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Which Legendary Dog is your favorite?

Which Legendary Dog is your favorite?

  • Suicune

    Votes: 36 45.0%
  • Raikou

    Votes: 32 40.0%
  • Enti

    Votes: 12 15.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Well-Known Member
Raikou hands down.
Always has been my favorite. ^_^


I'd say Suicune. I never owned Crystal, however in Gold it was the first legendary I ever caught- so I suppose there's a little connection there. I also just like it design wise, and I'm quite partial to Water Types.


Ace Trainer
Always liked Raikou as he was the first I caught back in the day (with a masterball nontheless).


Ace Trainer
Always liked Raikou as he was the first I caught back in the day (with a masterball nontheless).

Absol trainer

Hidden Valley...
Raikou, it's one of the best legendarys of all time imo.


Dark & Dragon Master
I wouls say entei since it is a fire type, but I do not like it so my favourite is raikou. Raikou is an electric type which is one of my favourite.


Well-Known Member
I like Suicune the best.. No reason really, but i like his design and moves. Mirror coat <3


High School DxD Fanatic
Suicune is the best. Raikou is ok but I hate Entei.

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
There have been many polls on this question and I always rate Suicune no.1