originals. I'll never take it off Raikou.


[Something funny]
I just love Raikou.

To bad it's extremely hard to get a good nature on it.


Gym Leader wanna be
Suicune. My favorite legendary right after Darkrai.


Hyuck hyuck hyuck
Suicune, mostly because of my fondness for Pokémon Crystal. It's so elegant looking and has a pretty mane


Because I'm Worth It
That's a tough one, but I'll probably have to go with either Suicune or Raikou. Actaully, I'm going with Suicune on this one.


Well-Known Member
raikou i love electric legends.zapdos my favorite bird. raikou shiny form to me is better than the other two. raikou my favorite


Let's go to the beach, each.
Dogs? They're cats. It changes for me to be honest. I've gone through an Entei phase and a Raikou phase, but I like Suicune at the moment. It just seems more elegant than the other two Johto Beasts, so it's become my favorite. I bet it'll change soon, though. I'm always changing my mind when it comes to my favorite Pokemon :p


Perky Goth
I like them all but Raikou is my favorite.


Sledgehammer Messiah
Entei. I just think he looks the coolest. :/ I'm not entirely sure what Suicune's supposed to be, lol. It's obvious Entei's based off a Lion and Raikou; a tiger. But Suicune? It kind of looks like it's part horse, part leopard, maybe? :p It's probably just a Suicune.
Suicune, since it has a more significant role in the Pokemon world. It's PokeDex entry is 'It races around the world to purify fouled waters. It dashes away on the north wind' I'm pretty sure that's why its the only roaming one.
It's also much more elegant and sophisticated than the others. Yes the others are based off a lion and tiger, but Suicune seems like it was based off a leopard, because it seems swifter than the others, but quite as terrifying.
I also really like it in the anime ^^
Has anyone realized Raikou is the only one that doesn't have its own movue?


Suicune, it's good in competitive play! As is Raikou but I prefer Suicune.


Go figure.
Raikou is awesome. :) It was the first one I encountered, and I somewhat like electric types.

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Raikou. It keeps me amused. I caugt it first. And it's shiny spirte makes it look better. And, it's the beast among beats.
Suicune is a close second.


For some reason I like Raikou the best. If anything it would be because it seems the most mysterious to me, being that there was never a movie featuring it like in Spell of the Unown or Pokemon 4Ever. I also like how it's an electric tiger and I like its color scheme the best :) ;243;