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Which Legendary Dog is your favorite?

Which Legendary Dog is your favorite?

  • Suicune

    Votes: 36 45.0%
  • Raikou

    Votes: 32 40.0%
  • Enti

    Votes: 12 15.0%

  • Total voters
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New Member
You must be confused. He was in Pokemon the 3rd Movie. Suicune was in Pokemon 2000. Sorry.

Suicune because of its complex design and moveset. However there is a place in my heart for Entei.

Lugia was in Pokemon 2000. Suicune was in the 4th movie with Celebi. -_-;

My favorite would be Suicune, I guess...


Raikou, back in g/s he was the first dog I caught.
I remember reading the game manual and thinking i'll never get one but I shouldn't feel bad hahaha.


Defying the odds
Raikou. (Though he dosen't really look like a dog...) Electric types ftw. ;3


I prefer Suicune over the rest. According to the manga, the other two dogs were affiliated to Team rocket in some way:

Entei: Cured Blane's arm. Even though Blane quit Team Rocket by then, the pain in his arm was caused by a Team Rocket experiment to create Mewtwo. Entei is more pure than Raikou but less pure than Suicune.

Raikou:Teamed up with Lt. Surge. Instantly gaining disrespect from me.

Suicune: Avoided being caught and picked Misty for his master.

Therefore I prefer Suicune.


Raikou is my favorite legendary dog. Also, he is the first legendary dog that I ever encountered.
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Eeveelution breeder
I likes Suicune because he's the most pure out of the three legendary dogs in my opinion. Raikou is my second, and lastly Entei.


Awesomeness Trainer
I say raikou because all i ever use is sweepers and with aura sphere, thunderbolt, hidden power (ice), and shadow ball it destroys


Who dun dug diglett?
Suicune or Raikou. I'm so torn! ;-;

I used to pronounce Suicune like (Sue-ee-soon) haha.


Well-Known Member
My favourite dog has to be Raikou Second is Entei then finally Suicune.


I like Pokemon that are good for offense, and Raikou would be the best for that. Suicune's offensive stats aren't very impressive, and Entei has a shallow movepool. In design I like them all equally.
Raikou. He has been my favorite since G/S/C. However I never used him in any battle so far.


I like Raikou because of his shiny form.